I Need

A new watchstrap. Oh, was someone expecting my need to be something more serious lol? Well, I can give you a suitable list should you want one. The crazy thing is, I could get a new watch for pretty much the same price as a new watchstrap would be! And before you wonder, yes, I buy at the budget end of the market, cant see any point doing otherwise to be honest, given the fact I have no desire, or wish to be a fashion diva, or the like.

Also, unless I happen to find said watch in a store in Leeds pretty quickly, I would hate being without a watch in the time that it would take for a new one to arrive from Amazon, Ebay or the like, and yes, I’ve seen nice ones, at throwaway prices on both sites. I used to own a second watch, and in theory, I still do, I just have no idea where it is. My room was given a makeover when I was away in the US last September, and the other watch simply vanished, probably buried somewhere when that happened. And yes, that cost a whole 10 dollars in San Francisco, a watch I bought when ironically the strap on this watch bust last time. Oh, what, pin snapped, both times. I didnt think I was that hard on watches, but…

Yes, regardless of getting a new strap, I ought to get another watch, of the budget kind naturally, well assuming I’m paying anyway, darlings! What I would love to get, probably doesnt exist. I have a hankering for a modern day, 20’s style watch, but within the budget price range. Yes, I want modern, I’d never remember to wind one up every day, so need one that runs on batteries. Any ideas? And as I say, not expensive. I’m sure some jeweller could show me one that costs a sum of money, but a watch is just a watch to me, but alright, there is the Brooksie image, which is why I’m asking lol.

The video, well its an artist I’ve featured before, with almost the perfect name. And the song title, well, you might have worked that out by now. So in her style, I need a new apartment, a new job, a green card or US passport (for working in US, darling), and a winning season for the Buffalo Bills. The last might just happen, the rest, I’ll have to wait and see lol.


What would happen?

I suppose this came about because of a recent story by one of my favourite writers, Redecoration, by Tang. For those of you who need a link, its


To save you reading it all before reading this blog, I’ll summarise it as Nicola, an administrator in an office, gets changed into Nikki, motorcycle courier rider. Yes, the clothes look changes from traditional to leathers, as you would expect from her new role, but also goes from hetro to lesbian. All this because she has a rival who wants her job!

Its a great story, you should read it if you get the time, and let the author know Merry sent you. Of course some of you will have read it already of course. But yes, you get an idea of where this is heading. If this happened in real life, how easy would it be to cope with a whole new identity, let alone a whole new sexuality, and fashion style? I think its fair to say, probably as hard as Nicola does initially in the story. Of course, because of the fictional mind control, and magic involved in this story, she soon learns to cope. But in real life…?

I suppose a lot depends how dramatic the changes are, as I have proved to myself, just changing your name isnt that difficult a thing. Well, alright, I did once or twice early on, sign my old name, to amusement at work, but anyway…I soon got the hang of it lol! But a whole new look, a whole new job, and a whole new sexual attitude, maybe not so easy!

As much as I’d love to arrive in my hotel in Seattle in a few weeks time, and find a US Passport in a different name (yes, one of the obvious ones, but I have my reason for not mentioning it just yet), an address in the country, and preferably a job, that would be great, and no reason at all I couldnt cope with that, though it might make my current pre pay credit card fun to use lol. What might come as more of a shock would be if the picture looked ‘a bit’ different to the current me, say. Even more so if I got up in the morning, or just went in the bathroom straight away, and looked very different. Sexuality with me, hey, lets face it, if I was interested in guys, girls, or both, then that would be a change for me anyway!

But lets face it, how weird would it be to go to the address given on your ID, and know that you live there. Even more so when you have no idea what to expect, though I suspect knowing ‘me’, the apartment would probably be fashionably decorated 20’s style, though complete with internet and cable TV lol! As for my wardrobe at home…

Even more so, the job. If you go by the story, people would know you at the workplace, and you would know the job too. I mean, I suppose a call centre operator, I could probably cope, but anything else nowadays…? Not sure if interesting would be the right word as much as fascinating would be. Especially if somehow or other I know how to drive a car! Now that would be something.

The where, well I think its fair to say that unless I’m a farmgirl, or worker in Cherryvale (in which case I do hope I can drive), then the obvious places for a certain new me would have to be either Wichita, or Rochester, NY I think. Yes, you know who I’m hinting at looking like lol, not that it was ever hard to work out I guess, if you’ve read any, or many of these.

But if anyone is actually thinking, I can provide her with that experience, feel free to do so! I’m sure I could cope with being a Brooksie lookalike, I really do! 😉

Funny thing is, I discovered by typing into You Tube that there is a famous Meredith Brooks, just shows how out of touch I am with modern music. Yes, either Meredith, or Mary would be the obvious christian names for the ‘thoroughly modern brooksie’, I think. And funnily enough, she recorded a song called “What Would Happen”, even if it wasnt about a situation like this. One of her other songs (I Need) actually mentions Seattle in the lyrics, and she was born in Oregon, the next door state.

But no, I dont want to be her, I want to be plain Meredith (call me Merry), or Mary Brooks, from Kansas lol! Middle name, please, do you really have to be told? The song, the obvious one given the title of this blog