What does the future hold?

Not that any of the current forecasts will probably have much relevance, if those of the past are anything to go by!

Though its fair to point out that a few of these things forecast in the 1920’s did come to life, most are wildly off the mark. Especially the forecast in here that air travel at the turn of the century will see people travelling from London to New York in about a day. Its about 8 hours actually, and even less then, if you could afford to travel by Concorde of course

I mean, even 30 years ago, if you’d said nearly everyone would have personal computers with the current amounts of capacity, they would have thought you were crazy. Lets face it, its only really in the last 10-15 years that they’ve been affordable for ordinary folks, and they were pretty basic back then.
So as to what computing capacity will be 10-15 years from now, no point even trying to imagine it.

From a personal perspective, no, I dont think the capacity to turn people into robots will be around by then, but that could prove to be famous last words. Even assuming I last that long, I’ll be too old to care by then anyway! It will probably happen eventually, but not in my lifetime. Complex, construct robots though, I wouldnt be at all surprised if they arent around by then, if not yet available to all.

But anyway, this is someone’s view on what 2035 will be like.

I’m sure it will be wrong, just a matter of how wrong, I suspect! Me, I doubt I will be around to find out anyway lol!