Because I’m Yours, I Walk The Line

No, dont panic, or celebrate according to how you feel about these things, I havent yet found a Mistress, or a Master to own me, and put a lock on my collar, and maybe more. And on top of that, the method of influence used on me is far less sinister than mind control, and the like, shame!

No, what I’m talking about tonight is something that companies use, to keep us faithful to them, loyalty cards!

Mind, if anyone wants to turn me into their obedient, mind controlled slave…oh fine! 😛

In truth, I probably have fewer of the things than many, though equally, I have more than enough to keep me faithful to them. So yes, a couple of airlines have an advantage over the rest in loyalty, though their partner companies also benefit from the arrangement, I guess? Equally, one hotel group holds the same advantage in my loyalty, at least in the US, as they have hardly any hotels here in the UK. But fine, when travelling, I tend to look at them first!

But otherwise, until recently, I didnt tend to bother with these things too much. Then I was ‘snatched’, and turned into a dutiful user of certain lunch places. One that most would have heard of, a company called Subway. I have no idea if my one loyalty card also works in the US, as well as here in the UK, but I’ll worry about that next May, or maybe not? I have no idea how many lunches I have to buy, to get anything for free, but anyway… The other is a British bakery group called Greggs, that no one in the US is likely to have heard of.

But yes, when you’re on a tight budget, as I am at present, they are ideal. And what they do, is give you a little card, so that when you buy a hot drink (coffee, in my case), they make a mark on your card, and when you reach 9, they give you the next one for free! Pretty good, considering the only time I buy one normally is part of my lunch deal, so I dont even pay full price for it! And yes, on Wednesday, I bought my 9th coffee!

So, on Friday, instead of the rather awful (fine, it is awful) coffee from the machine at work, for 40p, I walked over to Greggs, and got a larger, far nicer cup of coffee for free! So fine, I walk the line at lunchtimes now, to these two places! Sadly, no evil influence, or mind control has been used, I only wish it was!

Oh fine, you might have worked out the video by now!