That mannequin moment!

The last 2 years, but especially last year, one challenge seemed to be hyped to ridiculous levels, the Ice Bucket challenge! No, I didnt get involved, I am far too old and decrepit to do stupid things like that, even disregarding the health issues for someone like me! Knowing me, I’d manage to hit my knee, with the bucket, and then…rolls eyes! Besides which, for all the talk about it (and the good causes it served, admittedly), there was pretty much only one way of doing it, that of tipping the bucket over yourself, and, brr, getting cold!

So fine, the one doing the rounds this year appeals to me far more. You have probably seen it on TV, or You Tube somewhere, the Mannequin challenge, for want of a better term. I saw a great example of it last week on the NFL feed from the US, of one of the studio teams, just before half time, very good. Now, if someone wants to give me the chance to do that one, oh yes please!

Of course, these people get the choice to do this thing, but imagine if you could actually be turned into a mannequin, temporarily, or otherwise, what would you make of that? Even more so, if strictly, its not your choice to do so? Yes, there’s been a couple of rather good stories, by the same authors relating to that subject, and the err, victims, definitely didnt choose to do it!

And yes, Daniel could do that to me anytime he wished! 😀

Sadly, the Mannequin challenge, unlike the Ice Bucket one, really does need a studio, or a theater, or something similar for it to really work, and definitely needs someone to film it, so probably wont get the chance, but would be great if I did. Temporarily might be easier, but if someone wants to make me a more permanent mannequin, then well…? 😉

The video. Well, its not a mannequin, but a puppet, as close as I could easily get. Yes, black and white from 1967, I’m old like that! Please note someone is a few seconds late switching her microphone on!

2014 – Quite a year!

So yes, as we reach the last few hours of 2014 here in the UK, lets do a brief look back. I’m sure I’ll manage a look forward tomorrow somehow!

Most years of late, I’ve made 2 trips to the US (well, there was 1 to Canada, but), and had a few days in Ireland, taking in some cricket. This year I actually ended up having 3 weeks of holiday, 1 in a Jersey, a lot closer than the US. Yes, not New Jersey (though I went there a few years ago), but the one in the Channel Islands.

Long story. Had originally planned to be in Kansas, and Kansas City in May, but Kate’s work got in the way. Thing is, the rail trip to the airport was booked, so was the hotel there, so I ended up booking a short hop to Jersey, returning after just over 30 years. Glad I did it, saw what it was like now, but pretty sure I wont go back again, certainly not in 30 years time!

Then, in September, I finally got to meet up again with my wonderful friend Kate, in Kansas City, home town of Jean Harlow. Sadly, as is the way with big cities, finding any Harlow landmarks, 100 years on, pretty hard. Thankfully, when you go to smaller places like Cherryvale, finding Louise Brooks landmarks is far easier. Especially when there is a wonderful person called Tina there, to give us a guided tour to the town. I learnt so much more than we would have done on a casual visit, I owe her so much, she was wonderful.

The one place in KC that I knew Jean went to, that I could go to, the railway station. Walking around there, much quieter now than it would have been in the 20’s, and 30’s, really was quite something. I may not have literally stood in her footprints, but it felt that way.

The last big trip, in more senses than one, was later than usual, the end of November. Yes, Thanksgiving week, something I had never experienced before. Thanks to my dear friend, and editor, James, I have now. It was really special. I even got to see that public transport doesnt have to grind to a halt when the snow falls. About 9 inches, and the bus service never even blinked! Over here…more than a few grains…rolls eyes!

But there was one other thing from that trip, that will forever stay with me. In one sense, quite literally! A side trip to New Hampshire (via Worcester, MA) to be regressed to a past life, and just discover whether I really was Jean Harlow. No, I wasnt, but I was an actress in Hollywood in the 20’s and 30’s, if only in small parts. Clara Johnson, take a bow, I’m proud of having been you, or however you like to put it.

Of course, what happened after I recovered from that stunning news, a Hypno Jean-bot was created. I know the voice changed, apparently my whole demeanour changes, it really is incredible to experience, I must say.

Oh, and after 5 years, the old girl went for a job interview, if only an internal one. But getting dressed up, going out, and ‘kicking butt’, yes, it was fun. No, I didnt get the job, but did get high praise for my interview, ah well…

So fine, the last video of 2014. This artist was a star in the 60’s, is now in her 70’s, but still has it, in style. And yes, like Jean-bot, safely nestled in my sub concious would say, she always there to remind me, of an amazing 2014