Good girl gone bad?

I know, from time to time, I mention stories on the EMCSA when I’m short of other blog material, but this one is slightly different. One, I probably could have come up with something else tonight (if I’d seen a news article for my more LGBT related blog before posting there, I would have posted here, what I posted there), but fine, I read this earlier today (free preview, thanks to the author) and was amused by it, so thought I’d give it a bit of publicity. Hey, for full time workers (unlike me), $2.99 is hardly a fortune, so…

Yes, we all know fairy tales from when we were young, and how sweetly most of them end, even if they have a few dark moments along the way. And yes, Snow White definitely fits that bill, for sure.

This look at what would have happened if Snow White had gone bad, in a female domination way, is very, very funny. No, no birds were really harmed in the making of this book, lol. I think the dwarfs survived reasonably intact too. Oh, and fine, I’d love to play the role of the Wicked Queen, given the chance!

So, if anyone wants to take an ‘alternate’ look at the long held fairy tales of our childhood, in an adult, and amusing way, then give this story by a friend a chance.

OK, video time, a real golden oldie. I was first introduced to this song, as the B side of the release of Tammy’s most famous song in the UK, Stand By Your Man. But I gather in country music terms at least in the US, it was a well deserved hit in its own right.

Its Disney, but not as we know it!

If there’s one thing you wouldnt expect a submissive female like myself to post, its a story with a woman dominating men, right? So fine, I’m breaking that rule, and posting this.

Lets just say that the Snow White in this isnt the traditional view you might have of her. But yes, its a funny twist on the concept of Snow White, and the Dwarfs, I must say. Oh fine, I laughed a lot at events here. I might just add that anyone who doesnt like cruelty to bluebirds, might want to avoid the ending, lol.

Fine, given the author’s style, I’m just wondering who’s going to be the leather/latex clad Dominatrix, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty, when she wakes up! I’d put money on the former, as part of the changes her fairy godmother makes to her, but I will have to wait and see. That would be a fine part for me, I must say.

Oh, and tonight, thanks to Eric, I ended up watching a crazy combination of Tom and Jerry crashing into the Wizard of Oz! Would I want to be the good witch, or the bad witch, hmm? Probably depends what the outfits are like, lol. Mind, with my looks, Wicked Witch would be more apt! More fun too, I suspect? 😉

I know, thats not Disney, but close enough!

Right, video time. Going back to the ‘good’ Snow White for this one, though she doesnt actually appear in this video! But tomorrow, yes, its off to work I go, back permitting!