Down at the club

OK, lacking any great material, and given I havent done a story piece for a while, lets cheat, and use one that I read today for tonight.

Fine, this doesnt sound the sort of club for any kind of 60 year old, let alone one with disability issues, but fine, if I could (and it was for real), you might struggle to keep me out of this place. I know, I’m the weird one who loves the idea of having her mind tampered with, either short term, as in the story, or maybe a bit more? Yes, fine, I’m wondering if there’s a silver light among those menu options, lol!

But yes, even so, that sort of place does sound like fun to me. Part of me wonders if people would go to, or avoid a club like this one? After all, people go to clubs, take drugs, get high, so in truth, how different is something like this, if the mind control is only temporary?

Before anyone asks, no, I havent been in a club in over a decade, so I have zero idea as to what they’re like nowadays. Pretty sure they’re not for me, in so many senses, though fine, if there was one like this, I might be tempted in, just once…? Oh fine, maybe more?

Before anyone asks, beyond the sense of there being mind control, and oh gosh, sex involved, its actually a pretty feelgood story. As actually, is a related story, which the author co-wrote.

Oh fine, that I’d enjoy done to me even more! So my advice, go read some of these, but I’m not going to mind control you to do so, lol!

OK, video time. Yes, this is old, 1965 in fact. So who remembers this, other than me, not many I suspect? But yes, the title works!