Just hooping around

Well, given that the stats seem to suggest that most of my readers on here, come from the US, this might make sense to most. Pretty fair to say that most non North American readers will say “what the hell?”, and move on! Yes, college basketball playoffs!

I’ll be honest, my interest in NBA basketball is pretty much zero, which only very slightly less than my interest in the college game, to be honest. But for some strange reason, whenever ‘March Madness’ comes around, here I am filling out my bracket, of college names, most of whom mean little or nothing to me! I sort of follow the 3 teams from the state of Kansas (Kansas, Kansas State, and Wichita State), but that really is about it. I guess I ought to look at the LA teams, but I dont! Oh, and this year, Kansas State were so awful at basketball, they havent even made the playoffs! Equally, Kansas are one of the favorites to win it all!

So, why then, did I spend a while this afternoon, filling out my bracket for the tournament, and my round by round one, for something I have no interest in, wont watch, and will probably only laugh at how badly I do. You tell me, but it seems to be something else I’ve been Americanized into doing!

No, you dont want to know my clueless selections, honest you dont! Not sure that even I want to do that, in truth! But every year, seemingly without fail, I give it a go. One of these years I might work out why!

Right, not only will you have to suffer my college basketball musings, you can suffer the video too. Oh fine, its awful, but at the same time, so cute. So yes girls, lets put a ring on it, in basketball terms at least!

Magic In Manhattan

No, not that part of New York City, this is about the real Manhattan, you know, that one in Kansas! 😛 The one with the brilliant college football team! Yes, those Wildcats, who won the Big 12 Divisional title on Saturday evening, or more strictly, Sunday morning my time. Now there is one more big game for Klein, Snyder and the other heroes, the BCS Fiesta Bowl against Oregon at the beginning of the New Year in Arizona. Hopefully it will be a duck dinner for the Wildcats, but Oregon are good too, and it wont be easy. One thing for sure though, it wont be low scoring!

No, I’ve no real true connection to the Wildcats, any more than when I was rooting for the Bluejays in the basketball in March, its just a Kansas thing for me. Hey, if Wichita State continue to do well in the basketball this winter, I’ll shout for them too. Yes, its a Kansas thing for me, pure and simple, blame Louise Brooks if you must for that, plus the fact that not one of the colleges is that close to Cherryvale lol! 😛

But how can you not be inspired by the stories of a coach that retires, then returns a few years later, and a quarterback who just doesnt seem to want to stop playing, and of a college team that used to be one of the worst in the land, but now… 🙂 There are a few other heroes too, but they are the main two for me. Yes, its annoying, but for that crazy loss to Baylor, they might have been in the Championship game, possibly against Oregon, if they hadnt lost to Stanford in overtime. So its ironic, they still get to play each other, if not for the biggest prize of all.

One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward greatly to my first visit to the State of Kansas next April, and to seeing Wichita at least. I’m not sure if there are any Brooks landmarks left there (I know the family home is gone, but thats it), but it will be fun discovering the city at least. Any more than that of Kansas, not sure at present, wont know that until the New Year, but fingers crossed I get to see more, though no idea where. Well, I think I might get taken to Cherryvale if that does happen, but otherwise… 😉 Manhattan is a bit in the wrong direction though for that, especially as my possible companion has Oklahoma connections, so would head south, not north from Wichita I suspect.

Right, the video. Well, unless you support one of the other Big 12 teams (sorry, Kate), you can enjoy a celebration of a magical year for the Wildcats. Hey, even if you do support one of those 9 teams, try and enjoy this anyway.


Bring on those Ducks lol!

What I know about Basketball

Not a lot, if you really want to know, suspect it could be written on a small sheet of paper, thats for sure. Did once go to a Seattle Sonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) game in the NBA, but thats really it, and I only did that because the opportunity was there, and it seemed to be a fun way to spend an evening. It wasnt bad, but not a sport I’d rush to watch again in all honesty.

NCAA Basketball, oh please, I didnt even go to university over here, let alone in the US, so…But yes, I’m following the basketball playoffs with a slight hint of bias. If I say that I started with 3 teams to follow, and I still have 1 left in the final four, and given the whole Louise Brooks thing, you may have gathered that’s Kansas. And yes, you’re right, I couldnt name a single player on the team without cheating by using a relevant website lol.

I even watched a bit of their game last night while finishing off on here, but only after the cricket finished, have to get my priorities right lol! But did it mean anything really to me, no, in all honesty. Doesnt mean I wont be looking out for their result next weekend though, I think I heard next Saturday mentioned as the date? But yes, I seem to be getting more into this whole college sports thing, funnily enough. I have wild, and unlogical affiliations, Washington, because I love Seattle, Yale, because they are the first team I saw (college football far too long ago), and now seemingly Kansas, though I have no actual idea if they are the nearest university to Cherryvale anyway! Oh, and Oklahoma State, because I have to stay in Kate’s good books, and besides, they arent that far over the state line from Cherryvale either!

I’m actually hoping to get up to Washington Uni next month, just to walk around the site, just because I love that sort of thing, and yes, despite the knees, I do love just walking, though it does pretty much have to be fairly flat, or well paved nowadays unfortunately. Can you get an unofficial college Alma Mater btw? I think most college sports are at the weekend unfortunately, so I doubt I will get to see any Husky team play though. Might try and find a website, I’m pretty sure there are several lol!

All the same, in spirit at least, I will be rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks next weekend, and yes, I did have to look the nickname up!

The music, an indirect link to Kansas if you think about it carefully,