Forever (or at least temporarily) young

I was reading a story earlier today, written by a gentleman who may well be hypnotising me in just about 5 weeks time, doing a past life regression, to discover (or more likely not discover) that I was Jean Harlow in a past life. Realistically, the chances of that happening, must be slim, despite the resemblance and everything else, that would just be too amazing for words. But, I might be, I guess?

Anyway, that isnt what this blog is about, as the title might have given away.

In this story, a lady named Jeanette (and yes, I suspect I know where that name comes from) gets regressed from her real age of 36, to be 16 again, and acts accordingly. Its wonderfully done, and beautifully written. Thing is, I have some knowledge as to what that feeling is like, and it really is quite something!

When I did my session with Lex a while back, my flapper ‘self’ was a 22 year old girl. No, short of watching the whole video to find out, I cant remember her name! But it was an interesting experience in both senses, both seeing the modern world through the eyes of a 20’s girl, but I genuinely felt so much younger at the time. No, I doubt any of the arthritis, or general aches and pains of life went away, but the younger me didnt notice them.

Oh, and even greater fun, ‘she’ was allowed to do the journey home by train, and to my surprise, as someone who is a regular commuter, was how different the whole journey felt, through her eyes.

Oh, yes, in the story, she goes back to her real age before the end! But how strange would it feel to be left so young again?

The other thing I always wonder about, is what it would be like to be 5 ft 2, as Jean was, instead of 5ft 11? Talk about a whole different perspective on life! I must admit, I wouldnt mind being a few inches shorter, though I suspect that losing 9 inches might be a bit too strange now! But I guess I could be hypnotised to enjoy it lol?

I have no idea if he has plans to make me think I am Jean Harlow, while under hypnosis, or longer, but that would certainly be interesting. Of course, that may just be letting Jean loose, if I was her in a past life! Anyway, in about 6 weeks time, I, or Jean will tell you all about that!

The video, something a little different

Diary of a hypno model

A brief (well, relatively brief) look at what happened yesterday, the build up, and after. Some of it serious, some of it, slightly more light hearted, you decide which!


Well, thats it all settled now, losing control of my mind for a few hours tomorrow. I know whats been agreed on, and hypnosis can only make you do what you want to do, but…Given my robot fantasies in the past, would it really be that hard to keep me in that mechanised state? Bit late to worry about that now, girl, and I never back out of things, so…
Pack bag with a few outfits, one silver set, a couple of 20’s look things too, as that is something else to greatly look forward to. Oh, and a pair of heels, darlings, an absolute must!

Friday morning, first thing

Breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary, its not like a condemned persons final meal, I will be becoming myself again at the end of the session, after all. And unless Lex has developed the first robotisation chamber, or a time travel machine (flapper in 1920’s), I should be fine. He hasnt told me of either, but he wouldnt, would he? 😉

Train journeys, pretty much straightforward, quite a surprise with Trans Pennine to be honest, that was my main concern of the day, getting to Manchester in time for the connection. We were a couple of minutes late arriving, but nothing to worry about. Train to Chester also arrives a few minutes late, nice to see Arriva Wales are that way inclined too.

Meet up with Lex, get taken to his place, and plied with coffee. Seriously, he thinks he can put me to sleep after 2 cups of coffee, he must be good. Oh fine, in time we get down to business, and what do you know, he could put me to sleep (strictly in trance) very easily, despite said caffeine. I know, I didnt want to resist, but…

I would say its fascinating being a mindless robot, but given that in that state, you cant really think, I’m not sure how strictly true that conclusion is? Kind of blissful, I guess, though some might see it strange as just obeying commands, and not able to do anything about it. oh, I’m pretty sure he made me forget my human name, but a robot wouldnt want to remember that anyway! No robot designation given, but I think thats because we both know nowadays, there’s someone else I’d rather be long term, the sweet, but sassy flapper!

So, my mind gets introduced to my new ‘temporary’ self, Mary Lou, said flapper, aged 22! She’s great fun! Saucy, sexy, and out to have a good time, while she’s allowed to. I know there was a condition put in, so she wouldnt panic at all the modern surroundings, but I cant remember the details (or I’m not allowed to, one or the other). Talk about turning me into a sex kitten, I was amazed myself! She’s not good at alcohol though (coloured water, actually), and gets a bit giggly when she starts drinking wine.

After that, I remember a session as a fembot sales girl, where I started off thinking I was a human, selling them, but am then led to believe that I might be one too! Dont think I sold myself anyway, lol! Then a purring, sexy Domme, with her hypnotic pendant, now that was fun! Clearly out of order, couldnt get Lex under my control! Beyond getting him to leave me as Mary Lou, I’m not sure what orders I would have given him though!

Then back to the sassy, Mary Lou for a while, until my tummy rumbled too loudly at least, and ‘she’ was asked if she was getting hungry. She was! So soon after that, things were brought to a climax, and I was returned back to normal, though only after a trigger to leave Mary Lou in charge for the rest of the day (with the same no freaking out about modern day things) was set up. To be honest, I’m only sorry to see her go after last night, she was such fun to be!

It made the train journey back quite interesting, a whole new perspective on things to be honest, looking at it through ‘her’ eyes at least. TPE finished the day off, by sitting outside Huddersfield station for about 15 minutes, before finally going into the station, not everything could be perfect after all.

I was torn last night. Whether it was the time in trance that did it, or the travelling, or both, but I felt tired. I didnt want to lose her, but about 11.00 I gave up the battle, and went to bed.


Whatever it was, I slept like a log, a rare event for me. Sadly, when I did wake up, Mary Lou was gone, back to the old me again, ah well…Somehow I suspect that at some point, I’m going to have to get Lex to put her back in my mind as a trigger, even if as a controllable one, with me in charge! Shame, as she might feel quite at home dressed 20’s style tonight when I go out for dinner, for Nicole’s birthday. May, or may not wear the flapper dress, as I call it, its a bit short anyway, even more so for mid January! We will see.

So, in review

It was a wonderful, and fun day, and I’m really, really glad I did it, so many thanks to Lex, for letting me fulfil 2 big time fantasies, both robot, and flapper girl. For the future, I’d pick the flapper girl every time. I’m very glad I discovered what life as a robot is like, but the flapper thing is so much more fun, and far more me, nowadays too.

In case anyone was wondering, yes, it was filmed, and yes, I will be getting a copy, might have more idea of everything that went on when I watch it! He does normally sell his films, but those models are younger, and remove a few more clothes than I was ever going to! He has got permission to use it if he wants to, but I suspect the market for someone like me is a lot more limited. If however, you want to see me hypnotised, and obedient, then maybe you should let us know!

The video, something else entirely. I didnt mention, Lex has got a cute puppy called Honey, who even a cat person like me could adore. So given I’ve used up a good number of 20’s videos already, lets go with this

Life in a different decade

Going back 7 months or so ago, I mentioned the idea of being hypnotised to think I was in/from the 1920’s, here and this week I again tossed the idea forward to Lex, for Friday as an idea, and seemingly, he quite liked it.

I certainly would find it interesting if it happened, got mentioned as an idea of a 20’s girl trying to get by in current times, rather than sending me back to then (easier to do, I suspect), and see how she coped. I have no idea whether he actually plans to do it or not, I suspect most things are remaining a secret from me until they happen on Friday, somehow?

I also mentioned the idea of said ‘flapper girl’ having to get herself home, but I suspect the main snag with that, is bringing me back to the current day, if we did that? But as I say, I suspect I will only find out when it happens! Slightly more practical than a mindless robot getting herself home, thats for sure! But a 20’s girl, coping with now, hmm, wonder what she’d make of all those people using mobile phones!

As things stand, in truth, I really dont know what it would be like. As crazy for her now, as it would be for me trying to live in the 20’s, I guess? If I find out, I’ll let you know, thats for sure.

Saturday night, I’ll be going out, Nicole’s birthday dinner. What I’ll wear, not quite sure? I would love to wear the flapper dress, but it is January, it is cold (though not as cold as some parts of the US were!), and the dress is short, above the knees, so not sure I fancy that. And unfortunately £3 leggings arent designed to be used very often! They are wearable, just, but…I suspect it will end up being one of the longer length dresses somehow, given the temperature…and my age! Mind, I think I have a pair of hose, that almost match, so… 😉

One thing is for sure, I’ll never truly know what life in the 1920’s was like, time travel isnt for real, only happens in fiction. And maybe in the mind too?

Every so often, by pure chance, I find a gem of a video, and song. This could well be one of them. I have no idea who Pennan Brae is, but I love his taste

The eyes have it

Some of you who have known me for quite a while will know that a few years ago, I tried hypnotherapy as a method of confidence boosting before the job interview for my current work place. Nothing dramatic, just trying to make me feel more confident and assured at the time, and it really worked. Easiest time I’ve ever had at a job interview, and clearly it worked, I got the job.

Shortly after, on a spare day, we did a follow up session, to boost matters, and to work on one or two other issues, with equally successful results. Fine, I was thrilled with what she did for me, but being totally professional in her work, she really didnt want to go down that other road, to give me experience of what it would be like to be a robot.

No, I dont blame her in the slightest, but at the same time, it would have been interesting to discover if it was as good as I thought it was, or something I never wanted to happen again! To be honest, given my new, more confident self, the robot fantasy sort of died off to a great degree, but because I’d never tried it, it still lurks at the back of the brain, as a ‘what if?’ thing.

Now, next week, I might get to find out, assuming I still go into trance as easily as I did back then! I presume I will, but…Hopefully it will enable me to put this little chestnut to rest, and get on with my life, glad not to be turned into a robot, or…I might just enjoy it! Though even then, I dont expect it would become as big a desire as before, I’m a changed woman, in that sense!

I know the gentleman, Lex, from the Forums, have seen samples of his work, and trust him a lot. And lets face it, even if he was a master mind controller, I’m hardly prime sex slave material lol! And yes, I spoke to him tonight, to arrange things, which is why the blog is appearing today. Regardless of how things work out, I appreciate his gesture greatly, and just wanted to post accordingly. And yes, I will give a follow up report on how it went, unless he brainwashes me to do otherwise lol!

There is a possibility, and only a possibility, it may even go on sale, so beware! From our talk, it wont be just robot, we’ve tossed a few other ideas to and fro, but you’ll have to wait and see what they are. 😉

The video, a long forgotten song from 1980, only I havent forgotten it…yet

A robot state of mind

Its fair to say that the idea of posting on this matter came up because of talk about Lex’s films on the Forum that I got involved in.

The subject was getting someone acting as a robot to really fulfil the part. Funnily enough, the look isnt the trickiest bit, though I suspect to get the really blank eyed look might require an eye drop or two? No, its the really complex stuff, and I should know it, of being able to talk, and walk like a robot, quite often both at the same time.

Yes, fine, you can do it for a short while without disturbance while keeping focussed, but I used to find the slightest disturbance would knock you out of rhythm, especially if you were trying to do both at the same time! Given hypnosis is generally supposed to be a light trance, would it make it easier (as in making you able to ignore disturbances) or harder (light trance being easy to drop out of, suppoosedly) to stay in a robot state of mind, and body of course, for the walking side of things?

I guess a deep trance could take away the problems, but that is supposed to take some time to reach, but I assume that if you could, then quite a developed robot state could be reached? But how much you can ‘switch off’ human thought capacity, I really dont know, could you take someone to a truly robotic state? How long could they safely be kept there if they could? I’ve never been under for more than an hour or so at a time, but how long, in reality, could someone stay hypnotised?

No, I have no plans to do any ‘naked’ or ‘semi naked’ films. At my age, I doubt anyone would want to see me like that anyway! But, would I do a silver suited one, well that might be fun! Nothing sexual though please, I’m British and asexual lol! But an obedient, hypno-bot, well that might just be fun I guess? The thing is, I assume I would have to dress in the silver suit first, and then be hypnotised, would be pretty tricky to get me into it otherwise I guess?

Maybe one day I will be hypnotised, hopefully pretty deeply into believing I’m really a robot, its as much as is likely to happen at present I guess. Also I’d still love to do a really intense transformation scene, but that seems even less likely at present, sadly. Its one thing where getting older doesnt help, it makes you less of an attractive target lol!