Talking about a bad girl

One of the things I guess I’ve developed from my ‘dice with death’ cancer moment is the fact that I’ve decided I might as well have a bit more fun with my life, which is probably shown by yesterday’s picture, with the silver wig, silver bodysuit, and everything else. Yes, the temptation to wear the silver look on Thursday for the ‘medical team meeting’ on Thursday is definitely growing, even if the bodysuit will have to be under standard clothing, and the wig will only be worn for the actual team thing, not the whole visit, but anyway…

And certainly, due to a few politicians, and other people, my tendency to put up with idiots levels have gone down too. In this case, a spammer, as no, I doubt I’d have the cheek to actually do it to a politician, but dont call me out on that, lol.

So this morning, when I opened my email box, I had one of those emails, supposedly from a guy named Magnus in Sweden, offering me a half share of $6.2Million if I helped him with his ‘project’. Thing is, it came from a guy named Juvencio, with a Brazilian email address, so… Now normally in the past, with me, this would have been instantly deleted, and taken no further, but in my current mood, and because he’s made such an awful job of covering up who he really was, well, I decided 2 could play at that game, so I sent back a reply, though not the one he was hoping for, but this one…

Dear Juvencio,

My name is Dominatrix Queen of Pluto, writing to you from my home planet. I have a vacancy in my dungeon for a human slave or two from planet Earth, in need of severe punishment, and you sound an ideal candidate. I certainly trust your pussy eating skills are up to my demands, if not, I suggest you learn soon. In the meanwhile, send me promptly a silver latex catsuit as a tribute, size 16 UK. When you inform me this has been purchased, I will provide the address to send it to, where my teleporting unit is stored.

Given you might find Pluto a little chilly for your feeble human body, and I am capable of teleporting my dungeon to a suitable building on your feeble planet, I suggest you use some of that money on the purchase of a mansion in the area known as Hollywood, in Los Angeles, and let me know when you have completed this task, by sending me a set of pictures of my new Earth home.

I demand to hear that you have completed my demands within the next 30 days.

Your new powerful Dominatrix,

H, though I advise you to call me Mistress H

No, I’m not expecting a reply of course, but the thought of him seeing an email in his box when he got up this morning, thinking he had scammed someone, and then opened it, giggle… Of course, if you find in the future a blog written by me, from Hollywood, while wearing a silver latex catsuit, well…

OK, video. Well, I guess sending an email to someone, even a very poor scammer would make me a bad girl, so why not this one? Yes, I’d love that purple outfit Donna Summer is wearing, of course I would. So…?


The song of a mind controller?

Bet that title gets one or two looking closely lol! And yes, this is definitely a case of fitting the blog to the video! ­čśë More on the song later, lets just say its not the version most have heard, even if they know the song.

Mind, that is going along with the assumption that your ‘everyday’ mind controller has time for music of course, or whether they are too busy with the sex orgies to worry about things like that? I suspect that for some, I feel love by Donna Summer, or Touch me, I want to feel your body by Samantha Fox would be more applicable lol!

But this song has the ultimate MC line in it, I can look inside your head, and besides which, its more my era!

Though a good number of the controllers in the stories on the Archive are pretty straightforward, sex driven stuff, there are a number who dont fall into that category. Conrad in Max Cumming’s story ‘Such Stuff’ being a fine literary example of that, as he played with Lizzie through several great stories of our childhood. Alright, I suspect he wanted his ‘wicked way’ with Lizzie at some point, though dont quote me on that! Many others have used music in many ways in a story, something I very much approve of. Someone called James has set some very nice stuff in libraries too, I’ll mention that as I know he will be reading this at least!

But when I talk about a song, or music for a mind controller, I’m thinking more of what they might relax to, once their sexual stamina has run out for the night. I suspect tastes would vary from pop to classical, much as the ordinary person would, but somehow you think those with a dry sense of humour might play aptly┬ásuitable music?

Maybe some might like to suggest more suitable songs?

As I say, this is an old song, though I think its still incredibly fresh, over 40 years after it was a hit. Even those who know the song may not have heard this, its the fuller version, including 2 verses not in the vast majority of versions of this song to be found on You Tube. Also, seeing the accenting seems to be different to the original, I assume its genuinely live. I loved this song back in the sixties, even if its fair to say that a young child had less comprehension of the lyrics then, than she has now.

I hope others will enjoy this song as much as I do