And words are all I have

Some of you who are up with these modern, trendy things (Yes, I’m doing my best 30’s girl impression here!) may have heard of something called Patreon. Less than world famous writers, and musicians use it as a method to support their career, by having patrons donate money on a regular basis, so they dont have to worry about earning it in other ways. Hey, one of my favourite groups, Post Modern Jukebox (now quite famous) started off down this route.

No, dont worry, I’m not going to request money to support my story writing, despite what some tell me, I’m really not in that league, and I know it! And believe me, my singing is as good as Jean Harlow’s, and thats not a good thing! And lastly, unlike CJ, I have no plans to break into the movies either at present.

But one thing I do lots of, as some will know, is story reviewing. Now me, I cant see why anyone would be prepared to pay me to produce story reviews, but it seems, there might be some. And yes, a few extra pennies would be handy, I must admit. My primary area would remain the EMCSA, but I have realised that ebook writers, looking for reviews to post on Amazon, and the like, might be prepared to pay small amounts to get a guaranteed story review?

To show how little I know about the concept, I was asked tonight how much a review would cost, for a book on Amazon, and I hadnt got a clue! Has anyone got any idea on this? I guess it depends on how many words you have to read (fee, per 1,000 words?), but I wouldnt have a clue as to how much.

Yes, I’m not sure how much this could possibly raise, anyway, but I guess that unless I add a lot of extra words to my reading week, anything is a bonus? Though in truth, unless I can raise a reasonable amount (though I have no idea just how much?), I’m not sure how much of a benefit it really would be? I suppose book publishing companies need readers, to decide how good stories are, but breaking into that field, at my age, and with only having online experience?

Anyone able to offer advice, either through here, or to my email, at would be appreciated.

Right, the video, a double delight, of the same song. Firstly, the famous group version,

Secondly, an ‘old friend’, Gary Simmons, and his Bee Gees tribute group, Jive Talkin’. I do wish he would make more solo videos, or even better, with Kirsty Marr, but anyway…

Every so often, I do something different

Generally when I write, the last thing I write is female domination over men. Just a habit thats grown over the years, it not an area of great interest to me, more the other way around that appeals to me. Or all girl stuff, but anyway…

But from time to time, I get in the mood to do something different, so yes, you’ve worked out what I was writing today, in very short story form. Yes, a woman enslaving a man, a wicked hypno-domme, as if I would do anything like that. OK, it might be fun, but not the best bet in history!

Right, the basis of this. Strictly its fiction, as you cant make anyone do anything against their will under hypnosis. But technically, if you break down the walls slowly, well, you might just! 😉 No, I doubt it would, but in theory…this “might” happen

Stealth Hypnosis

“Yes, thats right, I cant make you do anything under hypnosis that you dont want to.”

“So why am I calling you Mistress, Mistress? I came here to be made to stop smoking, not to serve as your slave. I had no interest in being your slave.”

“But if you had no desire to serve me, in every way, then this wouldnt have happened, or…”

“…Or what?”

“Well, you see, before I put you in trance, you said you needed something, or someone, strong, and powerful, to make you stop smoking? Which was why you wanted me to hypnotise you, yes?”

“Yes, I did, Mistress. But…”

“So I instructed your sub concious to see me as a strong, powerful woman, correct?”

“Correct, Mistress.”

“And then I suggested to your mind, that if you saw me as the strong, powerful woman who would stop you smoking, that it should be grateful to me.”


“So then I suggested that the best way to show its gratitude, was by handing over all control of your mind to me.”


“Remarkably, or, err, otherwise, it agreed to this. So from there, your mind was open to the suggestion of becoming my totally obedient slave. From there, taking control of you was simple.”

“So you tricked me?”

“Yes dear, piece of cake, in your case, seemingly.”


“Yes, it was almost like you wanted me to do just that, but…that couldnt be true, could it?”

“Well, Mistress, it might…”

“Ah, I see. So when I instructed you to eagerly eat my pussy, was it my hypnotic power, or your submissive desires?”

“Both, Mistress.”

“Fine, anyway, whatever. Now get your hypnotically erect cock into that warm hole, and fuck me hard, I need to relieve a few tensions after that.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, ooh! Mind, in all truth, you would have enjoyed that anyway, wouldnt you?”

“Very much so, Mistress!”

No, dont get any ideas of Mistress Stevie Lou/Harlean taking control of your mind, and enslaving you, not going to happen. But could it be done, if I was so minded, and stealthy enough… 😉

So when you think I only write sweet little 20’s and 30’s stuff, just remember I can be a wicked little minx, if I wanted to be!

The video, what my entranced slave might just say

Its been a long player

That in joke might sail past any younger readers, but in the good old days, when you bought an album, or LP (long player, as they were known when I was young) they played at 33 1/3 rpm. And yes, 33 days from now, I wont be here in England, at least for a week, guaranteed! Well, I suspect I will come back at that point, as I have a return air ticket, but I wouldnt mind…lol!

Its a funny thing, by the time I was 9 or 10, I had a very decent collection of singles to my name, but not a single LP. Principally because at that time I wasnt actually buying my music, just choosing the singles I wanted, and that was the cheaper option. Therefore I was about 14 before I bought my first album, and must have had well over 100 singles by then. No, 40 years on, I’m not sure which was the first. If you twisted my arm, it would either be Osmonds, or Partridge Family/David Cassidy related I suspect? But as I say, dont quote me on that! I soon moved on to the likes of Gerry Rafferty, and Glam rock stuff, thats for sure lol! Though “The Plan” by the Osmonds certainly wasnt teeny bopper stuff, that much I do remember. “Crazy Horses” was probably one of the first ‘ecological’ releases, and on that album.

No, its a great song, but if you want to find it, you’ll need your own You Tube link lol! See if you can find “Are You Up There?” from the same album, if thoughtful religious perspective is your scene.

But no, after that piece of whimsical musing, this is really about what happens 33 days from now, a break from the insanity of work, for a wonderful week, with great friends across in the US, cant wait.

And musically tonight, two for the price of one, albeit the same song.

Firstly, the original, and well known version of this song, and tribute to a great singer recently taken from us

Ironically, they hadnt planned to record it, the plan was for another wonderful group from my young years to do so, The Seekers. They finally did in 2002, after Maurice Gibb’s death as a tribute, and here that is too.

The clue, think of a certain New England State, lol 😉