When clothes were dull!

And yes, there is any amount of tongue in cheek in that title, because the time I’m going to talk about tonight, well clothes were a little outrageous to say the least, especially amongst the Glam Rock cult.

Sadly (or otherwise) I was a little too young to be allowed to get into the whole Glam Rock chic, being as I was still only in my teens for those short few glorious years. Others may not have been as demure as myself, despite all that, but hey, I had a mother to cope with who wasnt keen on me going wild in that sense. Ah well lol…

Didnt stop me loving all the Glam Rock music though, absolutely adored it. The funny thing was, my mother didnt mind my incessant playing of Flower Power music, the Kinks and all that back in the 60’s, but she probably thought I was too young to understand, and she was right. The connotation of Lola, by the Kinks sailed straight over my head!

But I was in my teens by the time glam rock came along, and maybe she thought that was a dangerous age, but anyway…If only she’d known what seeing the video for Radio Ga Ga would do for me, lol!

By this time, colour TV had been around for about 5 years in the UK, though I’d never seen it other than in a TV showroom. But what happened then, was that this group (not sure what song) were becomning popular in the charts, and I went to school with a girl who was related to one of the group. The one wearing the Indian headpiece in the video, for those who want to know. And I got an invite to go and watch Top Of The Pops in colour, at her house, a TV bought for them by said guitarist in fact. Could I go on my own, could I hell, I got chaperoned by my mother! Aargh! In fact fate was to show that Glam Rock would bring me freedom by singing locally in a tribute band for a short period of time. No, not Sweet, a group called Middle Of The Road was the main part of our act, though we did a few other songs as well, mainly New Seekers. Would have loved to have done Abba, but we didnt really last long enough for that, lol! Be a devil, type Middle Of The Road into You Tube sometime, and imagine me doing the Sally Carr bit, only nowhere near as well!

Oh, back to the TV thing, all I know is that shortly after seeing colour TV for the first time, we soon had one in our house, though I dont think ours was bought by a member of a pop group!

Gentle warning, these outfits, especially Steve Priest’s (said guitarist, thanks to Wiki for name reminder) are not designed for those of a nervous disposition!


It was about a year ago today…

That emails, and private messages started to flow between a group of people on, and around the Garden, and we all began to fear the worst. Yes, it was about 2 weeks since any of us had heard anything from Sara C, and a combination of concern, fear, and a sense of dread set in as we all feared the worst. Her last email had been fairly upbeat, discussing the new job she had been applying for, and other positive matters, which was why we were so surpised when we subsequently heard nothing from her.

Of course, the fact that she’d been hiding just how bad her illness was from us was the only reason we were so surprised. When a few weeks later, we heard the truth, and reality from her father by email, I dont think any of us were truly surprised by the news. She had by then been dead for a couple of weeks, leaving us behind on the 11th, or 12th March.

But I’m posting tonight, because this is the anniversary of when what could only be termed, the ‘great concern’ started, some of us fearing the worst had already happened, but at least we were wrong on that front.

In a sense, this is a test to find out which Garden, and/or Forum people read my blog, and give them a few days advantage if they do.

I have the monthly writing contest on the Forum, which I will be running concurrently on the Garden as well of course. My own contest, trade secret until Thursday, or late Wednesday at least, I might have to ask permission to cheat on that front, as Thursday is the only day I’m working this week, so time will be at a premium.

But there will be a second event, the Sara C memorial exhibition, for which the rules are very simple. Write a story that Sara would enjoy reading, and hopefully say that she wished she’d written it herself, simple as that! If anyone from outside those groups want to know what that means, then ask. Email me at robotunit8@hotmail.com and I’ll let you know. There are also certain characters she made famous, that I would love to see given one more curtain call as well, most noticeably Carmine Belch, but I fully understand if most see her characters as a road they dont want to go down.

I tried to pick something apt for the video, and think the title at least fits in with that. I have no idea what Sara’s musical tastes were, so I wouldnt know if she would love, or hate it! Hopefully she would enjoy…


Lets talk mind control

The interesting thing about the mind control used in stories on the Archive, is the wide variety of methods used.

We have everything from the highly possible (or practical?) like hypnosis, which exists, but not necessarily in the ways its used in stories. At the other end of the scale you have the far-fetched, like robotisation chambers (yes, I know, guilty as charged), and nanite injections to change people dramatically. Or alright, as I have done more than once, a combination of both. There are others equally ‘ridiculous’, the meteors from space and the like, but hey, lets joke about my own stuff lol!

Hypnosis works,  I know, at least in a therapeutic sense. I’m told it only works in a way that you want something to happen, but as I’m not an expert, I bow to others about this. Certainly some of the stuff in stories is so against peoples personal judgement, but if, unlike the stories, it was done at a steady pace, could something like that be done? No idea, but maybe?

Subliminals, no, I cant see how something like that could really work, but someone might tell me otherwise. I suppose in the sense it bears some relation to visual hypnosis, it might work, but I’d be doubtful about that.

Pendants and necklaces with the power to control minds, would make jewellery buying a whole different matter, wouldnt it. Sadly fiction, but if it was true, I’d be trying to buy up any with a connection to Louise Brooks lol!

Brainwashing, and/or Mind control helmets, oh I wish, but sorry, I cant see it at present. I suspect electro stimulation of the brain is possible, there are enough places suggesting it is, as a cure for depression, if nothing else.  How well it works, no idea, never tried it. And lets face it, electro shock therapy has wildly varying results, to put it mildly. It has caused memory loss in the past, but not in a controlled sense, only a random one. Not enough to truly call it brainwashing I suspect.

No, sadly there are no mad scientists with chambers that can turn humans into obedient robots. Lets face it, the amount of electricity that would be needed to do something like that would probably kill the person first! Similar methods for turning women into large breasted, small intelligence bimbos, just as much of a no-no at present. But they are fun to read about.

And lets not even go down the road of intelligent lumps of rock landing on Earth from outer space, lol!

But yes, as works of fiction, they are fun to read.

Lastly, one friend is taking an enforced break from the Forums for a while, for a reason I know, but cant mention. Let me just say I hope it all goes well for him, and leave it at that. One other, I wish she’d listen to advice, and get some help if she really needs it, which I suspect she does.

Its A Dogs Life!

No, this isnt about Fenway, Kate, lol!

Well its the life of a number of dogs in the far north of North America at least! What you ask, long distance sled racing of course!

I have no idea how I first got attracted to the Iditarod race across Alaska, so please dont ask. All I know is, its been a few (at least 4 or 5) years now, and I’m absolutely hooked on following it. I suppose the fact that I’ve always had a hankering for Alaska plays a part, but the thought of running a team of dogs, for over 1000 miles, in those temperatures, in that terrain, truly amazing. I suspect the fact it ends up in Nome plays a part for me, lol! But alright, the ghost town of Iditarod intrigues me just as much, even if they only go there every other year.

In recent years, there is one name that stands out in mentioning this race, Lance Mackey. You either have heard of him or not, but try checking him out on Wikipedia, to find out just how amazing. The thing is, unlike so many sportsmen, he seems a really nice guy. Competitive, yes, will to win, you bet, but when it comes to saying the right words, at the right time, he’s a consummate professional. There are many others as well, probably just as nice, but Lance is the one that seems to be focussed on, for obvious reasons.

Oh, and you think a thousand mile plus race, the field would be spread out at the finish? Well to some degree it is, but one year, not so long ago, the Iditarod was won by 8 seconds. 10 days out on the tracks, and the winning distance, 8 seconds. The Yukon Quest winning distance this year, nearly as long a race, 26 seconds!

Two weeks from now, this years race from Willow (Anchorage nowadays is only a token start point, due to housing build up in the area) will restart, and over 60 teams will head for Nome. Not all will make it, but the majority will. And before anyone says its cruel to the dogs, not one has died, or been badly injured in the last 2 years! Hopefully we get the hat trick this year.

But yes, I will only be following this over the internet, funnily enough.

No music tonight, just film of the end of this years Yukon Quest. If the Iditarod is also this close, now wouldnt that be something!


Somebody to love?

No, I’m not, despite a ‘certain person’ making a pass at Heather in my latest story, but thats pure fiction I hasten to add, for several reasons, but yes, it was great fun to write that all  the same. But it seemed to make for a rather suitable blog at present, given the date tomorrow at least! Personally I think I’d make a lousy person to love nowadays, far too independent for all that, and definitely not interested in sex, and most seem to think they do go together.  I suppose there might be someone out there with as total a lack of interest in sex as me, but then, they probably would have more sense than to fancy me anyway!

Yes, check the calendar if you were wondering why I’m posting this lol! Valentines card, what is one of those? Yes, it really has been that long, dont think I’ve had one so far this century, and not really expecting that to change. I suppose I should have, and probably have got beyond the point of really worrying about it, other than the fact that most of the shops, and a good proportion of emails I’m getting at present do relate to said day. I  suppose the only consolation is, if you arent expecting anything, you shouldnt be that disappointed when nothing arrives, should you?

Thats not to say that I’m immune to offers of chocolate, dinner, pampering, or anything like that, its just that I dont really want any commitment to a relationship  any more, just occasional company, maybe. I know, James tells me there might still be someone out there for me, but I think they might be running out of time before this ‘old biddy’ seizes up completely!

To all those in love, married or living together as a couple, have a lovely day tomorrow. But do me a favour, please at least think of us singletons for whom tomorrow is just another day. And if someone wants to surprise me in my email box in the morning, then thanks, I’ll try to remember what a Valentines card looks like!

The music, please say you’ve worked it out from the title. And yes, I am a bit of a Queen fan, so…


I am a lineman for the county

No,  I havent started playing American Football lol, but those, other than maybe any really young readers will probably get the significance of the line anyway.

When I first heard that song (Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell, for the very young), I had no idea where Wichita was, it was just a placename in a song for me. Now I’m seriously thinking of going there next year. Why, anyone that knows me a bit, and knows the whole Louise Brooks history thing will know the answer, but for those who dont…

Yes, she was born in Cherryvale, but that place is about as easy for me to reach as the North Pole.  Yes, if you can drive, not so hard, but if you dont, nigh impossible to reach without a very long walk! But her family moved to Wichita in 1920, and she stayed there until 1922. She returned in 1940, until sometime in 1943 as well. There probably is no remaining trace of her time there, but hey, it will be fun walking in her footsteps, if not literally so. If I can find a friendly chauffeur to take me across the state, then great, but that will only be a ‘what will be, will be’ moment if it does. Yes, I know, someone has made an offer at this point, but we are talking 21 months time, and a lot can happen in that length of time.

Well, now at least I know where Wichita is, if not a lot more than that about the city. Slightly more than that, thanks to the tourist website, but you get my drift. And not a single mention there of the legendary lady unfortunately. Judging by what Kate tells me, I’m not going to freeze to death at that time! Its only a shame she didnt get into my head earlier, I might have used a different surname when I did the name change if I had. A second Louise Brooks, albeit of the Stephanie kind, as opposed to the Mary type, in Wichita, now wouldnt that have been something?

No, I wont tease about the song, I’ve already mentioned it, so whats the point? Just enjoy


Reading & Reviewing

I know when I first started reading stories at the EMCSA, it would be in 2000, soon after I got a computer, and typed robot stories into Google, lol!

What I dont remember is when I first started churning my way through the bulk of each update, or indeed when I first started actually reviewing nearly everything, as I have been doing for quite a long time now. I suspect the answer to when I started bulk reading would be around 2004/5, after I regained having my own computer once again. But for some time after that I just sent the odd email for any story I really liked, and left it at that. So no, when I changed style, I havent a clue.

I used to review everything apart from mm stories, even though the green fd stuff really wasnt my scene, even if ironically thats just what I’m working on at present. Recently due to work commitments and the like, I’ve cut the green stories pretty much out, though there are a few writers on that front I will still read. Same with the mm stuff, I do read a very occasional one, but you could count them on the fingers of one hand lol!

Its funny, nowadays I almost wonder if I’m more famed for my reviews than my stories, which would be kind of ironic given they dont tend to be in depth on the whole, but mainly because I dont like to give too much away, and get people to read them. There are some (think the long running ones like ‘The Jilliad’) where there is no point hiding spoilers, but on the whole…I do my best not to give too much away.

I suppose the one thing I find really ironic is that there are a few people who seemingly expect a review from me when they post a story, but are not so quick to post anything when I write a story! C’est la vie, I guess? For the foreseeable future, I think its fair to say that the reviews will continue, more likely than story writing, its easier to grab time to do that. There will be the odd story, but far less than the number of reviews I churn out. There may come a time when they need to be cut back as well, but not for now.

The video, rather apt for the number of reviews I’ve turned out, maybe?



Well if you’d told me before the season started that the Superbowl would involve the Patriots, I wouldnt have been surprised in the slightest. Mind, after 3 weeks, especially week 3, well I was dreaming of something else. Yes, unfortunately my moment of celebration when the Bills beat the Patriots was where things started to go off the rails for this Bills fan. And yes Kate, I’m putting week 17 down to one of those things you just forget about, though alright, I wasnt when we were 21-0 up, but the rest is best forgotten lol. Next season, with luck, and favourable scheduling, hopefully I’ll be at Foxboro for that game, though I might have to tone down my rooting for the Bills while there lol! Though I suspect that fan segregation isnt quite as critical at the NFL, as at the soccer over here! But even so, I suspect Kate might bop me, if I cheer too loudly for them lol!

Dont think I’d have picked the Giants though, was expecting it to be the Packers, or Saints in all honesty, but anyway…

Funnily enough, 3 weeks later, we played the Giants in New York, and lost by 3 points. No, I cant remember the details of how it ended, but seemingly we ran them close. So on that logical basis, the final should be close. Of course things never work out that way, a bit like the last time these 2 met in the Superbowl, the unbeaten Patriots were red hot favourites…and lost! Mind, as with all things NFL, despite only being 4 years ago, there arent many left from that occasion. Retirements, free agency and other matters have whittled down those who were there on that day, being in Indianapolis on Sunday.

But the fans remain, and yes Kate, I am including you! Funny thing is, there’s an equally big Boston & New York rivalry in  baseball as well.  😉

Me, I’ll be rooting for the Patriots, despite them being divisional rivals. I guess the AFC thing is the payback for that, also I want to stay on the right side of Kate! I know, James will now tell me he’s a Giants fan lol! Well, he might if he still commented here, so… 😛

And much though it hurts me as a Bills fan to  post this, its the best I could find,


Mind, Kate could be planning to transform me into a Patriots fan in September anyway, by one means or another lol!