A Somerset island

No, not a genuine one, as in the Arthurian legends, even though many believe that Glastonbury, and the area surrounding it, could have been Arthur territory. But there are other claims for that title, and anyway, that isnt what this is about, so…

To say the weather this winter has been wild, would be putting it mildly. Lets face it, friends in Atlanta, and Alabama are facing snow and ice at present, and thats not normal! Oh, and Atlanta has coped with it even worse than the UK, and thats saying something! Funnily enough, we’ve hardly seen any snow here yet this winter, but even with a day to spare, this is officially the wettest January in the UK, ever! Well, since records have been kept, but besides that…its been wet!

When I lived in, and around Yeovil, in Somerset between ’83, and ’99, I used to go visit a friend in Taunton, about once a month or so. When I moved away, I lost touch, and given (I’m estimating now) that I think he would be 95 by now, if still alive, I suspect he’s dead anyway. To get there, I would catch the hourly bus from Yeovil, winding through the countryside, until we reached Taunton. We passed near to a place called Muchelney, en route, not that you would have heard of it, unless you’re from the area. Its a smallish village on the Somerset levels, or well, normally it is. Currently, and pretty much for the whole of January, its been cut off from the outside world, by flooding. Thorne, another nearby village is pretty much a ghost town, for the same reason.

I suspect I must have been through these places by car, but dont remember them, if I did. But seeing them on the news, as they are, its a strange feeling, even if it has been a long time since I was in the area. The South West really has had it bad this winter, in a rain sense, but those low lying places are really suffering now.

And all the US gets is a Polar Vortex! Seriously, that was horrific too, just glad I wasnt there either, though I suspect (in a sense) thats easier to get through than flooding?

The video, well, I hope Muchelney isnt an island for much longer, though the weather forecast isnt entirely promising yet