New World In The Morning?

Alright, I’ll try not to get too politically controversial, but given feelings in the US over Columbus Day, which happens tomorrow, its a chance to do so, I guess? No, I’m not going to comment on Trump’s comments in the last few days, I dont think its hard to work out how I feel about him, given my known political leanings lol!

Yes, tomorrow is a public holiday in the US, to celebrate Columbus’s first visit to the New World, as America was then termed, but as many see it, is it something we really want to celebrate? Because, lets face it, he was after the glory, and any booty he could fine, with no care whatsoever for the Native Americans living there. So yes, there are a number of people who think this 2nd Monday in October could be better served as Native Americans Day, and I’d be inclined to agree.

I know, we cant imagine what life was like back then for everyone, even explorers, let alone the more humble sailors on his ships, but even so, their treatment of the locals, not good!

Funnily enough, it seems to be an ‘in between’ holiday in the US, as I remember from last year, when I was trying to find out what bus service we would be getting on the Monday, the normal service, or a ‘Bank Holiday’ one, which would have meant no service on the route up to where I was staying, as it relates to a Sunday service, and there wasnt one! Yes, it was a normal Monday service, much to my delight, and relief. No, I cant remember what I did though lol!

As to next May, its funny, I was assuming that for 10 days, I’d take the hotel option, and probably still will. But I did take a look at AirBnB, just to see what I could find, and found a couple of decent looking ones, that could work, at a fair bit less, price wise. At the same time, the thought of arriving on the Wednesday, and having to go out, and buy provisions straight way, doesnt thrill me. But fine, I’m thinking about it. No, not looking at a room, only really at an apartment/studio type stay, as I’m really not the sociable kind, if anyone has any ideas. If anyone knows anything nice, under $1000 (including taxes, cleaning etc) for the 10 days, near to Hollywood, or Beachwood Canyon, let me know.

My needs, internet supplied, and ideally cable TV (please, its baseball season lol), a small kitchen, and a bed, and well, thats all I really need! I know, no replies, but if I dont ask…?

OK, video time. Getting back to Columbus, and the New World for this one, so…

The end of summer?

Its kind of funny, I’ve just started the first week of work, in my new job, and then after that, I’ve got a long weekend, and a 4 day week next week. Yes, in the UK at least, its the last Bank Holiday of the summer, next one is Christmas! I know, the US has got a few more before then, but over here, this is it.

Its actually been nice weather over here this week, for walking to, and from work to the Bus Station, so much so, I’ve only worn a coat one day this week, and that was due to forecast rain, not the temperature. I’m pretty sure it wont be so nice, at 8 pm, on a cold, wintry day in February, but lets get there first!

The job seems good, mind, given it would be being compared to Capita, that might not be hard, but regardless of that, yes, it seems good. And yes, as long as the new commute stays fresh, that helps too. This week has mainly been about rules, and regulations, and form filling, but that has all been fine. Real training starts on Tuesday, really looking forward to it.

The other reason that I know Autumn (Fall) is approaching, is that all the baseball talk is turning to the playoffs. Amazing to think how much of them I saw last year, in California, going to miss out on that this time around, for sure. Dodgers are leading their division, Royals are finally on a roll, and Red Sox are challenging too, so all looking good at present. Oh to be there, but…at least I’ll miss that truly ghastly Presidential campaign lol. In truth, dislike one intently, not a fan of the other, so…rolls eyes

Now, to enjoy the long weekend, and then get trained up for the new job. Sadly, not trained in a method I could really enjoy, but all the same…

A real oldie tonight, for the video. Lets just say its been quite a summer in my life, and leave it at that!

In Memory of those who gave their lives

This is one of those rare events, a bank holiday weekend, both sides of the pond. Over here, in the UK, its simply called the Whitsun Bank Holiday, but in the US, its something considered far more important, that being Memorial weekend. And yes, today is actually Memorial Day.

Its fair to say, I think, that over here, beyond 2 days in November, remembrance of those who died in the various wars, arent a general thing. In the US, its a whole different thing. Without wishing to get political, the forces in the US are more respected, and have a better reputation than over here. I must admit, the amount of times I’ve come across forces, from either country are limited, but yes, I’ve never seen US force people behaving badly, and I only wish I could say the same for ours. I know, I’m an Ameriphile, so may be biased, but I dont think so.

Of course, there is the thing that the American’s have been in a few more wars over the years, both recent, and in the past, so maybe thats why they need to be remembered more? But in truth, in my opinion, all those people gave their lives, so we could be here today, in relative safety, so they should all be remembered.

Of course, the saddest ones are where families, for whatever reason, have no one to bury. Indeed in some cases, we dont even know how, or where they died, they just disappear, and we assume in time, that they died, somewhere, fighting for us.

Lets all pay our due respects. Yes, there were a number of movie stars who died, either in the actual war, or serving their country in other ways, lest it be forgotten.

OK, the video. This is one of those gentlemen who disappeared during the war, assumed dead, when he never arrived in France. We can only assume his plane crashed, or was attacked over the English Channel, in December 1944, we will never know the full story now, I’m sure.

In the heat of the night

Just a little fyi for all my North American readers (and the stats suggest I have a few), I should point out that today was the last bank holiday in the UK before Christmas. Yes, my US readers have a few before then, including one for which I will be in their country, Thanksgiving, for my very first time, really looking forward to that. Even if it might be slightly cooler (especially where I’m going) by then.

Yes, today, as is seemingly traditional in this country, the weather has been awful, rain for much (if not more) of the day. Hey, one big cricket match was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to rain, and the only surprising thing was how late they made the decision to do so.

Whereas, in Kansas City, there are heat advisory notices! Hey, it was 84 in the middle of the night last night, which is over 25 degrees higher than its reached here all day! And another fyi, as I type this, its 94! Heck, Cherryvale hit the century mark yesterday! Seriously Kansas, a few degrees lower in 3 weeks time, I really dont mind lol! Daytime round the 80’s will be fine by me! Honest, you dont want to see me in shorts, or short skirts, you really dont!

I’m not saying summer is gone over here, as September has a habit of providing decent weather, so we will see. But in terms of traditional summer holidays, this is it, as wet as ever.

Irony, Jean Harlow hated the sun, and heat, she was so fair that she burnt badly if she was out in it too long. I’m pretty fair, and do tend to burn, rather than tan, so just maybe…? As long as it doesnt put her ‘spirit’ off visiting me in KC lol!

The video, well, the title is apt. The song, hmm? But it should hold sex appeal for most at least.

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Yes, a holiday piece lol.

Funny point, i’ve been to Buffalo once before, but never during daytime, and that was 25 years ago. Confused? its a long story.

It was 1988, my first ever trip to the US, with my partner of the time. We were over there, seeing her aunt in New England, and doing a tourist holiday combined. Anyway, one weekend, we decided we were going to head up to Niagara, just so we could say we’d been there. The silly thing, we didnt realise it was a US Bank Holiday weekend, looking at the dates this year, it must have been Labor Day weekend, I cant see any other it could have been.

Well, anyway, approaching Rochester (yes, there’s an irony), we decided it was about time to stop for the day. Thats when we discovered it was a Bank holiday weekend, all the hotels were full! Well, all the budget ones we tried were at least. We did do a brief trip down to see the lake, before heading on, thinking we’d soon find somewhere for the night. We didnt!

Eventually, after a couple of uncomfortable hours trying to sleep in the car, we ended up in Buffalo about 2 in the morning. A couple of coffees, and a quick walk round town later, we headed off to Niagara, arriving there about 6 in the morning. It was deserted, and no one manning the car park entrance. So we saw Niagara for free, and I got to see Bruce Smith (Bills star of the time) working out in the park! Finally, we had breakfast, confirmed there were no late returns for the Bills game, and started to head back, by passing Buffalo this time around. Finally, late lunchtime, we stopped, exhausted at a hotel on I-90, somewhere near Rochester, and crashed until the next morning. Well, she did, I watched the Bills match on TV, and then crashed until the morning lol!

So yes, 4 weeks from now, I’m planning a day trip to Buffalo, and I do mean daytime! It will have changed dramatically since then for sure, and beyond the tramway/railway running through the city, I dont remember a thing anyway. But yes, it will be a sweet memory, shuffling back to Buffalo after all this time, even if only for a day.

This is one of the changes to the original plans to this trip, I was originally going to stay in Buffalo, and visit Rochester instead. This was because someone I know through the forums was living near there, but he then moved back to Alabama, so I moved my base to Rochester instead.

Hey, the video! Well its only 80 years old lol, but that probably makes it about right for me? So, as I will be doing (though not married), they are shuffling off to Buffalo!