The Eye has it!

Back in the old days, when acting, I have ‘fond’ memories of seeing a script for the first time, and wondering what you were letting yourself in for. I mean, most of them were based on well known plays, or books, so you had a good idea of what you were going to get. Equally, there would be a few occasions when you were given something new, or a writer wanted you to be involved in a read through of his piece, and though most were ‘normal’, its fair to say there were a couple of weird ones that I saw in my time.

Sadly, because I was only ever involved in small productions, no major film companies, or studios came rushing for my services. Nor did I ever get to appear on a major stage, though I might only be saying that for about 4 months more! Blackpool Winter Gardens might not be Broadway, but its far bigger than anything I’ve done previously in 60 years. No, it will be for 1 night only, I’m sure, but will be amazing if I do get to do it. Anyone that wants more details on performance weekend, feel free to ask, as my lodgings are now booked, I’m happy to let you know more.

I wouldnt say this is the first time I’ve seen a story that is pretty much just a script. Indeed, this author has done one previously, with ‘Sword & Rose’ but that script really didnt have a part suitable for me. But then he showed me this one, and suggested I could be ‘considered’ for the role of the Inspector’s wife, so… Fine, this is never going to reach stage, or screen, but I’d love the role if it did!

I know, she’s only in her 40’s, but other than that…

To say it achieves its aim, to come across as a Hammer Horror movie, it works, totally! And in truth, the other story mentioned would work equally brilliantly in its niche, that of the 70’s spy programs on TV. So yes, go read it, and inspire someone to bring this story to life, but just remember who’s playing the inspector’s wife!

The title of the blog? Well, if you read the story/script, you’ll find out why, just saying…

I did use this video before, but given it was almost 5 years ago, who cares? Slight difference in number of eyes, just saying…

The eyes have it

Some of you who have known me for quite a while will know that a few years ago, I tried hypnotherapy as a method of confidence boosting before the job interview for my current work place. Nothing dramatic, just trying to make me feel more confident and assured at the time, and it really worked. Easiest time I’ve ever had at a job interview, and clearly it worked, I got the job.

Shortly after, on a spare day, we did a follow up session, to boost matters, and to work on one or two other issues, with equally successful results. Fine, I was thrilled with what she did for me, but being totally professional in her work, she really didnt want to go down that other road, to give me experience of what it would be like to be a robot.

No, I dont blame her in the slightest, but at the same time, it would have been interesting to discover if it was as good as I thought it was, or something I never wanted to happen again! To be honest, given my new, more confident self, the robot fantasy sort of died off to a great degree, but because I’d never tried it, it still lurks at the back of the brain, as a ‘what if?’ thing.

Now, next week, I might get to find out, assuming I still go into trance as easily as I did back then! I presume I will, but…Hopefully it will enable me to put this little chestnut to rest, and get on with my life, glad not to be turned into a robot, or…I might just enjoy it! Though even then, I dont expect it would become as big a desire as before, I’m a changed woman, in that sense!

I know the gentleman, Lex, from the Forums, have seen samples of his work, and trust him a lot. And lets face it, even if he was a master mind controller, I’m hardly prime sex slave material lol! And yes, I spoke to him tonight, to arrange things, which is why the blog is appearing today. Regardless of how things work out, I appreciate his gesture greatly, and just wanted to post accordingly. And yes, I will give a follow up report on how it went, unless he brainwashes me to do otherwise lol!

There is a possibility, and only a possibility, it may even go on sale, so beware! From our talk, it wont be just robot, we’ve tossed a few other ideas to and fro, but you’ll have to wait and see what they are. 😉

The video, a long forgotten song from 1980, only I havent forgotten it…yet