Good girl gone bad?

I know, from time to time, I mention stories on the EMCSA when I’m short of other blog material, but this one is slightly different. One, I probably could have come up with something else tonight (if I’d seen a news article for my more LGBT related blog before posting there, I would have posted here, what I posted there), but fine, I read this earlier today (free preview, thanks to the author) and was amused by it, so thought I’d give it a bit of publicity. Hey, for full time workers (unlike me), $2.99 is hardly a fortune, so…

Yes, we all know fairy tales from when we were young, and how sweetly most of them end, even if they have a few dark moments along the way. And yes, Snow White definitely fits that bill, for sure.

This look at what would have happened if Snow White had gone bad, in a female domination way, is very, very funny. No, no birds were really harmed in the making of this book, lol. I think the dwarfs survived reasonably intact too. Oh, and fine, I’d love to play the role of the Wicked Queen, given the chance!

So, if anyone wants to take an ‘alternate’ look at the long held fairy tales of our childhood, in an adult, and amusing way, then give this story by a friend a chance.

OK, video time, a real golden oldie. I was first introduced to this song, as the B side of the release of Tammy’s most famous song in the UK, Stand By Your Man. But I gather in country music terms at least in the US, it was a well deserved hit in its own right.

Ancient, and bound for Mu Mu land?

Or wherever the train for those of us fast approaching 60, with backs that are beginning to seize up completely need to go? Those who are old enough to remember this gem will know what the video is tonight, at least!

Yes, extra blog. No, its not for a good reason. Yes, as hinted at, my back is playing me up, and has been doing so for a lot longer than its usual 1-2 days max. No, sadly, I havent yet been offered a new back designed like this, but hopefully, after the X-Rays lol…?

Yes, I really would love that!

Yes, today was pretty much the day I accepted that my human self is getting ancient, and I guess you could say that comment is justified? I have been given some cortisone related cream to put on my back, and other related joints, as well as the obvious painkillers. Given it has a mild steroid, I suspect thats the end of my non existent Olympic career lol! I also have to go up the hospital tomorrow, and get some X-Rays done, so just as well the Occupational Health people have advised me to stay off work until Monday. I could have done it this afternoon (at a push), but given I’ve got nothing planned other than that for tomorrow…? I’m sure I can get my imagination going while they’re being done, lol!

“Well, Miss C…, we can fix your body for you, but the surgery is a little radical (see above), but if you agree to it? Yes, see above, and know that they couldnt get me booked in quickly enough! 😀

Video time, I guess? Firstly, this version of the song is so different to the better known version, I had to include it

Secondly, a fun little burlesque video version. So yes, if you’re under age, this is where you click away, back to that other video, or the comments section, or…

Oh, be proud of him

Yesterday evening, I was watching the baseball, on ESPN, over here in the UK. I know, no shock there, I guess. Anyway, the early game for us, was the bore fest between Detroit, and Cleveland, which was all but settled very early on, in Detroit’s favour. But, as is the way with these things, they stuck with it until the end, before moving over to the late afternoon game, between Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego.

The thing is, they dont really pick a moment to go over, they just switch as soon as the game is over, whatever the situation may be. What we switched over to, was not the ball game at all, but the commentators, talking to a guy, who had clearly served in the military, about his life, and his injuries. Unfortunately, due to the timing of things, I missed out on the tale of how he got his injuries, where he got them, and everything else. One thing I did learn, his name, Corporal Kyle Carpenter. Yes, an amusing note for me there, the same surname as Jean was born with!

Thankfully, later on, they showed a picture of this man, sat in the crowd, and fortunately for me, they repeated the story of what had happened. It seems that several years ago, in Afghanistan, this man was serving in the Marines, and a grenade was thrown at them, landing very close to one of his companions. What Carpenter did, was shield the other man from the explosion, by basically smothering the grenade with his body. How he survived, I have no idea! Yes, he lost an eye, suffered some other pretty traumatic injuries, from which it took him about 3 years to recover, but he did. The other guy, seems he was fine!

Oh, the critical factor, Carpenter was awarded some high military honour for his bravery, well deserved, I just cant remember exactly what, so go Google it, if you need to know.

I know, the Marines are amazing, both sides of the Atlantic, but this guy just had me in total awe for what he did.

So yes, as the song says (and the blog title), be proud of him, because, after all, he’s just a man. Superman maybe, but all the same, just a man.

I’m not American, but if by chance, anyone reading this knows Corporal Kyle Carpenter, just tell him there’s a Brit who thinks what he did, was truly amazing. I’m just glad the Cleveland game ended when it did, so I got to know what this amazing man did.

Yes, you’ve guessed the video, surely? Tammy Wynette, suspiciously looks like live, not a tape?