Anyone got a space craft going cheap?

Going back to events at the end of the last blog, as you can now gather, I woke up on Wednesday morning, and all seems fine with me. Actually, a couple of amazing things happened on Wednesday, much to my surprise. One of which leads to the witty comment in the blog title!

Firstly, for the first time in quite literally months, I made a book sale. Yes, fine, only 1, but given I havent put anything new up in a year, maybe thats to be expected? How do I know it was a year, simple! That morning on the anniversary thing that Facebook do, I got the notice that 1 year before, I’d put my last book up for sale, and done the publicity for it. No, it wasnt that book that got a sale, but hey, it was nice to get one, all the same.

For anyone wanting to add to my book sales delights this week, you can try this link They are also available at all good ebook stores, under the same author name, as you prefer.

But no, the commission on that isnt what will enable me to buy a space craft, or much else, given the cheap prices of the books (hint hint), and the fact it will be at least a couple of months before I see the money, anyway.

A while back, one of the hotel groups that I hold a membership card for, sent me a survey to do. I filled it out, and would have done so regardless, but for my effort, I’d be put in a draw for some Amazon gift cards. I know, me win anything, normally, but…there it was, the email telling me I’d got one, and the code to activate it at Amazon. Fine, its only £10, but hey, its better than I normally do! No, I’m not seriously expecting to get a space craft at any price, let alone £10, but no harm in asking! I suspect it will either be used on an item of clothing, or on an edible delight, but I havent investigated that yet. But as I say, if a friendly alien should see this, have an old craft up for sale cheap, then let me know, I’ll make him a deal!

These 2 amazing happenings actually tempted me to try my luck with lottery tickets this week, though the Euro Millions one last night, brought the usual result, no joy whatsoever. I’m not really expecting anything different with the UK one tonight, but hey, I can dream, for a few more hours at least! Put it this way, if I were to win even one of the twenty thousand pound prizes, I would quickly be planning a trip to LA. A million (or more) would only make it a longer stay lol!

The video. I guess you could say I had one of these Wednesday, though that might be stretching facts somewhat!