The image we create

To be honest, with most other story writers on the EMCSA, I dont ever try to create an image of what they look like, how old they are, or anything. Some of them, its very clear that they are in the first flush of youth, just old enough to write this stuff, maybe, or not much older. But every so often, there is an author that you just wonder what he’s like in real life, and tonight, I’m going to hypothesize on one of them, Maximilian Cummings. Yes, think of it, erotic stories, Max Cummings, groan…

The thing about Max that I probably love the most, is that his writing is so very British. I guess some of the readers from abroad dont get his story, just because of that reason, but as a Brit myself, I love it. I mean, when his stories feature tea drinking, at a British level, its a bit of a giveaway. I mean this weeks even mentions it in the title!

Oh fine, I have an advantage, I know he’s British, from the few times we’ve chatted, and we’ve mentioned places like Leeds station, and a few others as well… One of those matters that Max seems to have a fixation with, is nudity whenever possible, his stories are absolutely littered with it. Also, using euphemisms for certain parts of the human anatomy as well!

I imagine Max to be of a similar age to mine, in other words, he’s not in the first flush of youth! I might be totally wrong, but his writing style seems to throw back to a further age than modernity. Just reading this, or his previous story, suggests a writer who has known more than a little of life to me.

I have met, or talked to, a number of writers from the site in the past, and they are all perfectly normal people. Oh fine, or thats how they have left my mind to make me think they are perfectly normal people lol! One of those of course, is the man who helped me discover my past life self, and I can never show him enough gratitude for that. There are many that I’m probably grateful that I’ll never meet, to be fair.

But equally, there are a number that I will almost certainly never meet, but would love to do so, and yes, Maximilian Cummings is definitely one of those. I know, probably be a letdown, but he’s one of those it would be interesting to know, all the same. To save any complaints from either, both Penny Propofol, and Betsy Leohtar are definitely on this section of the list too!

OK, video time. I guess this is because I see him as an old fashioned gentleman, despite his proclivities, though seeing myself as a lady might be pushing credence! It says this is live, but I am 99.99% certain that it isnt!

The song of a mind controller?

Bet that title gets one or two looking closely lol! And yes, this is definitely a case of fitting the blog to the video! ūüėČ More on the song later, lets just say its not the version most have heard, even if they know the song.

Mind, that is going along with the assumption that your ‘everyday’ mind controller has time for music of course, or whether they are too busy with the sex orgies to worry about things like that? I suspect that for some, I feel love by Donna Summer, or Touch me, I want to feel your body by Samantha Fox would be more applicable lol!

But this song has the ultimate MC line in it, I can look inside your head, and besides which, its more my era!

Though a good number of the controllers in the stories on the Archive are pretty straightforward, sex driven stuff, there are a number who dont fall into that category. Conrad in Max Cumming’s story ‘Such Stuff’ being a fine literary example of that, as he played with Lizzie through several great stories of our childhood. Alright, I suspect he wanted his ‘wicked way’ with Lizzie at some point, though dont quote me on that! Many others have used music in many ways in a story, something I very much approve of. Someone called James has set some very nice stuff in libraries too, I’ll mention that as I know he will be reading this at least!

But when I talk about a song, or music for a mind controller, I’m thinking more of what they might relax to, once their sexual stamina has run out for the night. I suspect tastes would vary from pop to classical, much as the ordinary person would, but somehow you think those with a dry sense of humour might play aptly¬†suitable music?

Maybe some might like to suggest more suitable songs?

As I say, this is an old song, though I think its still incredibly fresh, over 40 years after it was a hit. Even those who know the song may not have heard this, its the fuller version, including 2 verses not in the vast majority of versions of this song to be found on You Tube. Also, seeing the accenting seems to be different to the original, I assume its genuinely live. I loved this song back in the sixties, even if its fair to say that a young child had less comprehension of the lyrics then, than she has now.

I hope others will enjoy this song as much as I do

A very English writer

There are a good number of British/English writers over at the EMCSA, many of whom are very good, but this article refers very much to one of those writers, someone who writes delightful stories, which could definitely be described as very British in style, someone I only know as Max Cummings, which I’m pretty sure isnt his real name lol!

The one thing I do suspect is that Max has naturist tendencies, thats for sure. I also suspect that like me, Max is not in the first flush of youth.

He’s been writing at the EMCSA now for 5 years, and I’ve just noticed one irony, that his first, and currently his latest stories have both been related to trains, and train stations. I dont know if he’s as regular a traveller on them as me, but clearly he knows our train service to a good degree. But Max has also set stories around bookshops, offices, long distance walks, holidays at the seaside¬†and other great settings.

What Max does do, is write very good storylines. One story, ‘Such Stuff’ set originally in, and around¬†a bookshop quickly¬†transforms into a modern day, Alice type adventure, with much hilarity involved. And after an interval it returned, only to end in a delightful, and slightly wicked ending.

It is possible that our paths may have crossed at Leeds station without knowing it, messages between us have clearly shown us to both be at Leeds station at roughly the same time, thats for sure.

I must admit, there are a very small number of writers whose name I look for in update lists, and Max is definitely amongst them. A really good writer, and one I much enjoy reading.

The video, a very loose connection to say the least. But the whole ‘very English’ thing does relate to the whole country house thing, and you could say that where Lizzie was ‘stranded’ in Such Stuff was certainly one. So I thought this video rather suitable, and lets face it, enough lightly clad, pretty girls to satisfy readers as well.