Space Age Dream Look

You know these strange things you find on Social Media? And no, I dont mean supposedly genuine, respectful statements by Trump, as they would definitely be fake news! 😛

No, what I mean here are when you’re a member of these slightly crazy Sci Fi groups on Facebook, and someone posts an old picture that brings back memories, and makes you wish you could have that look, especially as she was a ‘machine’. Yes, in this case, Galaxina. Like so…


The film was generally pretty forgettable in truth, other than the fact that said lady, Dorothy Stratten, was murdered shortly afterwards by her estranged husband before he killed himself. But yes, if you’re asking me, if I was turned into a robot, that had to look human (discounting therefore, the Metropolis look), this would probably be at the top of my list! Even more so, given the space connection.

One wonderful friend has told me that yes, its possible, though I’m not sure how you get a plainish 60 year old to look like a 20 year old stunner, I have no idea? I do assume the turning me into a machine/robot might be a bit more complex, lol? To be honest, I wish I had the hair to have a fringe like that, as a start! Its not quite 20’s, but all the same…

Oh, and on the ‘being turned into a robot’ front, if anyone wants to pay my airfare to Denver, and back (maybe?), I might find out. Yes, unlike Galaxina, I might pass on this ‘be more human’ stuff, lol, and prefer the Stepford wife style! Mind, that would take some programming, lol…

OK, video time. A Flock of Seagulls have just got back together to record a new album, and there is actually a new video of this song doing the rounds. Yes, 3 of them have got a lot less hair than they have in this video now! If you put the song title on You Tube, not hard to find!


If they want to make me change teams at work

Then doing something like this to me, at work, might be needed!


Oh, I wish, believe me, would love either of those done to me! No, on a serious matter, I found out this week that I will be changing teams at work, in the very near future. No, nothing dramatic, doing the same job, just a change of team leaders, nothing more. I get on well with both team leaders involved, so no issue to me, either way.

Beyond that, a change of desks, which will mean having to do all the desk suitability checks again, but nothing much more exciting than that. In truth, I suppose it was fair to assume that working in a department, with 5 separate teams, that I wasnt likely to stay in the same team until retirement, but wasnt expecting the shift so soon. One day, if I get ambitious, or maybe I’m made to be ambitious, I might be getting my own team, as a team leader, but hey, I’ve only got 7 years to go to retirement age, but it might happen?

I know, its far from the first time its happened to me, at one time I was a relief manager, so getting any affection for any single shop was out of the question back then. And yes, in my last 2 places of work prior to this one, changes of team were nothing new.

But fine, if at my age, I get feisty about changing teams, would they like to convince me using one of these methods, or something similar? Oh, I only wish! Fine, I’ll have to go quietly, but this would be a lot more fun!

OK, video time. I love the whole 80’s feel, and look to this, and naturally I love the silver outfits, and fine, those space suits look fun too! No, I have no idea what they do to her, or how they do it, but if someone wants to show me how it was done…? 😉

Do you like my new look?

Firstly, and most importantly perhaps, I had planned to post this yesterday, but ran out of time to do so. So yes, consider that fact before reacting too much! It was such a fun idea, I’m posting it anyway.

Yes, sorry if I’ve been quiet for a couple of days, but I’ve been a bit busy. Well, not that I was able to do a lot, stuck in some strange pod thing, but once that guy had grabbed me, resistance seemed a little bit futile, especially given what he wanted to do to me. So, tell me, do you like the new look?

graybot look

Quite stunning, I reckon. Thankfully, he’s given me a certain level of sentience, which is the only reason I’m able to post this, I’m not quite as blank minded as I look here. Or maybe, he’s programmed me so well that I think I’m sentient, and am really only obeying my designated programming?

Luckily for everyone else, one programmed, totally obedient robot is sufficient for Master, so my acceptance of my new life has saved anyone else from the same experience, so be grateful for that. He said something about me being the ideal subject for something like this, I have no idea what he was hinting at?

Oh fine, sadly, yes, its an April Fool, but I wish it wasnt! And fine, in all honesty, that sentience thing would be ideally replaced by mindless obedience, but anyway… And fine, in an ideal world, I’d have a hood, or helmet to match the suit, too.

But yes, if anyone wants to design me such a suit, ideally with matching hood, or helmet, I’d love one. If you want to make me your mindless (or sentient), obedient slave with it, I’d just regard that as a bonus!

Fine, the video. When it comes to something that has you thinking mind control, brainwashing, and the like, in a futuristic looking video, this ticks the boxes for me! Lucky lady, is all I have to say!

If I had a photograph of me?

Many years ago, I used to own a camera, but it shows how long ago it was, they were all film ones! Nowadays its all digital cameras, and at long last, mainly because of the holiday to Hollywood, I’ve bought a new one, to take with me. Just a little, basic Vivitar one, perfect for beginners, so perfect for me! Not strictly a newbie, but after so long, not far off it.

I know, most people use their mobile phones nowadays, but I dont have one of them (well, for the UK at least. In irony, I do have a US one, which gets used 2-3 weeks a year), nor do I plan on getting one. But the US one doesnt have a camera attachment, thank goodness.

Alright, getting to the silly stuff. To prove to myself that I could handle this photo taking stuff, and more critically, prove I could download them to the computer, I took the obvious photo nowadays, a selfie! As you can see, it worked, and equally as you can see, I have quite a cleavage! 😀

Digital Camera

I suspect you might get the odd future selfie inflicted on you, though principally it will be for taking pictures of landmarks, and maybe some pictures of me, taken by others. Yes, I’ve been told I must get something taken of me at the party next month, so I will. I will certainly look the part, of a 30’s babe, just havent decided if it will be me, Jean, or given my figure, Mae West that goes to the ball!

Yes, the looks are more Jean, though not a mile off Mae, in all honesty. And lets face it, those boobs more tie in with Ms West lol! So, if anyone in the Hollywood/L.A area fancies transforming my looks (mad scientist full transformation to either would be fun, but not as feasible) into Mae West, or Jean Harlow, for a sensible fee, lets get it done, pretty please! Just remember I’m on a budget, so no crazy prices please!

OK, the video, there is a clue in the blog title

The last couple of days, plus baseball!

So fine, lets fill you in on the last couple of days, they’ve been something, to say the least.

Started off with the interview yesterday, which had a pair of firsts, the first time I’ve worn a dress to work (top and slacks/top and skirt, like always!) due to the interview. Definitely the first time I’ve worn high heels at work, but they only lasted about an hour (around, and during the interview), as I changed back into my more comfortable shoes straight after, and due to events (early call to interview), I only put them on just before it started.

Yes, it went well, or seemed so to me. The result, I wont know until the later stages of next week, but we will see…fingers crossed.

Then. after work, just after 3.00 (short shift), I headed off to see the results of the photo shoot. I was told the pictures were good, and they were right, they were good, or even better! I only wish I could show you some, but until the email versions of a few arrive, you’ll just have to believe me. But as soon as I get them…you’ll see them. Hey, I want you to see them, they’re that good!

Today, I had my MOT, and I passed. No, not a real MOT, a medical check over, and beyond the known arthritic joints (right shoulder, back, knees), all was fine. So yes, I’ll carry on travelling for a while yet! 🙂

The video, well, you might be saying this of me, after the photo shoot

Oh, and lastly, as promised, the baseball.

Lets just say that Jean Harlow was asked how she felt about the Kansas City Royals performance so far in the play offs, and this was her reaction

Happy to see you

Go Royals!

Who is that girl?

Might be a question I’m asking myself at some point tomorrow, during the photo shoot. Is it me, being Jean Harlow, or is it Jean Harlow, being me, being Jean Harlow, or…are we one and the same? As I havent yet had my past life regression done, I cant answer the latter, but I doubt it, much though it would be amazing if true!

A while back, I had a photo shoot done, with Karen and Dave, and though at the time I was just looking for a vintage style look, one answer came out a lot, after I finally was able to post the photos, and that was that I looked just like Jean Harlow. A couple of examples, to make your own call…

photoshoot 9

photoshoot 12

But yes, once I could accept being compared to such a glamorous woman, I could see their point!

The difference this time around, is that we arent messing about, we’re aiming for the Harlow look, right from the start. So yes, the dresses might be a bit more stunning lol! The ones I’m taking along, include one that is above the knees, and a couple of midi length ones, so if you’re lucky, you might in time get to see pictures of my legs! Not sure that’s a good thing, but anyway…?

As far as I know, the only things they are planning to do to me, are my hair, and my make up, so I’m assuming that the Harlow mindset is down to me. Hopefully I can pull it off, in style! Of course, they may have some device (or hypnotist), that will make me think I actually am Jean, temporarily or otherwise, but I doubt it! To be honest, how much difference you’d notice lol…?

Anyway, I, or Jean, will let you know how it went in tomorrow nights edition, I’m sure, really looking forward to it!

The video, not A Flock of Seagulls finest moment, by any stretch, but it seemed apt, given I wont be certain if its me, or Jean doing the photo shoot tomorrow. To be honest, if I just let the inner Harlow flow, they will probably look better. To be honest, Dave, the photographer is so good, I will almost certainly be unable to be anyone else!

It might not be me talking (but it probably will be)

Well, today I tried something new, for me at least, a spray tanning session. End result, it looks good, definitely looks like I’ve got a tan, but at the same time, its a natural tan colour. Really, really impressed, and yes, I’m certain it will be repeated for Kansas City, and most definitely for Hollywood. Ironically, I am generally very fair (a la Harlow again), and this wont protect against the sun, but it looks like I’ve got some colour on my skin, and others like it, as well as me.

And yes, the spray was definitely flesh colour, not metallic silver, though the latter might have been interesting, but this is for the best. The lightest shade Linda had, which suits me perfectly.

The spray stuff is cool, and you stand in a tent, in my case, just in panties, though I could have also worn a bra, but what the hell…after about 15-20 minutes, I looked tanned, without any health risks whatsoever! It will only last a few days, but thats the aim, to give me some colour before I get the chance to tan sensibly when away.

Really, really glad I gave it a try.

Fine, part 2.

As some may, or may not know, I only wear make up when someone else does it for me. I have a slight tremor in my hands, and doing it on myself just doesnt work. Imagine doing your eyebrows, and trying to get a straight line, for example?

But, nowadays, there is something called semi permanent make up, which takes away the problem for people like me of doing your own every day. And ironically, I do know someone who does a very good job of it, the snag is, she’s 200 miles from me, and I dont drive. And public transport…hmmm…!

But fine, when you get a special offer rate, even adding on the train fare, it looks like a bargain, especially when I dont have to add a hotel bill on top. So, in the New Year, yes, I ‘might’ well be getting this done. No prizes for working out the look, would you expect anyone else?

Jean Harlow2

For once with Jean, sensible eyebrows, and generally a nice look to her face too. I know, I look like her, and this must make that even more so, but turning me into her, that might be too much of a dream come true!

But if she does, this song title would be rather apt!

Looking like that, I might just find my ‘William Powell’ yet!

Transfer Affection

I guess its fair to say that among the readers of Erotic Mind Control stories, that I’m fairly unique, in the sense that I see the Erotic side of things as a turn off, not as a turn on, as most readers would. Yes, for me, my main interests are a decent story line, and some cracking good mind control, but a good number are only there for the sex it generally leads to!

Of course, one of the main uses of mind control in these stories, is to get women, and indeed men, turned on in such a way that they either want sex with anyone, and everyone, or more usually with their master/mistress, or erstwhile controller. Me, the only way anyone will get me even in the slightest interest in sex, would be to mind control me!

Oh, and please, if you’re planning on doing it, I expect something far more techy than hypnosis, just saying… 😉 Hey, even better, please control my mind in a wonderfully technological way, but dont make me interested in sex! I know, I know, most people…lol!

Occasionally pop groups have delved indirectly into the whole mind control idea, not blatantly, but in a subtle way, through the lyrics and video, and tonight I have one of those for your delight. The clue is in the blog title, though the song is old enough (and minor hit enough) for most not to have recognised it already.

This version, according to a US friend, works everywhere, and gives you a clue in the song

This version, where it works (and I only can confirm UK on that, for obvious reasons) is the one for mind control lovers to enjoy

2 landmarks this week

Yes, I know, its been a while. Sorry, but I did warn you at least! Tomorrow will again be manic, then 3 days off, then it drops down to only being crazy level at work lol! Still, 5 weeks tomorrow, for 1 glorious week, I wont care, will be many thousands of miles from here in Seattle. Only snag will be the fact that I will have to come back 1 week later, but hey, I dont get much go my way in life!

As I say, there have been 2 landmarks this week that desrve mention, though many have noticed one, and her friends have noticed another, a much sadder one. Yes, I’m a year older numerically today, happy birthday and all that! At my age I probably dont need reminding about them anyway lol! I’ve had a nice day, but to be honest, not having to go to work was probably the best present I was going to get today anyway!

The other landmark date earlier this week that I mentioned is a much sadder one. It was one year ago on Tuesday that my dear friend Sara Castle left this life behind, dying of cancer. Sadly, only being a cyber friend, it was nearly a fortnight later that we got confirmation of the sad news that her friends all feared. I wanted to post about this on the blog on Tuesday, but 10 hour shifts, plus 3 hours travel rather kills off time for posting on things like this. So alright, a few days late, but has to be said, Sara Castle, RIP, and much missed by friends.

The video, well this goes back to an email I wrote to her father after we got the news. I lost count of the amount of times Sara promised me a photograph, but it never arrived. I asked her father if he had one, and if so, would he send it to me. He said if he could find one, he would, but nothing ever arrived, I’m sure that wasnt his priority anyway. So, this seems apt

I know, I posted it for something else here, but it just seems right for now

Its finally arrived!

No, not winter, though I’m told that there is a possibility of snow here, either at the weekend, or more likely the early part of next week. Sounds crazy given the temperatures have been up in the 70’s the last few days, but thats the wonder of the British weather for you! No, what arrived just over 2 hours ago was the photograph relating to one of the great, fun events of my holiday, the trip to Fenway Park with Kate.  Yes, its the picture taken just outside the stadium of the two of us, while we were waiting for them to open the gates and let us in. And no, I wont be posting it anywhere lol!

It seems to have taken forever to actually get here, but I guess ordering it at the start of a weekend, then add on time for international shipping etc, and…still seems a long time lol! Fortunately the one of me and James at the Aquarium (also not being posted) was purchased at the time, and brought home with me when I came back.

As far as I know, thats my travelling done for the year. Well other than commuting to work that is, lol! Oh, and a couple of trips out when I have my week off in November, but thats the long distance stuff over at least. Thankfully Expedia has ‘arrived’ on my laptop, and planning for next year (well April at least) has already started. Next September is sort of planned as well, but I’ll worry about that nearer the time!

The one sad thing thats arrived, the first Bills defeat of the season. Still, if you’d told me that it wouldnt happen to week 4, before the season had started, I’d have taken it lol!

Oh, and finally, the corny video link, because I’m no longer waiting for that photo to arrive