Anyone for (Ice) Cream?

Well, actually, today is seemingly one of those marketing days that I can appreciate, given its National Ice Cream Day (in US, I assume?). Yes, I have had some, if you must know, something relatively cheap and cheerful, but much appreciated during our UK summer.

Like most of my age at least, my first memories of Ice Cream would be from the van coming around the streets, with its tinkling bell, selling that white delight, and annoying the hell out of my parents to buy me one! Thankfully, quite often, they did! Of course, the fact that it was bargain basement, vanilla ice cream meant nothing to a young child, lets face it?

Since then, of course, I’ve discovered numerous other flavors in my life, the obvious other simple ones, like Strawberry, and Chocolate, as well as more luxurious ones as well, care of some of the more specialized producers of the product. I’ve also discovered that the simple flavors come in a whole standard of qualities. The difference between a cheap ice cream, and a more expensive version of the same flavor can be totally different.

I must admit that I’ve sort of given up on cones, more into my ice cream coming in little (or not so little) tubs, or bowls nowadays. Probably ease, with age, and related health issues making it easier that way. But yes, I remember as a little child, queuing up at the ice cream van, to hand over my parents money, and enjoy that delight, even now.

Ice Cream (of a good class) may not be the best food ever, but its always a delightful treat.

Right, to save you from Vanilla Ice, and that awful song, I thought of this.