There are some shocking adverts about

The only snag with this, is that I have no idea if this advert is also inflicted on my North American friends, or not? Given its for an I-Phone, I’m suspecting it is, but anyway…

In terms of product placement, with me at least, they’re wasting their time. Like all good 30’s girls, I have no need for, or desire to own said product. Indeed, in terms of this country at least, I’m the perfect 30’s girl, I dont have a working mobile phone.

So why this piece, simple. Over here, on many of the lesser cable stations, the variety of adverts is very limited, so this one gets played a lot on ESPN, where I get my baseball fix. Thankfully we only get about a minute of this crazy song, but some would say thats more than enough.

But anyway, it got into my head, so I did this thoroughly modern thing (I know, not the perfect 30’s girl, but…If I didnt, you wouldnt get this!) of investigating the song on Google. So I discovered its someone called Robert Preston, dates to 1961, and was part of JFK’s plan to get Americans fit! Ah well, looking around today…oops!

Seriously, its driving me nuts, and I hope this campaign doesnt run much longer.

But just to annoy my readers (though take my advice, dont play it), here is a longer version than the ad

Just be grateful I didnt punish you with all 6 and a half minutes of it! 😛