Reading & Reviewing

I know when I first started reading stories at the EMCSA, it would be in 2000, soon after I got a computer, and typed robot stories into Google, lol!

What I dont remember is when I first started churning my way through the bulk of each update, or indeed when I first started actually reviewing nearly everything, as I have been doing for quite a long time now. I suspect the answer to when I started bulk reading would be around 2004/5, after I regained having my own computer once again. But for some time after that I just sent the odd email for any story I really liked, and left it at that. So no, when I changed style, I havent a clue.

I used to review everything apart from mm stories, even though the green fd stuff really wasnt my scene, even if ironically thats just what I’m working on at present. Recently due to work commitments and the like, I’ve cut the green stories pretty much out, though there are a few writers on that front I will still read. Same with the mm stuff, I do read a very occasional one, but you could count them on the fingers of one hand lol!

Its funny, nowadays I almost wonder if I’m more famed for my reviews than my stories, which would be kind of ironic given they dont tend to be in depth on the whole, but mainly because I dont like to give too much away, and get people to read them. There are some (think the long running ones like ‘The Jilliad’) where there is no point hiding spoilers, but on the whole…I do my best not to give too much away.

I suppose the one thing I find really ironic is that there are a few people who seemingly expect a review from me when they post a story, but are not so quick to post anything when I write a story! C’est la vie, I guess? For the foreseeable future, I think its fair to say that the reviews will continue, more likely than story writing, its easier to grab time to do that. There will be the odd story, but far less than the number of reviews I churn out. There may come a time when they need to be cut back as well, but not for now.

The video, rather apt for the number of reviews I’ve turned out, maybe?