There’s An App For That!

One of the things that has changed dramatically in my lifetime, is the phone system. I know, I’m old (58), but even so, if you’d told me that there would be a time when nearly everyone would be more focused on what was happening on their phone, than the world around them, even when I was a teenager, I’d probably have laughed at you. But yes, fine, its true. A few weeks ago, when I was commuting, there were about 15 people on the bus. Out of that number, 2 of us werent intently focused on their phone. One, thankfully was the driver, the other was me! The other 13… rolls eyes!

I know, I know, I’m probably the one thats out of place, especially as during breaks at work, I’m the only one of the training group not glued to their smart phone, mainly because I havent got one! Or indeed, any kind of phone at all! Alright, I’m considering getting one, but it wont be one of those smart phones, its going to be the most basic, cheapest one I can find. Yes, a bit like my US AT&T one lol! Why am I giving in, and getting one? Mainly because in about a month or so, November 7th, to be exact, I’ll be finishing work at 8 in the evening, and its going to be dark, and the area in which I work, should be fine, but a little bit of extra protection…? Oh fine, the fact I remember what the area was like 40, or 50 years ago probably doesnt help, though its changed dramatically, and all seems fine now. But even so, plus, if the buses are ever running late, and its still First, if not their awful train service, so…its a way to let work know.

So I might hate the idea, but I suspect it has to be done.

Anyway, back to smart phones, and these app things. Yes, I really am that technically minded that I have no clue what they are like, or do! I came across this story last week, and well, I wouldnt mind this app being used on me, the main snag being that I dont wear hose/stockings/tights or the like, just about ever!

But fine, if it got me turned into a Fantasy Bot, I guess I could go for both! Chrome look, or a certain 30’s movie star would be my favorite choices, but yes, fine, I could go for most things, I suspect? 😉 Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I can live with a phone with no apps, no camera option, and no internet. As long as it makes calls, I’d be fine. Text messages, well, maybe? But other than that, pass, pass, pass!

Oh, a while back, I cant remember the exact details, but I saw something that enabled you to use a phone displaying on your wrist? Might have been a concept, as I saw it on Twitter, but if anyone knows any details? Yes, the cyborg in me would just adore that!

Right, video time. Well, we’ve been talking about phones, so… A bit of Blondie live