A Shocking Experience

To be honest, this came about because I was looking for a witty way to start a blog relating to the OMD tour next year, and the video I chose. And when I was trying to do so for Tesla Girl, I remembered one of those crazy things that David Copperfield did as a stunt recently. Yes, that metal suit, and a Tesla coil, and being surrounded by a whole lot of crackling electricity. And equally yes, if not for 3 days (or whatever it was), I’d love to experience that for myself! I know it doesnt make you a robot, but enclosed in metal, with electricity sparking all around me, how could I not love that? 😉 And yes, I’d get to live, even if I would still be human, but hey, you cant have everything!

Clearly a robotising pod, with the electricity flowing freely would be fun, but a bit more fatal generally I suspect, unless I had a scientist who really knew what he was doing lol!

But yes, as an aside, both from the robot side of me (Tesla Girl, Electricity), and the Louise Brooks side of me (Pandoras Box), the news yesterday that OMD would again be touring next year, coming to Leeds in May, and this time doing so when I’m in this country was great for me. Tickets go on sale Friday, fingers crossed I can get one. No, I wont get to meet the group, but seeing them again, 30 years after first doing so, will be good. There is a ‘package’ where you can meet them, but like a good Yorkshire lass, I value money, and wont be paying out a lot more just to do that, though it would be fun getting the chance to ask Andy about the whole Louise Brooks thing.

And alright, I’ve lived up here over 7 years, still had to find out where the venue was in Leeds though, thats a clue as to how often I do these things. Last concert you ask? 2001, Seekers, in Bournemouth. Yes, regular concert goer, not!

Yes, tonights video has been mentioned, and it isnt Electricity, though it could have been!