Weird dreams are made of this

This morning, something weird happened in my dreams, even stranger because of the date, but more on that shortly.

I got up about 6 this morning, to go to the bathroom. Sadly, as is often the case with us older folk, our bladders cant always go the full night any more. Seems to be happening to me more of late, but hey, I’m getting older, so…

But after that, I went back to bed, to grab a couple more hours sleep, before getting up. Thats when the funny stuff started to happen. It didnt take me long to drop off back to sleep, indeed, judging by the state of my bed, I slept more peacefully than normal. Yes, normally I must move a lot, as the duvet, sheets, and pillows arent always where I left them when I go to bed, I seem to shuffle, and turn a lot!

But yes, this morning sleep returned quickly, and very peacefully. The next thing I know, I can hear voices in my room. Now, believe me, no one could get into my bedroom quietly, there is quite a circular stopper thing on the door, you dont open it quietly. So why can I hear voices?

After some time, I hear a voice say, “I’m sorry, but she’s just about to die.”, and react accordingly, I try to wake up! I do, easily, and look around, no one to be seen anywhere! Well, there is a cat meowing at the door for her breakfast, the moment she’s seen me moving, but other than that…nothing! And no, before you ask, I couldnt hear a TV on anywhere around either.

You see, the weird thing is the date. Yes, 79 years ago today, in a Los Angeles hospital, Jean Harlow’s family were told she was about to die, and of course, she did. Was it sheer coincidence, or was I, in my dreams, briefly whisked back to her body, for a couple of hours, and I was her? Sounds crazy, I know, but given my connection to her, and the date…? What also concerns me, is if I’d subconsciously accepted what I’d heard, would I have actually died? Even now, when I go back to sleep again, will I…?

So fine, if I dont reappear, please come visit me at Glendale, OK? I think you might know where to find me lol!

Video time. Well, it had to be something dream related, I guess?