Heavy breathing stuff

Right, lets get right away from personal woes, and post something a little silly, and definitely a little kinky too.

The traditional method of use for gas masks, is to protect people from breathing in dangerous gases, and all that. Of course, some people use them for other purposes, either to deliberately make people breathe in a certain gas, usually for devious purposes, often in mind control stories, for the purpose of controlling someone quite literally. They can also be used to restrict people’s breathing, in a D/s sense, which can be quite fun, but anyway…

A new writer at the EMCSA has been using gas masks in a rather delicious way, though to be honest, his method of control is cigar smoke, which as a big non smoker, is pretty much a major turn off for me. Some of the other technology he uses, is so delicious, that I’m happily reading them anyway!

Yes, I’m no angel, I’ve worn a gas mask on a few occasions, though not recently, and not to protect me from any noxious gases, either! And yes, I have good memories of doing so, to be honest. Not so much if someone decided to restrict my breathing too much, but as a way of depersonalisation, then yes, I loved it.

But fine, if someone wants to put a gas mask on me, and pump it full of mind controlling gas, I wouldnt complain, even while I could! Equally, if someone wants to turn me into a ‘machine’ by putting one on my face, and removing my humanity, good by me too. Its been a long while since I wore one, but if I got the chance again, then yes, I would!

The video. Well, to be honest, this was the only one I could I think of, with some heavy breathing in it. And besides, its Abba, so…