To take you to his mansion in Nome

Fine, challenge, anyone that can work out what the video is tonight, before you look, I’m seriously impressed, because this is about as cryptic as they get. There will be a possible clue before we get there, which might help, but even so…

Last year, I achieved something that I never thought I would, as I’m not one of those workers who flies everywhere (Yes, Kate, I’m only teasing you x), I always thought that gaining any real status on the couple of airlines I’m a frequent flyer on, would be way beyond my abilities. Then of course, I flew to LA twice, in the same year, with the same pair of airlines, and lo and behold, I hit silver status with Delta Airlines (video clue, here), until the end of 2016, with of course, the possibility for more. Except for the fact, that as things stand, getting to fly anywhere this year, seems to be becoming an impossible dream! Yes, so frustrating. Even more so, given that I so want to make a flight in my new name, but anyway…

Oh, for the curious, the other I have membership of, American Airlines. I used to have both them, and US Airways, before they amalgamated, but I’m not even close to any form of status there, all the same. But yes, Delta is the one I want to fly with this year, given the chance!

And this weekend at least, where would I love to fly to? Why, Anchorage. An extension to Nome would be even more heavenly, but being in Anchorage would do me just fine. Why? Because as I write this, the ceremonial start, through the city, of the Iditarod is taking place. The race proper, starts tomorrow, a little way out of town in Willow. Then 85 incredibly brave teams, will set off, for just under 1000 miles of Alaskan wilderness, until they reach Nome. No, are you kidding, I wouldnt do that for a million dollars, even now! But would I love to see them set off, or even better, finish, you bet I would!

Maybe one day I will finally get to Alaska, its my dream. Being practical, at my age, and with my health issues (joints), I’d have to do overnight stops en route, both ways, if I did. So fine, even if the financial situation ever improves, its not likely to happen until post retirement, simply because of time issues, in my life. So I suspect it will be one of my dreams, to my dying days, somehow, getting to Alaska. No, not in March, too cold in all probability, but at any point in the year, would be good.

Oh fine, the video. If you managed to get the cryptic clues worked out, and come up with this song from 1973, I’m impressed. Somehow, I doubt anyone did!

Life in the old girl yet!

Not that I’m saying its right, because it isnt, but generally nowadays, if you’re job hunting post 50, and especially post 55, job hunting becomes a whole lot more complex. Employers should be equal in these matters, but lets face it, the world isnt perfect!

But yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve got a job interview next week. No, its not quite as dramatic as it might sound, given its an internal interview at work, for a different job, but all the same, it should be fun. Actually, it probably makes it easier, in that its a ‘nothing to lose’ situation, though I admit it, getting this new job would be nice.

And much though I tend to dress ‘nice’ for work nowadays, putting on my interview best (whatever that might be?) for one more challenge will definitely be fun. As they say, there is life in the old girl yet, so lets see how it goes. Might, or might not be the last fling at these things before retirement, as I guess that once you hit 60 (only 3 and a half years or so), that is pretty much it, new job wise, even if it shouldnt be.

So this time next week, or even sooner, if you want to stop by, and wish me luck, feel free to do so. Oh, and if someone wants to offer me an outfit to wear, that will knock the interviewers for 6, feel free to offer!

Oh, and a sentiment that the feisty Bow, Harlow, and Brooks would have to agree with, for the video