Torn between job options

And no, sadly, I’m still waiting on that Hollywood one to play Jean, or her mother lol. Somehow, I’m certain that isnt going to happen!

So fine, I have got one option open at work, which I fancy, have applied for, and sat the test. Yes, it would be an interesting challenge, it would get me out of dealing directly with the shops, but I suspect there will be someone with better football (soccer) knowledge who beats me to it, even if I can knock them for 6 on Maths skills! Ah well…

There is one other, that the management would ‘like’ me to apply for, and have hinted so, but it holds no real appeal, but as a temporary salve (especially given that if I find anything in the month between, I can change, and still get the money), it might end up being the last port in a storm.

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I’ve had a swing on one of the major employment agency websites over here, to see whats around, and take a chance. I’ve seen a few, applied for them, but I accept that in my mid fifties, I’m not going to count as prime employable material, however good my knowledge, and experience is. But, you can never tell, so…I wont be putting the black dress away just yet!

Yes, you’re right, that redundancy money, with another job, could make a hell of a difference to me, just saying…

The video, you could say it sums up my attitude to playing off my job options

Oh, and a little amusing moment. I liked this picture of Jean, posted on Facebook earlier today.

Is it me or Jean

And shortly after, got asked if it was a picture of me! Highly flattering, to say the least. I think she was joking, but, when you see this,

photoshoot 8

I can sort of see her point.

And yes, all job applications have gone in, in my name, not as Ms Harlow!