New World In The Morning?

Alright, I’ll try not to get too politically controversial, but given feelings in the US over Columbus Day, which happens tomorrow, its a chance to do so, I guess? No, I’m not going to comment on Trump’s comments in the last few days, I dont think its hard to work out how I feel about him, given my known political leanings lol!

Yes, tomorrow is a public holiday in the US, to celebrate Columbus’s first visit to the New World, as America was then termed, but as many see it, is it something we really want to celebrate? Because, lets face it, he was after the glory, and any booty he could fine, with no care whatsoever for the Native Americans living there. So yes, there are a number of people who think this 2nd Monday in October could be better served as Native Americans Day, and I’d be inclined to agree.

I know, we cant imagine what life was like back then for everyone, even explorers, let alone the more humble sailors on his ships, but even so, their treatment of the locals, not good!

Funnily enough, it seems to be an ‘in between’ holiday in the US, as I remember from last year, when I was trying to find out what bus service we would be getting on the Monday, the normal service, or a ‘Bank Holiday’ one, which would have meant no service on the route up to where I was staying, as it relates to a Sunday service, and there wasnt one! Yes, it was a normal Monday service, much to my delight, and relief. No, I cant remember what I did though lol!

As to next May, its funny, I was assuming that for 10 days, I’d take the hotel option, and probably still will. But I did take a look at AirBnB, just to see what I could find, and found a couple of decent looking ones, that could work, at a fair bit less, price wise. At the same time, the thought of arriving on the Wednesday, and having to go out, and buy provisions straight way, doesnt thrill me. But fine, I’m thinking about it. No, not looking at a room, only really at an apartment/studio type stay, as I’m really not the sociable kind, if anyone has any ideas. If anyone knows anything nice, under $1000 (including taxes, cleaning etc) for the 10 days, near to Hollywood, or Beachwood Canyon, let me know.

My needs, internet supplied, and ideally cable TV (please, its baseball season lol), a small kitchen, and a bed, and well, thats all I really need! I know, no replies, but if I dont ask…?

OK, video time. Getting back to Columbus, and the New World for this one, so…

Taking the teal train

Yes, fine, non Californians, humor me, but its ages since I did a LA related blog, and given whats happening next week, and the fact that I had no other bright ideas that Americans would get, I’m going with this! I am free to suggestions, if anyone wants to make any, mind.

Thats right, starting next Friday, the Metro system gets extended. And unlike the Gold line extension earlier this year, this one is a bit special to me! Why? Because of where this extension takes the train to, Santa Monica! Yes, I want to ride it, though at present, I have no idea when, or how thats going to happen. If any generous beneficiary wants to make that possible, please do!

Several times, I’ve experienced the ‘delight’ that is taking a bus to Santa Monica, from either LA, or Hollywood. Believe me, using Metro at least, its not fun! Lengthy, winding route, that seemingly takes forever. Well, well over an hour at least, even at good times, and when you approach, or get into rush hour, you really dont want to know! Even the Big Blue Bus (express, higher fare) which goes on the Interstate for most of the journey hits plenty of stationary traffic, especially at the wrong time of day!

But, from Friday onwards, you can catch the train! Well, the metro type trains, at least. Did you know, the last time there was a train service to Santa Monica? 1953! Only for a few more days though, and then…Yes, the Expo line extension, which is shown in a teal color on maps (hence the blog name) finally opens beyond Culver City, all the way to the sea! Well, almost all the way, a few hundred yards walk will still be needed, but besides that…

So yes, if and when I get back to LA, I wont have to battle my way to Santa Monica by a slow moving bus, I can go by train! And given I enjoy visiting Santa Monica, that will be a massive bonus for me. Hopefully, some day soon, I can get to make that trip, fingers crossed.

No, sadly, as far as I know, there are no plans to have a branch on the Red line up Beechwood Canyon, ah well…

There is talk of trying to get the Airport connected to the Metro in the next few years, that will certainly be a blessing when it happens, I must say. Fine, I might still get a shuttle to wherever I’m staying, but at least I could go and use a certain wonderfully designed restaurant area at the Airport, if it was easier to get there!

Right, the video. A jazz classic, with a modern twist, provided by Diana Krall. There is a slight clue in the blog title, but if you’ve got this far, you’ve seen what it is already, I guess?