A group of actresses

Though I must admit Harlow, Johnson and Brooks could very easily sound like a firm of solicitors!

In truth, there are very few places left in Hollywood that you could trace back to their days in town, but yesterday I managed to visit two of them, though one is no longer used for the purpose that they knew it for. Oh, and I passed a couple of others too, the Chinese theater, and Musso and Frank’s being the famous ones.

I always planned to visit the Hollywood Museum on this trip, seeing they’ve got a special Jean Harlow display this summer, and yes, its really good, if you get the chance, which I suspect a lot of my readers wont! Back then of course, this was the Max Factor building, the man behind the movie make up of many famous actresses, and judging by the pictures there, a few chorus line dancers too! Its a well known fact that Harlow would have gone there, and ‘supposedly’ thats where the platinum blonde look was created. That I’ll question, but anyway…? Kept going, quite possibly. Created, hmm?

In truth, I always assumed that Factor only did the make up for the stars, but yesterday I saw a few pictures of chorus line dancers, waiting their turn to be made up by him, and thoughts turned to Clara. Was she one of them, who knows? Did she at some point have her make up done by Factor, seemingly almost certainly. One thing is for sure, they wouldnt recognize the building today. Not just because of the change of nature of the building, it lost its front seemingly when Highland Avenue was widened.

There is one seriously wonderful helmet type thing, that was seemingly used to measure imperfections in faces, which I would love to have used on me, but it would find plenty of imperfections lol.

Oh, one fun moment, signing the visitors book in my name, especially given who the main display was about, though I doubt they even look!

The evening was spent in the company of the last of our trio, Louise Brooks, at the Egyptian Theater, which is 5 years short of its centenary! I wonder if you’d told Grauman that, back in 1922, whether he would have believed you that it would happen? Looks very different in places now, to then of course, but so much remains, though mainly restored, but all the same…

I found out shortly before coming here, that there were 2 of her films on last night there, neither of which I’d seen before, beyond glimpses of one. Beggars Of Life is probably one of the better known Paramount ones that survives, with ironically Louise playing a girl pretending to be a boy. Some of the shots were amazing, especially when you think there was no CGI back then!

The other was the second film she made in Germany, Diary Of A Lost Girl. I’d seen brief scenes from this, but that was it. Personally, for all the fuss made about Pandoras Box, I found this the far superior movie. The cast seems stronger, in deeper roles, and benefits from that. In modern eyes, its amazing how much censorship was used on this film originally in US (Yes, I saw a restored version), as some of it is daring, but not extreme. But its not hard to imagine that in 1929, things were seen very differently to that. Oh, and the ending is delightful.

So yes, yesterday was a look back to Old Hollywood for me, this afternoon I’m off to see some new, at a female playwright festival. Just watching, nothing more, unless…? No, I doubt it somehow! More on that in next blog, I suspect.

The video. Well, I couldnt think of anything more apt on a California Sunday Morning. Cant believe there will be many who know this already.

The Non All Star Game

For whatever reason, the concept of all star games have never caught on, over here in the UK. Possibly because building them into the relevant sports schedule isnt going to happen, mainly because of the vast demands of TV, and managers who would have hissy fits if their players got hurt in such games. The closest I can think of to it, is the intermittent cases of the odd Lancashire v Yorkshire rugby league games, but even they have pretty much died out since we entered the Super League era, because no one wants to play twice in a week, and Sky dont want a dead weekend with only 1 game being played.

But in the US, all 4 of the biggest sports have an all star game. The baseball one, pretty much everyone selected turns up, possibly because there isnt a great deal of physical contact in that game. Yes, they sometimes have a coming together off the bench, to discuss things, but generally, not much contact, even then, other than verbal. In a sense, its the most important one, as its the only one that decides where the final series will be played (who gets the extra home game), but even then, players dont seem to play it too hard, its for fun.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea if players turn up for the basketball one, or not, I really dont follow the sport all that much. But yes, this weekend, the other 2 sports have their big night, and its these which have caught my eye this week.

The NHL, it seems from what I’ve read, generally have pretty much all their non injured players turn up. But what caught my eye this week, was 2 players pulling out of the All Star series, through ‘injuries’. Now, they might genuinely have been injured in the last moments of their last club games, but seriously…? Even the clubs admitted it was more so their players were rested up for their club matches next week, but…surprise, surprise, the NHL fought back. Both players will miss their first club match after all star weekend, regardless of whether they were really injured or not. If they are, it doesnt matter. If they arent, then, quite rightly, the clubs are being punished.

But yes, the ‘are you serious?’ prize has to go to the NFL, and their Pro Bowl this Sunday. More than a third of the originally selected players, arent playing! Yes, a few are injured, and some are involved in the Super Bowl next weekend, but all the rest…?

For example, despite not going to the big match, no Patriot player is taking part in the game, despite 7 of them being selected. Numerous other players have conveniently got ‘injured’ since the end of the regular season too, quite something!

I’ll be honest, the people I feel most sorry for, are the fans who’ve bought tickets for the games, expecting to see the biggest names, and they wont! I do wonder if a few of these players, if they knew it would mean sitting out the first game of next season, would suddenly become available? Hmm?

To be fair, I see most of these sort of games as pretty meaningless, so maybe its time they were stopped? I’m sure they could find another way to decide who gets the extra home game in the Baseball world series, team that won the most games in regular season, maybe?

Anyway, rant over.

The video. What some might say when they hear that player X has pulled out of their respective all star game?