Its funny how a song makes you think

I promise, sometime soon, I will do a mind control related posting again, honest I will lol! But this wont be it!

Oh, and thanks, Brian for the inspiration to write this, even if that wasnt your plan. I’ve covered this subject matter on my personal blog before, no great surprise in that, as I can to some degree see what made some of them runaway in the first place. Of course, as the intervening years have proved, not all actually ran away, at least some were sadly murdered by others. Equally sadly, only a few of the 36 featured in all US versions of this video were ever seen again by their families, most simply have never been seen again.

I wish I could say that I cant understand what drove them away from home in the first place, but I suspect that to some degree, I have a good idea what did it. Depression, alienation, other issues, I’m sure all played a part with some at least.¬†Of course, the last in the video, the 2 year old, in all likelihood snatched, as in the video, but I dont actually know. Sadly he is one of those that has never been seen again.

Its funny also in the sense that I think it was Soul Asylum’s sole big hit in our country, though of course I suspect they were more successful in the US, but dont really know? But as I wasnt following charts closely by the mid 90’s, I might be totally wrong about that!

The sad fact is, children, and teens are still going missing just like this today, possibly even more so with all the cyber relationship issues of today, not even imagined back then.

Now, lets get positive about one thing, a really good song, and a very thought provoking video