How long would you like to dream?

One of the known issues with long distance space travel, is the length of time its going to take to get anywhere. Currently the ETA for a flight to Mars is about 6 months, and beyond the Moon, thats about as close as we can get in terms of space travel. So anything further than that is going to take considerably longer to get to, and people are going to need to be able to sleep comfortably en route. Lets face it, those poor Moon Astronauts couldnt have got that comfortable in sleep terms, given the size of their craft, but clearly those craft in the future, heading for Mars, and who knows where beyond (in decades to come) need to be able to get plenty of sleep en route.

The thing is, of course that a lot of those brave colonists probably wont have a lot to do on the actual flight there, aboard the craft, because their mission will be post arrival, not for the journey there. So, just suppose, instead of being bored of just seeing space passing by for 6 months, they could sleep throughout most of the journey, and be fine on arrival, and hopefully raring to go. Well…?

I gather the theory has been used medically for a few days, but for this purpose, for some, we’re talking months, let alone days, or even weeks. Would I get in one of those pods, and ‘hibernate’ for a while, you bet I would. Might actually do my back some good, as I assume the lack of daily stresses on it could only be beneficial to it? But no, I have no desire to go to Mars, or anywhere else, at my age! My time might not be quite that nigh, but I havent got that many years left, so I’ll leave the crazy stuff to the younger ones, thanks.

But equally, if they ever asked for volunteers, here on Earth, to test the system out, I would jump at the chance to do so. Hey, I say I’m suffering from a lack of sleep at the moment, that could certainly solve the problem, for a fortnight or so, or maybe more. Of course I’d hate the use of electrical stimulation to keep me physically fit, not! But yes, as long as they dont forget me, and I dont only wake up in 2070, or something, I’d love to do it, but doubt I’ll get the chance, ah well…

Oh, and one other amusing piece of more fictional science stuff, I saw this on MSN this morning

No, it wasnt me, though I would so love to wear something like that, I must say! That or the Metropolis robot would be my dream looks for a Convention, or something. But no, sorry, Robert, not me!

Fine, video time. A corny play on the whole hibernation thing. All I can say watching Andy McCluskey doing this, is think he’s about my age, and doing stuff like this, yes, I’m jealous. Amazingly fit, clearly!

Medical research positions, hmm?

Yes, tomorrow, I’m back in the role of job hunting again, with a pair of ‘proper’ interviews, in other words, ones where you are in the same room as the interviewer, not talking to someone down a phone. Yes, I had one of those on Monday, and didnt get any further. I know, I know, its the modern trend, but I hate them, and combined with the jet lag, ah well!

There is another local job where the people tried to get hold of me while I was away, who are meant to be getting back to me, but I’m still waiting.

To be honest, in hindsight, one of them probably doesnt have a lot going for it, for me. It said it was in Wakefield city centre (it isnt), and though they say its not cold call selling, its certainly tepid call selling at best, to me. People who have a certain amount of free insurance,, to see if they want to take out more. And looking at the transport situation, it might be fun getting to and from work anyway. So I will probably go tomorrow (what the hell), but cant see it as a long term option in all honesty.

The other one, in Leeds, appeals to me far more. As you might have gathered from the title, its a medical research company, and would involve calling people who have applied to take part in trials, to see if they are suitable, and if so, book them in for the courses. Should be quite interesting, and something very different to anything I’ve done up till now.

Of course, when you’ve written as much mind control, and sci-fi stuff as I have, the whole meaning of the term, medical research, can be looked at in a very different way! And given that I have got a 2 hour window, for a job interview, I’m wondering if they do any research on the job applicants! Might be a way of ensuring you get the perfect staff, who never want to leave, but anyway…lol! OK, fine, you’re right, I’d love every minute of it if they did, and I’m sure I would after the ‘research’ had been done on me!

So yes, the black dress will be coming out tomorrow, though it will be low heels, not the high heels, given how long the day will be, and the amount of walking I might have to do. I’m sure I wont be in a silver, metallic body suit by the end of the day, but a girl can fantasise, cant she? 😉 Brainwashed, obedient call centre drone/hive mind, too much to hope for!

Still, if they set me up in a pod like this, I might not be trying to escape!

transformation chamber

The video, oh I should be so lucky that this is the kind of research involved, on me at least

Other than that, sign on at the Job Centre on Friday morning, as my notice period ends on Sunday, so I can now (hopefully not for long) claim job seekers allowance. Beyond that, there is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ modelling thing at a Salon Foundation over in Bradford on Friday afternoon I’m tempted by, but I’m not sure how long the Job Centre thing will take, so tricky to commit to.

But if I’m making bleeping noises the next time I’m on here… 😉

Well, the stage show should be something!

So alright, it probably wont be, just the 4 guys on stage, but if they ever go in for a stage show as a backdrop, what a sight it could be. Yes, OMD, who else did you think I was talking about? I have hopes of the latter in May, but suspect that it might just be the former somehow.

Well yes, along with brainwashing (History of Modern), and robot related one (Kissing the machine), and distinctly interesting pieces (Tesla Girls, to name but one), and besides all that, we all know that ‘Electricity’ is used to create robots, dont we? 😉

Well this year, in conjunction with the tour, we get a new album, called ‘English Electric’, released in early April. And Andy McCluskey, to give him his due, has given us a couple of sample videos for tracks from the album. Decimal is the other one, should be easily found on You Tube if you so desire. Word of warning, if you expect the type of music you are used to from OMD, this might be different! Nearly 30 years ago, they released an album called Dazzle Ships, which was a bit, err, different. The samplers so far from EE, suggest we have a bit more of the same here. For example

This is a remix, not the original, but its neat, and yes, the original is on You Tube as well, if you want to find it

Yes, its not hard to work out which line in here amused me no end! Well, if thats what you want Andy, then just robotise me lol! The video actually has a few clever touches for long term fans, but I suspect otherwise, you might not get them. It looks more like he’s seeking the Stepford type robot wife, than the mindless chrome one, but hey, that wouldnt be too bad a life, lets face it.

Seriously, can you imagine the stage set for this? Take a girl, put her in a brainwashing chair, then pulse some electricity through her, Tesla Coil or otherwise. And thereby create the perfect robot wife, and then you get to ‘kiss the machine’ afterwards. Yes, so alright, the brainwashing wouldnt really happen, and the electricity would have to be a light show, but…Oh come on Andy, this could be fun, and yes, I’m volunteering to be transformed this way. I know, I’m old, but I’m only just over a year older than him, so… 🙂

Sadly, it will just be the 4 guys on stage I guess, but no harm in suggesting, is there? 😉 And yes, I have mentioned the concept of this on their Facebook page, but no one has come back to me lol!

Kissing the machine

Yes, its not a well hidden fact around here that I have a fascination with being turned into a robot. Lets face it, the title of this blog is a pretty good giveaway on that fact, if nothing else does. So alright, with current technology, its not likely to happen, but no harm in dreaming/fantasising about it, is there?

Of course, there is always the 64 million dollar question about whether I’d feel quite the same way about it, if it was just about to happen for real, but hey, get me in that position first, and then I’ll let you know lol! I suspect the answer would still be yes, but get me wired up first, and then ask again! But yes, for now, either being hypnotised into believing I was a robot, or a roleplay session where it felt like I was about to be transformed would be very exciting to experience all the same. Any offers, feel free to write and let me know. Real thing, as I say, even better, but…lets keep it practical lol!

Oh, and I’m still open to suggestions/quotes for a really nice silver robot outfit, and/or a headset that I could use, especially one I could use at work that would actually stay on my head, something like a skullcap, or redesigned cycle helmet that wouldnt slip off when my head moved! Electrodes are just an optional extra lol! Talking of outfits, the one first seen 46 seconds into the video, very nice indeed! And no, I dont mean the Robbie one, but… Oh, and of course I love the whole Maria design, but suspect that wouldnt be cheap to recreate.

Right, lets get to what inspired this piece, something that occurred in the last few days over at Fembot Central. A posting was made by someone from National Geographic, looking for people to talk for a programme about the whole fembot thing. No, I wont be taking part, their location limitations are North America, so I’m not a practical subject as far as they are concerned, such is life. Could have been interesting, especially if as I suggested, we set it all up in an interesting manner, in other words, with me about to be turned into an obedient robot, or just after it happened, even if only in a played version, not reality. Funny thing is, it wouldnt be the first time that I’ve been on TV re the whole fembot thing. It all first happened about 10 years ago, for a Canadian TV company, whose name I dont remember, and something was filmed in my bedroom in London, hardly the most exciting setting lol! No, I dont remember if it was a Canadian crew in England for something, or just a local crew they employed. I can hardly imagine they flew the Atlantic just to interview me lol! No, I never did get to see the documentary, but never mind…Given no one asked for my autograph when I was in Toronto a while back, I suspect not many saw it lol? Mind, that was a few years after the event, so…

Right, and so to the video, dont forget to watch for that outfit, though that headpiece certainly wouldnt do for work purposes lol! The vocals are Andy McCluskey, yes, that guy from OMD. And on their new album, released in April, they are producing a version of this song. I hope they release it as a single, I’d love to see their video! But for now, enjoy this

PS If you want to kiss this ‘machine’, you have to turn me into a machine first! 😉

My Sweet Louise

Its just as well that I know much of my readership here emanates from the MC Garden, because in all honesty, anyone visiting this who isnt a member there isnt going to know what I’m talking about!

Almost a year ago, the Garden came under attack from some bots, or whatever, the end result of which was some attempted password cracking to try and gain entry. In the end, the Garden won, I’m pleased to say. The thing was, I amongst a small number of people was one of those whose password they were trying to crack. Ended up having to change my name from the traditional one of Robotunit8, and thats how Stevie Nicks came into existence, a play on my own name, with dry comments relating to the far more famous pop star of that name. I didnt change the famous robot style avatar though, that at least survived, even if the name no longer truly matched it.

And yes, Kris did come up with a new avatar image for me shortly after, still with a degree of robot relation, but more fitting into the new me. And now, it might finally get used, well assuming I dont like the current one too much that is! Which, well…its growing on me already.

No, I havent finally (after nearly 54 years of life) totally outgrown the whole robotisation thing, though its fair to say that for a few years now, its been much less of a priority in my life. Still fancy doing a major transformation scene, still holds some appeal, but its not as big a thing as it used to be.

Some may have noticed in recent months a new, interesting development. Blame Fembotheather and her avatars, blame a certain OMD video, or a combination of both, but a certain amazing lady from the 20’s has began to play more of a role in my life. Hey, despite unofficially being retired from story writing, ‘she’ convinced me to write one indirectly about her! It seems to have been recieved quite well, despite some gaps between chapters, because of, you guessed it, getting time to write! If anyone hasnt worked out who that is (and I’m not sure how if you havent!), her name is Mary Louise Brooks, though many just know her as Louise, and probably only know about her because of OMD, and the Pandoras Box video. Alright, if it wasnt for Heather, and Andy McCluskey, I wouldnt know much about her either, I suspect.

So anyway, getting to the point. We had another “minor hiccup” at the Garden a few days back, and 1 or 2 decided to go into “alternate universe” mode, as some did a year ago, when name changes were more critical. I wasnt going to join in, but then, the idea of paying tribute to Louise for a short while, combined with the overdue change of an avatar, well I joined in!

So now at the Garden, for a while at least, I’m known as Merry Brooks, a neat alliteration you have to admit? And a new avvie, a lovely picture of her. To be honest, it suits perfectly, though my fringe isnt as strong as hers, and my hair is blonde, but minor points… Apart from that, it fits me so well that I’m tempted to stick with the pic (sorry Kris) even after I change the name back at some point soon.

The Forum still knows me as Robotunit8 lol, name changes arent so easily done over there. If it wasnt that I liked the avvie there still, I’d be tempted to use Kris’s there, and might yet. But that avvie there is more like a download than anything else, and that might be Louise being downloaded into my mind, I should be so lucky!

Alright, I’ll bring this marathon post to an end in the usual way, a music video. I would love to have found the original New Seekers version of this, but it wasnt to be, mainly I suspect because it was only a B side, and album track for them, and it was 40 years ago! But I found this, so…

I write the songs, oopsie, I write the stories

No, dont worry, there is no need for a Barry Manilow warning alert, its not his version. Not that I’m sure this is much better, but he was a heart throb when I was a teen, so…

This might end up sounding like one of those Oscar winning speeches, but I promise not to go on for 25 minutes, nor burst into tears at any point.

There are 2 ironies today, the first one being that I had my first posting at the EMCSA today in a very long time. Not a total drought of stories in that time, just that 2 of the recent ones havent qualified for the place, and apart from one, ‘Georgy Girl’, I havent had much time, or inclination otherwise. Not for lack of tlc from my beloved editor, or indeed one or two gentle kicks up the backside as well, its mainly been a time thing.

But with a holiday, a very friendly spirit muse from the 20’s, and help from one or two special people, its happened today. I suspect this story has got at least 2 more chapters to go, though they make take a while before its all finished. Chapter 2 is in hand, but the third chapter might hit time problems yet, but I hope not. Oh, and a certain 90’s pop video may have played a part as well.

The funny thing is, this inspiration whose first name was Mary (though not the name she was best known by) hasnt just inspired my writing, but my friend Heather as well. And strangely enough, the start of her story appeared today as well! And coincidentally, a certain editor named James has worked on them both!

As an editor as well as a friend, James is wonderful for me. My grammar skills leave a lot to be desired, and as he pointed out to me twice on this piece, he spots my silly blonde errors too! He is patient, knows when to push me, and generally when its best to leave me alone. He is also wonderful in real life btw. Heather I’m yet to meet, though hopefully one day…her avatars I’ve always loved, not only for her favourite actress in them, but for the style as well. She’s also been an amazing help with lots of other things, including finding me a snippet of ‘Mary’ talking, of which there arent many.

So alright, you all know ‘Mary’ is Louise Brooks, but anyway… 😛

I’ve never actually met Andy McCluskey either, though I did go to an OMD concert ‘many, many’ years ago, but thats as close at it ever got. Ironically he’s the only original OMD member on Pandoras Box, though the reformed band (all the originals) have certainly performed it since. That video took my eye, as well as loving the song, and yes, I wanted to know more about the actress concerned.

Unsurprisingly, I never met Mary Louise Brooks, for a very obvious reason, I only discovered her a few years after her death. But if things go to plan (and this is 16 months from now!) I’m hoping that in April 2013, on my trip to the US that I can come and pay my respects at least in Rochester NY, at your graveside. Now, wouldnt that be a great place for me, Heather, and her spirit to all meet up?

I couldnt post Pandoras Box again, much though I’d love to. So I ask you to instead put up with David Cassidy singing, yes, you guessed it…

Oh, and today, in a charity shop in Ilkley (Yorkshire), I found a silver sequin type top that is so 20-ish, its unreal! Sat in it now, feeling like a proper flapper girl! Sadly its dry clean only, so wearing will be limited, but its wonderful to own at least. And cheaper than it was originally, thats for sure!