Miss Clara Elaine Johnson, I assume?

Those who have been around a while, will know of the past life regression I did a few years back, and discovered I was a 20’s/30’s movie actress, though far, far less famous than Miss Harlow. Yes, that very modest actress, and dancer Clara E Johnson. Yes, for once I’m including that middle initial, because it may well hold a lot of significance.

No, I didnt find out that middle initial, or a few other details at the time of regression, but thankfully a chance to look at the census details for LA in 1930, managed to give me more than a few clues. So after that, I knew she was born in 1905, in Oklahoma, and came to LA in 1925, via Texas. Whether any more of her family travelled with her, no idea.

There are a couple of things that I didnt discover, one was her married name, so I have never been able to trace her last resting place. Nor have I managed to find out what the E stood for. Except, that maybe now…?

One of the Facebook groups included a number of women, who were part of the Goldwyn Girls dance troupe back then, and someone mentioned a list of the full troupe, who served over the years it existed. No, I didnt find a Clara Johnson there, before you ask. But what I did find, was an Elaine Johnson! Yes, that E! And guess what, typing that name into Google, bought up 4 pictures of the said Elaine Johnson. Oh fine, here’s a couple,

Cute, isnt she?

Fine, now the disclaimer, I have no literal evidence that this is my Miss Johnson, as it is possible there was another Johnson, with an E in her name, as a dancer, at the right time in history, but…for me, its a good enough match, thats my girl!

Agreed, I still have that annoying challenge of finding out her married name, and trying to trace her last resting place, but at least I now know how she ‘made a decent living’ as she quoted me, and what she looked like. So yes, to say thats a special moment for me, is putting it very mildly! No, Clara Elaine Johnson, until I find your last resting place, that search isnt finally over, but thats a massive step en route for me!

Video time came down to 2 choices. An old time dance number that might have had her in it, or a song that sums up what Clara has meant to me, and yes, its the latter. I’m sure if anyone had said Marc Almond, and Gene Pitney would work as a duo in the late 80’s, they’d have looked at you strangely. But yes, it worked brilliantly


A new fun look?

Let me start by thanking Madi for actually looking at my Facebook likes, because without her, well, this post would have been a ‘one and out’ job, and instead, its given me something to blog about tonight!

There are a few people I ‘know’ on Facebook, who have some, err, interesting tastes, shall we say? Well, to some people they rank as interesting, because to me, they work as a fun fantasy image that I’m never likely to wear in my life, even more so now I’m approaching 60! But yes, the really nice ones, I tend to do more than just look at, I tend to ‘like’ a few as well. Yes, I suppose I should have realized that at times, things you like on Facebook would appear on other friends threads as well, marked as ‘so and so’ liked this thread, I guess I’ve seen a few in my times, without really putting 2 and 2 together on the subject.

Anyway, said friend in Argentina posted this picture to his thread, and I liked it. Well, it would be fun to wear if I was under 30, had a good figure, and…anyway, as you might have gathered, this must have appeared in Madi’s thread on Facebook.

So, next thing I know, she’s suggesting, wittily at least that it would make for a nice, new office uniform! Yes, I know, but seriously, if I had to actually wear it, accordingly, well, under the circumstances, I might not say no! Thankfully, or sadly, depending on your opinion, leather catsuits for all the ladies in just our office might blow the clothing budget of the whole civil service for a while lol!

And in answer to your next question, no, its not going to stop me liking some of Andre’s pictures in the future. Mainly because I suspect Madi would be disappointed if I did! Someone else would too, but I wont mention his name lol! But if there is an office, that a near 60 year old could work in, where thats the office uniform…? Lol!

Oh fine, trying to find many songs which feature a leather look, that I havent used in the past, hmm? So, given its a Domme look, I thought of this one instead!

Talking loud and clear?

I’ll be quite honest, I owe the inspiration for this blog to a memory that was suggested on my Facebook timeline, combined with something that will be happening at work next month, and not my holiday!

As is the way with so many things in life, you just get used to the system you use at work, then someone decides it needs to be changed, and you have to start all over again. In truth, what I can see of it, its not that different to the one we’re currently using, but even so, any kind of change, at my age…fine, I’ll survive! 😛

The snag will be, that we actually did the training for the new system early in March, and we dont start using it until early in May! Yes, I’m not as young as I used to be, and I’m blonde! So actually remembering that, when the time comes around to change over to the new system, hmm? I know we will have assistance on the day, and some paperwork we can refer to, but fine, me, and getting used to change? Lets face it, I cant stand the modern smart phones, so…I know, old dinosaur, and all that, lol!

Snag for me, is I’ll just start getting used to it, then not be there for 2 weeks, and forget it all! Yes, I will be using it for a whole week, then disappearing for just over 2 weeks, given bank holidays, day off, and the like when I get back. Yes, I planned for that, just wasnt planning on having to use a new phone system around that period!

Oh right, you’re probably wondering what made me think of my training for the new system, arent you? I suppose you expect me to let you see it, right? Oh fine, might see this being used as a way to remember how to use the new system as a bit dramatic, but fine, I’d love it far too much.

No, I have no idea why I used that picture on Facebook 2 years ago, but the less said on that, probably the better!

The video, some live OMD, which in truth is a better version than the original video. One of their few songs that really works better with an orchestra, in truth.

Going down to San Diego

Yes, one day next month, I plan to take the opposite route to the Chargers, and go down to San Diego, from LA. I will be doing it by train, unlike most people related to the Chargers, who I’m sure would do the journey by plane.

I must admit, in terms of travelling distances like this, I prefer to do it by train, than plane, because you get to see some scenery. Oh, and fine, people watching is always fun too. Having never been south of LA, going down the California coast by train, should make for an interesting journey. Fine, the coming back, after dark may not be as much fun, but will make for a good experience, I’m sure, regardless. In terms of a couple of my US journeys by train, this will be a short hop! That is because previously I’ve travelled from Seattle to Philadelphia and back, about 14 years ago, with 2 changes going (Chicago/Pittsburgh), and 1 (Chicago) coming back. So yes, about 3 hours, as opposed to nearly 3 days…piece of cake!

No, I’m not going down to San Diego to convince the Chargers to stay, or audition for the Padres baseball team, but to meet someone for the first time! Yes, one of those Facebook friends moments! I’ll be fine, she likes Powell, Loy and Harlow lol! I dont know, is it an actress thing, that meeting people you only vaguely know for the first time doesnt really bother me? Given what I know about her, in all honesty, I’m certain it will be a very entertaining 6 hours or so, for sure!

Oh, and she’s a witch, so whether I will be travelling on that train home, or Jean Harlow will, I have no idea. I’m not sure if magic spells are really that good, in truth. I suspect it might be easier to change me into my past life self actress, Clara Johnson, now that would be fun. Not sure how she would react to modern lifestyles, mind!

But yes, 2 more delights to look forward to, next month, in California.

Right, video moment! One of those You Tube search issues, I put the name of the city in, and it found this. I do remember the group, though this song is only from last year, sounds fine to me.

Going to the chapel, but not me being married!

Actually, in truth, I have no idea if it will be chapel, church, or registry office (or whatever the US equivalent is?), but it looks like I’m going to a wedding this year. And yes, as you might have guessed from one comment, it will be in the US, definitely a first. No, not me, not yet at least, and unless anyone is crazy, probably not me, ever! But who knows, there might be someone that fancies a challenge, or wants to turn me into a Stepford type wife (which I’d enjoy far too much!), but logic says not!

To be fair, even when I saw the announcement on Facebook, and congratulated her accordingly, I wasnt expecting to be invited to the wedding. Lets face it, I’m a few thousand miles from New York State, and we’ve never actually met yet, though its fair to say like I feel I have known Stacie for years. In a sense, I have, but in real life, not yet!

So when it gets mentioned in messages that she wanted to know when I would be in her corner of the US later this year, and that she wants me to be at the wedding, well, I was honored, flattered, but fine, amazed. Admittedly, as it stands, given I’m flying in 1 Saturday, flying out the next one, its not going to work like that. A midweek wedding might suit me, but not going to suit anyone else, lets face it. So I might have to beg a holiday extension at work, but I can live with that!

Finding a suitable dress, hmm? I have a few that would more than do, but a new one, doubtful, but we will see. Where’s that Harlow type gown when I need it lol? Couldnt afford it, even if I found one! But if anyone is offering …? No, I might need a slightly larger size than Jean would have done!

I’ll be honest, if she cant make those dates I’m in the area, for whatever reason, and that does seem a rushed arrangement to me, I’ll be doing everything possible to get there, whenever it happens. Who knows, I might catch the bouquet, when she throws it, and then…No, I dont think any man, or woman is that crazy regardless!

So Stacie, thank you, invite accepted, whenever it actually happens!

The video, big clue in the blog title! I assumed that 25 years after the hit, this might not be a good idea, going for a live version, but no concerns on that front!

All In A Name?

The irony is, the main people I would like to see this, cant! In truth, Facebook might have done me a favor with their dastardly deed, though dont quote me on that. Well, I’d been thinking of separating from it, but instead, they walked out on me. Well, on one of my accounts at least.

I have, for sometime, had 2 accounts on Facebook, one for friends, and work contacts and the like, and another for the publishing side of things, the dormant acting stuff, and generally anything LA, or movie related. Yes, there is stuff on the latter that its probably better some friends didnt know, but anyway, no more!

Sometime last year, someone objected to the latter account, because of my name, and because I used a picture of the original Harlean Carpenter, instead of me, as the profile pic. Fine, the cover pictures were me, but anyway… At the time, I sent Passport evidence to Facebook to prove it was my name, and that was it, account reinstated, and a promise that the issue wouldnt arise again.

So yes, when I arrived home Wednesday night, to find out the account had been disabled again, despite all this, I was not amused. So fine, I went through the same ID protocol as before, only this time I’ve come across a ‘Mr Jobsworth’ who because my passport picture doesnt match the avatar one, he wont reinstate the account. So thats it, short of major cosmetic surgery, what can I do? The fact that I used Jean’s birth date as well might play a part, which is 13 days different to mine (Yes, I used the correct year), but in all truth, my name really is Harlean Carpenter, as proved by ID, but they wont let me in. The irony, as a friend from there pointed out, is that there are about 20 other Harlean Carpenter profiles over there, and numerous Jean Harlow ones too, and they arent even using their legal name!

Fine, I will admit it, I was getting tired of Facebook, and therefore cutting it right back, or totally over isnt going to be that hard. I was tempted at one point to shut the other account completely, but now I’ve toned that down to leaving it open for contact purposes, via their message system, and to publicize my blogs.

I know, its not Facebook as such, they are just acting on the whims of some pedantic vintage movie folk, who dont like someone posting under the name, even if its my real one. Lets face it, there is no chance its the real Jean Harlow posting, lets face it! Oh, agreed, if I ever find out who did it, I’d look for my chance of vengeance, but for now, I’ll settle for not wasting too much time on Facebook any more. So if anyone wants me, on my Facebook account, message me. If anyone wants me to see something specific there, message, or tag me! Because otherwise, I probably wont see it!

OK, video time. A song for whoever, because seemingly now, Facebook wont let you have an account in your own name. I only hope ‘Mr Jobsworth’ is happy in his life!…rolls eyes…

Early In The Morning

So fine, lets do a bit of reminiscing about this weekend last year, and events surrounding it.

The main thing was, it was my last weekend of my Hollywood stay, and it was also the weekend that Europe moved the clocks back, at the end of summertime. This year, because of the way dates split, next weekend is the last in October, so that will be when I get my extra hour of sleep, which I missed out on last year. Why? Because I was still in the US, obviously, and they change the clocks back later than we do! So, all in all, I missed out on it! I know, technically the time I landed in Manchester, on return was an hour earlier than normal, but due to ‘fun’ meeting up with the taxi, I missed out all ways around!

Oh, the other funny thing about this weekend last year? Well, on the Friday night, I never went to bed! No, only on a technical, but it was about 2.00 on Saturday morning before I got to bed that night. And yes, funnily enough, the next morning was the latest I got up all holiday, about 8.30! Me, I am normally in bed soon after 11, and definitely before midnight, but, for one night only…

I had a good reason. That was the night I met 2 lovely people for the first time, and went to the incredible place that is the Magic Castle. Yes, unless you know a magician, who is a member, its tricky to get in! Fortunately for me, one of those lovely ladies, who I only knew through Facebook at that time, got me in. Yes, I had to put on a dress to go there, but I love doing that anyway. In truth, I spent much of the break in summer dresses anyway. Yes, I know it was October, but this was LA, and it was 80, or above, pretty much all of my stay!

We didnt even meet up until about 9.15 (we had planned on 9, but all had traffic issues!), so it was never going to be an early night, lets face it. I had a wonderful evening with her, and her friend (no, no names without their permission, and I havent had time to ask!), seeing numerous talented magicians, having a great time, with lovely company. Eventually we decided to call it a night, and I checked my watch, it was about 1.30 in the morning! By the time they had taken me back to near my place (I got dropped off on the corner, of Beachwood, at my request, as roads are narrow after that), and I’d got in, it was nearly 2.00 in the morning! So I put on my nightwear, crawled (quite literally) into bed, and went to sleep. And yes, I was late up the next morning lol!

And unlike so many of these things, all things permitting, we will meet again! Yes, next May, when I go back to Hollywood, I need to pack a nice dress! And yes, looking forward to meeting them again!

Lastly, the other element of early mornings is actually about next week. Yes, its the last week of training hours, so its the last week when I will have to keep getting up about 6.15 in the morning! After that, my weekday hours will mean a noon start, so I can get up, err, a little later! Well, about 7.30/7.45, at least!

OK, video time, a real vintage number! Thing is, it might seem vintage to you, but its a song of my childhood, so…