Oh say can you see, ‘Jean Harlow’ arriving?

Well, 10 weeks from now, I’ll be getting ready to fly off to the US again, heading eventually to Kansas City on the Saturday, hopefully coiffed with Jean Harlow type blonde curls, even if I lack for a few other matters. I suspect that if Kate can find someone who can make me think that I am Jean Harlow (and look even more like her), quite literally, then a visit will be arranged lol! On a more serious note, I’m looking forward to seeing the city where she was born, and of course, Cherryvale too, where Louise Brooks was, will be one hell of a trip for me.

But today, in the US, is a different celebration, its the anniversary of the day when independence was declared from Great Britain, and America began its rise to the country it is today. What we would make of 1776 America, or they make of today, I dread to think!

Of course, today is the date on the declaration, but strictly, independence was achieved 2 days earlier. And of course, whether the declaration was actually signed on this date, well, who cares? It probably was, but…

So, to all my American friends who read this, have a wonderful day. I’ll see you for Thanksgiving, an event that has a whole lot more significant meaning for me, really looking forward to that. Fireworks, and the like, yes, maybe I’ll live without that, at least for now, but maybe some day…

Oh, the video, bit of an obvious one!