Early In The Morning

So fine, lets do a bit of reminiscing about this weekend last year, and events surrounding it.

The main thing was, it was my last weekend of my Hollywood stay, and it was also the weekend that Europe moved the clocks back, at the end of summertime. This year, because of the way dates split, next weekend is the last in October, so that will be when I get my extra hour of sleep, which I missed out on last year. Why? Because I was still in the US, obviously, and they change the clocks back later than we do! So, all in all, I missed out on it! I know, technically the time I landed in Manchester, on return was an hour earlier than normal, but due to ‘fun’ meeting up with the taxi, I missed out all ways around!

Oh, the other funny thing about this weekend last year? Well, on the Friday night, I never went to bed! No, only on a technical, but it was about 2.00 on Saturday morning before I got to bed that night. And yes, funnily enough, the next morning was the latest I got up all holiday, about 8.30! Me, I am normally in bed soon after 11, and definitely before midnight, but, for one night only…

I had a good reason. That was the night I met 2 lovely people for the first time, and went to the incredible place that is the Magic Castle. Yes, unless you know a magician, who is a member, its tricky to get in! Fortunately for me, one of those lovely ladies, who I only knew through Facebook at that time, got me in. Yes, I had to put on a dress to go there, but I love doing that anyway. In truth, I spent much of the break in summer dresses anyway. Yes, I know it was October, but this was LA, and it was 80, or above, pretty much all of my stay!

We didnt even meet up until about 9.15 (we had planned on 9, but all had traffic issues!), so it was never going to be an early night, lets face it. I had a wonderful evening with her, and her friend (no, no names without their permission, and I havent had time to ask!), seeing numerous talented magicians, having a great time, with lovely company. Eventually we decided to call it a night, and I checked my watch, it was about 1.30 in the morning! By the time they had taken me back to near my place (I got dropped off on the corner, of Beachwood, at my request, as roads are narrow after that), and I’d got in, it was nearly 2.00 in the morning! So I put on my nightwear, crawled (quite literally) into bed, and went to sleep. And yes, I was late up the next morning lol!

And unlike so many of these things, all things permitting, we will meet again! Yes, next May, when I go back to Hollywood, I need to pack a nice dress! And yes, looking forward to meeting them again!

Lastly, the other element of early mornings is actually about next week. Yes, its the last week of training hours, so its the last week when I will have to keep getting up about 6.15 in the morning! After that, my weekday hours will mean a noon start, so I can get up, err, a little later! Well, about 7.30/7.45, at least!

OK, video time, a real vintage number! Thing is, it might seem vintage to you, but its a song of my childhood, so…