Don’t speak, just function

I know, there is no actual programmed rule in my system that says I have to post a blog here, if posting in the other one, but snag is, I just feel guilty if I dont. So given I had something else to discuss over there, I need to post something here,…bleep,…so…

I had to admit that, before reading this, I wondered how it was going to work into the robot tag that it has but fine, it fooled me.

Oh fine, why can’t I find a partner that thinks in the same way as he does? OK, this is fiction, but I would have thought that this, as hypnosis was pretty much possible? Might take a while to successfully ‘download’, but doable, cant see why not? Alright, I cant find anyone insane enough to want me as a partner, let alone one who wants a robot girlfriend, but yes, this might just be fun. I know, not perfect for a real robot wannabee like me, but as a consolation prize, it might do?

Fine, I’d love to look less like a human, and more like a robot than her, but a woman cant have everything, and lets face it, if programmed correctly, I wouldnt be able to object anyway, lol!

Yes, all they say about not pressing red buttons (and we sure dont want that idiot, Trump to push one), but this is one I wouldnt mind being aimed in my direction, and pressed.

Video time. I was trying to think about something that suggested not speaking, just functioning, and remember this 90’s classic

That old fembot magic?

However much acting, and performing I’ve done over the years, its fair to say that its all been pretty wholesome stuff. I wouldnt say all of it was suitable for the family, but thats more down to the fact that children might not have got the meaning of some of the stuff I’ve done as an adult, rather than anything they shouldnt see! Oh fine, there is one hypnosis film I did, which is actually on You Tube, that might not be suitable for the young, but even that has nothing in it that would really shock the babes. Well, other than actually being hypnotized, maybe? No, its one of the secret setting things, technically its pay to view, but if anyone really wants to, ask nicely, and maybe…? 😉

One of the things I’ve noticed at the ‘movies’ that appear on Fembot Central, involving female robots, is that they are all what I would term soft porn stuff. Oh fine, the bulk of members are male, probably want to buy that sort of stuff, but in a way, I just think its a shame that there isnt a single female transformation film to be seen. I dont know, maybe they used to make them in the past, they just didnt sell, so nobody bothers any more? Mind, lets face it, no one is going to make any kind of fembot film with a less than stunning 60 year old, that no one sane would want to see with her clothes off anyway!

I dont know, I never considered making anything adult when I was younger, but then again, I never had the looks, or figure to do so anyway. Also, attitude to such matters was so different back then. But yes, I wonder, if I was young, pretty, but the only way I could get to play a robot, was in soft porn, would I do it? Probably not, but its a fascinating thought. It must be weird doing that sort of thing, in my eyes at least, but some seem to enjoy it, so…? But fine, my idea of playing a robot more revolves around an all enclosing silver bodysuit, than showing off my ‘human’ form, lol! But no ones seem to make those, ah well…

OK, video time. I tried to come up with something original, and this was best I could do. I suspect that ‘black magic’ isnt needed to get some young ladies to make ‘soft porn’ movies, or show off their naked bodies, but it might have been needed with me! The only live version I could find of this song was a recent Rod Stewart offering, who like all of us (well, me, anyway) seems to be showing his age now. Mind, as I remember when he was a pop star in the early 70’s, I guess he should be!

Do not distress yourself with dark imaginings

And tonight’s other picture inspiration comes from a friend I’ve used in this way more often, as well as been maid of honor at her wedding last year, and the anniversary is fast approaching. Though I’ve known her for a lot longer, I only actually met her for the first time a couple of days before the big event. But yes, she knows what a weird woman I am, and what amuses me, and the stuff, so she knows how to work in pictures that she knows are going to appeal to me. Yes, this is one of those.

brainwashing hood

Yes, before the pedants point it out, I know this is a hair dryer, and therefore would be blowing out air, not sucking thoughts from a brain, but that sentiment works so perfectly just now, doesnt it? Seems to be BS both sides of the pond at present, though my job requires me to be diplomatic about the sources, though I’m sure most can work out who I might mean!

But lets face it, that image, and a little reverse engineering, and it would make the perfect device for removing all the BS, and just about everything else from your mind. Yes, I only wish! Yes, I’d love one, regardless of brainwashing qualities, though if it came with that added extra, so much the better! Are these things still made, because if so, I really ought to buy one, even if my normal style of drying my hair, is a towel, air, and a comb, that might change my mind, quite literally, with luck!

Oh, and mad scientists out there, if you can create one that actually sucks thoughts from minds, please contact me urgently! Equally, if you have one that you never use, that you’d give to an ‘old weirdo’ at a sane price, or less, then equally, give me a shout, at, or on my social media pages, or whatever!

OK, some of these words are pretty applicable to events today, though they were written nearly 100 years ago. Not surprisingly for a song from the early 70’s, not by a major star, no live performance could be found 😦 But this sure works for that era…

Tropical loveland

You know all about all these companies that send you emails, in the vain hopes that you might spend some money with their business, or something? And yes, I mean the ones you actually subscribe to, not the ghastly spammers!

Its fair to say my main travel information website I use, is Expedia. No, I dont know if its the best or not, but it suits my needs, this old lady is comfortable using it, even if in truth, quite often nowadays, I end up booking things directly, and just use them as a guide for flight options, or to see what hotel options there are, and then give them no money for the privilege. Yes, guilty as charged.

So, its fair to say that most things they send me, relate to travel to Europe, or to North America, and not much else, because thats about the limit of my likely travel nowadays! So, imagine my amusement today, when they sent me an advert for special flight offers to Tahiti, with Tahiti Airlines! I personally think their computer had a ‘system failure’ as the flights they were advertising were special offers from Los Angeles, and San Francisco, which I have never had from them before. To those places, of course, but from those places, they must know something I dont, lol!

To my surprise, on delving a little deeper, I found that there are flights from Paris, to Papeete, Tahiti, with one stop for refuelling, and stuff in LA. Yes, the flight time was crazy (about 21-23 hours), and the price was way beyond my pocket, but anyway…

No, I’ve never really considered going to the Pacific Islands, or even Australia, as those flight times were way beyond my endurance, even before my back went wrong, and definitely out of the question now! Seems I can still do West Coast of US, and survive, but suspect thats about my limit, now! Well, if in my lifetime they have flights I can afford that fly at Mach Speeds, and the like, I might go that far, but seeing we havent had any of those for public service since Concorde, seems unlikely, and I couldnt have afforded the fares on that!

So, unless a friendly passing alien comes up with a space craft for me, doing those sort of speeds, either for use as passenger, or pilot, I dont think I’ll be taking up that offer to visit Tahiti, somehow. Ah well, the thought was there…

Any readers who know tonights video song, I’m impressed. Its 43 years old, was only ever an Abba B Side, but yes, I had the single! I think the A Side was Money, Money, Money, but dont quote me on that. But given what Tahiti is…?

Mad about the stats?

Well, some of us are getting ready for the play offs this week. No, I know, baseball play offs are about 6 weeks away, which are main concern for me, but this week, and indeed for about 140 others, the golf play offs start after tonight! Oh, that, well, its 125 players, and 15 rivals in the competition, if you must know!

Yes, the PGA regular season actually finishes today, but our contest season ended last week, after the final major. Somehow, more by luck than judgement, I came 4th, of 51 entries! So yes, therefore I’m in the 16 player play off, though for how many rounds, I have no idea! And like those big soccer tournaments, the play offs are 2 leg affairs, home advantage being the first to pick their 5 players! So, this round, and if qualifying, at least for the next round, I get home advantage in second leg, as the higher seed!

Let me say though, that if anyone thinks this means I have a shrewd knowledge of all things golf, you’d be wrong! Stats, darlings, stats are all I use, and go by. No, I’m not saying what stats, in case one of my opponents tries to sabotage my plan, but expert studying, and stuff like that, no chance!

Even more so, is a soccer contest I do, now that the season has started again. Thats right, a sport I cant even stand, but currently I’m in the top thousand, out of over 100 thousand entries. How, just following the stats! So if you ever wanted evidence that you dont need to know much, to do well at fantasy sports games, look at me! Oh, and soon, guesswork on NFL too, absolutely!

So yes, all those who study intently, good luck to you, I’m eating ice cream by then, lol!

Video time. Bit like my knowledge of soccer, I know nothing about Caro Emerald either. But if she’s good enough for Jools Holland, she’s good enough for me!

Will they be waiting for me?

Well fine, I doubt very much that Clara Johnson, or Jean Harlow among others are waiting for me in heaven, though I must admit, it would be quite something to be greeted by them, when my time is up, I must admit. The others who would be at the top of my list, well, as a Haworth girl, I guess at least one of the Bronte sisters might be fun! Knowing me, if it is, it will be one of the 2 unknown ones, lol! Not that I would mind, but…

41 years ago, the day that Elvis died, is etched in my heart as one of those places I know where I was, when I heard the news. A hotel in Arrochar, on a coach holiday, in fact. Someone was crying, and spreading the news outside the hotel when I got up that morning. Today, Aretha Franklin left this world, but its fair to say I’m not going to be around in 41 years to remember being at home in Huddersfield when I heard the news, hopefully I will be with them all by then.

But anyway…thats not what I really wrote this blog title for.

You see, a large number of weeks ago, I booked an hour off the phones next Wednesday, for a Pride meeting I need to cover at work as a rep, at 11 in the morning. At the time, no great issue, I thought, cover that for however long it lasts (normally booked for an hour, but usually runs less), as there will be plenty of others to cover the desks at work.

So why do I feel guilty, guilty as a girl can be (and no, thats not the video), well because of course now, next Wednesday is Eid, and given our office is in Bradford, we are going to be pretty short handed that day, to put it mildly! So now I’ll feel guilty at deserting my colleagues if I do my call, or feel guilty for not doing my D&I work if I dont desert them! Strictly, yes, I declared the event, I booked the time, so I’m entitled to do it. But at the same time, should I just say I’m not now available for the call, and help out?

I know, choices, choices…?

Under any other circumstances, then yes, it probably would have been said Bananarama song, but on this day at least, it has to be Aretha!