Autumn weather

I’m going to keep out of the whole climate change argument, just make a brief comment on the crazy weather in the North East US this last weekend, given that I’ve got a few friends and contacts in that area. Thankfully some got away with a mere 2 or 3 inches, but what other areas got, before October was even out, was just incredible. I’ve seen 20 inches quoted for some places, and even living where I do, on the edge of the Pennines, thats still hard to imagine.

I saw some pictures on the news, and for once, I was glad I wasnt there! I dont know if trains were affected by it, I know the planes were in some places, but clearly we dont get too much details on these matters over here. The comparison that makes me laugh is that if we get 20 flakes of snow over here, everything grinds to a complete halt, probably for days. Over there, by the next day…yes, things were returning to normal! I hope by now that everyone has got power back who lost it, but again, our news doesnt tend to focus on such matters.

I have one advantage, I do know what its like, I travelled across the US in the winter of 2003, and experienced low temperatures and snow en route, but just now, I’m quite glad to be over here, I must admit. I know, James will tell me I’d never even know it happened now, but all the same…

I could say there is something even more scary this autumn, but maybe thats not the right thing to do. But seriously, Buffalo Bills, 5-2, top of the AFC East, frightening stuff! Our firms spread on wins before the season started was 5, and we’re there with 9 weeks to spare, would never have dreamed that possible. Fitzpatrick, Jackson, Johnson and Chandler, most would have said ‘who?’ before the start of the season, thats for sure. Hope it lasts, the dream is amazing at present.

Oh, the video. Well I had to pick something weather based, didnt I? And given its an amazing song, by an amazing artist, I’ll take my chance right now.


Its funny, its pretty much a non event over here, we might get one, maybe two callers tomorrow evening, but that will really be about it. In my ancestral home of Ireland, its called Samhain, but even over there, its not a major event. But from what I’ve heard and read, in the US (possibly Canada as well?) halloween is a major event in dressing up, going out trick or treating, the whole works! I dont know more, never having been there at this time of year.

Clearly an outfit for me would be a must if I was there, and I make no apologies for suggesting that this one, posted today on a thread in the Garden would just be perfect for me

Though at my age, maybe the skirt should be a little longer lol?

As you might have guessed, I’ve never dressed up for halloween, well not that I can remember anyway. Maybe as a small child I did, but really cant remember my parents ever doing anything like that. I might have done if offered an outfit like that, but given that I hadnt cottoned on to my robot nature at that point, probably not lol!

A blessed Samhain to all my readers, have a wonderful halloween evening in the US, if you are doing anything special tomorrow night.

The video, something very ethereal, very Irish, and suitable for this occasion. At least, I hope it is.

An extra hour

Yes, tonight is the night that the clocks go back, signifying the end of summertime, though weather wise I think it might already have been over! Hopefully given my comments of late about lack of sleep, and lousy shift splits, I intend to sleep through my extra hour tonight, I think I need it!

As seems to happen every time of late that we do so, there seems to be all sort of talk about moving our time zone forward one hour, a move I see as the most stupid thing possible. Maybe someone should tell our idiots in government that we are in this time zone for a good reason, it fits in with our longitude, but thats clearly far too sensible for some! They actually tried it back in the 60’s, it didnt work, or last then, and I dont think it would work now. But anyway…

In the ‘old days’ it used to be the case that people rarely left their home area in their whole lives, and I’m feeling a slight deja vu over that. Since the clocks went forward, I’ve left West Yorkshire…4 times! Alright, 2 of those were transatlantic, 1 was Belfast, and the other was all the way to Manchester! A whole 35 minutes by train lol! And given its Trans Pennine Express, that was not a high speed one!

But those 3 longer trips were all good ones, visited 3 wonderful cities, only one new one, but hadnt been to the other 2 (Belfast city centre, that is) for a very long time. Got to meet some really nice people, again some for the first time, but others I’d seen on my previous trip to Belfast (yes, then I went to Stormont ground, but not into town) as well.

Maybe I’m methodical, maybe I’m just too practical, but the 2 big holidays for next year are already settled on, the April one will be booked in the next few days too. The September one will only be a delayed booking because I need to wait for next seasons NFL schedule to sort it out. Is it terrible that I’m already thinking about April 2013 lol?

The video seems apt for tonight, one of this artists lesser songs sales wise, but I do like it. Hopefully, so will you.

A very English writer

There are a good number of British/English writers over at the EMCSA, many of whom are very good, but this article refers very much to one of those writers, someone who writes delightful stories, which could definitely be described as very British in style, someone I only know as Max Cummings, which I’m pretty sure isnt his real name lol!

The one thing I do suspect is that Max has naturist tendencies, thats for sure. I also suspect that like me, Max is not in the first flush of youth.

He’s been writing at the EMCSA now for 5 years, and I’ve just noticed one irony, that his first, and currently his latest stories have both been related to trains, and train stations. I dont know if he’s as regular a traveller on them as me, but clearly he knows our train service to a good degree. But Max has also set stories around bookshops, offices, long distance walks, holidays at the seaside and other great settings.

What Max does do, is write very good storylines. One story, ‘Such Stuff’ set originally in, and around a bookshop quickly transforms into a modern day, Alice type adventure, with much hilarity involved. And after an interval it returned, only to end in a delightful, and slightly wicked ending.

It is possible that our paths may have crossed at Leeds station without knowing it, messages between us have clearly shown us to both be at Leeds station at roughly the same time, thats for sure.

I must admit, there are a very small number of writers whose name I look for in update lists, and Max is definitely amongst them. A really good writer, and one I much enjoy reading.

The video, a very loose connection to say the least. But the whole ‘very English’ thing does relate to the whole country house thing, and you could say that where Lizzie was ‘stranded’ in Such Stuff was certainly one. So I thought this video rather suitable, and lets face it, enough lightly clad, pretty girls to satisfy readers as well.

A robot state of mind

Its fair to say that the idea of posting on this matter came up because of talk about Lex’s films on the Forum that I got involved in.

The subject was getting someone acting as a robot to really fulfil the part. Funnily enough, the look isnt the trickiest bit, though I suspect to get the really blank eyed look might require an eye drop or two? No, its the really complex stuff, and I should know it, of being able to talk, and walk like a robot, quite often both at the same time.

Yes, fine, you can do it for a short while without disturbance while keeping focussed, but I used to find the slightest disturbance would knock you out of rhythm, especially if you were trying to do both at the same time! Given hypnosis is generally supposed to be a light trance, would it make it easier (as in making you able to ignore disturbances) or harder (light trance being easy to drop out of, suppoosedly) to stay in a robot state of mind, and body of course, for the walking side of things?

I guess a deep trance could take away the problems, but that is supposed to take some time to reach, but I assume that if you could, then quite a developed robot state could be reached? But how much you can ‘switch off’ human thought capacity, I really dont know, could you take someone to a truly robotic state? How long could they safely be kept there if they could? I’ve never been under for more than an hour or so at a time, but how long, in reality, could someone stay hypnotised?

No, I have no plans to do any ‘naked’ or ‘semi naked’ films. At my age, I doubt anyone would want to see me like that anyway! But, would I do a silver suited one, well that might be fun! Nothing sexual though please, I’m British and asexual lol! But an obedient, hypno-bot, well that might just be fun I guess? The thing is, I assume I would have to dress in the silver suit first, and then be hypnotised, would be pretty tricky to get me into it otherwise I guess?

Maybe one day I will be hypnotised, hopefully pretty deeply into believing I’m really a robot, its as much as is likely to happen at present I guess. Also I’d still love to do a really intense transformation scene, but that seems even less likely at present, sadly. Its one thing where getting older doesnt help, it makes you less of an attractive target lol!

A robot’s music

I guess its fair to say that if you think of pop music, and robots, then Kraftwerk tend to come to mind. Not just because of the record ‘We are the robots’, though that would probably play a major part in it! But I think its fair to say the whole group image is built around the robot look, and to some degree, sound, as they have used a vocoder on more than a few vocals!

To some degree, I have to be very grateful to them, without doubt they are the inspiration for OMD, Ultravox, and many other synth based groups I loved listening to when I was younger. Reputedly they are a ‘bit strange’ to say the least. All sorts of tales exist of contact with them being extremely tricky, and as for doing interviews or anything…they like to keep their secrets, so it seems, possibly one of them being whether they are still human or not lol!

Enough changes of musicians in the group suggest they are, but… 😉

I’ve picked a song that isnt strictly about robots, though the image they give over of themselves in the video suggests that just maybe…but suspect this video might appeal to more, given all the women in it too. And no, I’m not amongst them lol!

A home suitable for a robot

Some people swear by MSN and Hotmail, others swear at them, but sometimes they have their uses, whatever your views. Me, I have it as my homepage, and most of my email is Hotmail, but thats as much being not one for changing what works (of sorts at least).

Anyway, enough about them, this blog is due to an item that I found there, and nothing more. To avoid anyone the trauma of visiting MSN, the actual website link is or if having problems, try it without the index.htm bit.

Yes, I know, this is a house for a hobbit, just about as far away as you can get from a house for a robot of the future, but it had me thinking as to what a house for a robot should be like, and wouldnt it be fun to see an architect design one, and the fitting out of it? Of course design would depend on whether its a genuine robot, or just a human living as one of course.

The former wouldnt need a kitchen, or indeed a proper bed, just room to stand in their charging pod overnight, and that would be it. It would almost certainly need good wi-fi connections, some sort of communication outlet, and thats probably it. But yes, you’re right, this isnt about the true robot, this is about someone, ooh, like me maybe, living in a robot style.

I’m looking at either a studio type apartment, or at most a 1 bedroom apartment as being ideal for the role. Simple to minimalist decoration style would be the right feel, after all robots are practical creatures, and alright, so am I pretty much anyway. Somewhere to sit down, complete with table or two, standard communication devices (TV, phone, computer of some kind) and heating to keep her warm in winter. Oh, and maybe a few electrical points lol!

I guess any modern kitchen look fits the role, its hard to change much about that, beyond a metallic decor maybe? Bathroom really would shout shower cubicle over bath as more suitable, but us more mature robots do like to be able to lay down and relax a few tired muscles. So unless the body is actually being upgraded lol…? Bedroom look would be the fun one, especially designing a bed that really looked like a charging unit I think. Alright, I couldnt actually plug myself in at night, but making it look like I was…Of course there is nothing to stop said robot being able to slip her head into a helmet, or chamber at night of course? 😉

The outside look of an apartment has to be sleek, modern, and I guess silver, or metallic at least would be good. Not sure what planning permission people would say about silver, but anyway… But thats trickier that the internal design, so lets think more about that side of it, in terms of creation. I think it would be great fun to live like a robot, certainly as an experiment, if nothing else. I suspect living somewhere so designed could quickly get me into a robot mindset anyway. Equally though, I suspect its one of those things that will always only be a dream, and never come to fruition.  Guess I would have to wear a silver bodysuit at all times then when indoors lol! Who, me, like that thought, no idea why you think that? 😉