The last flight for Stevie Nicholls

No, dont worry, its not as serious as it sounds, I will be crossing the Atlantic again some day soon, just not under that name. Well, if Hollywood wanted me to fly back next week (ha ha), I’d have to, but otherwise, thats it!

Yes, thats right, now I’m back, and actually have no trips booked in my current name, or any plans for more, I can finally get around to formally changing my name, phew! Not that I’ve finalised whether it will be Stephanie Harlean Carpenter, or Harlean Stephanie Carpenter at this point, and its quite possible that I wont make the final decision on it until I’m actually on the deed poll website, about to fill it in, and send it off. I know, but I want the one I feel I shouldnt take, so…

Thats right, in so many ways, taking Stephanie as my formal first name just makes so much sense. All those who know me as Stevie, or Steph, can carry on calling me that, absolutely no issues. I mean, they can as my middle name, given how many people are known by their middle names, but anyway…Also, I guess I’m more likely to react to that the first few times, than someone calling me Harlean, and having to think, hey, thats me! And fine, it keeps the Harlean, and Carpenter together too. Not that Jean did, because Harlow was her middle name already! And yes, fine, I could let myself be known by middle name, if I really wanted to!

But yes, the idea of making a clean break from my past, does hold appeal. And yes, actually being named Harlean Carpenter holds pretty big appeal to me too! Its not like Jean used it much, in her later years anyway! But fine, at the same time, the thought of quite literally taking her name doesnt sit entirely comfortably with me. It was her name, and even today, a few people know that, even if it would mainly only be film buffs. Fine, one night in LA, I was being called Harlean Carpenter (and loving it) because that was the Facebook account she knew me through! So yes, its been done, I love the name, and I answer to it, so…Yes, I want to go with it, I really do, especially as those calling me Stephanie, or Steph (I seriously want to lose Stevie, please note) would only be calling me by my middle name anyway, and as I say, there are a few people known by their middle name. But equally, there is just this annoying part of me that says becoming Harlean (Stephanie) Carpenter isnt quite right, because it really was Jean’s name, and so… Mind, her middle name wasnt Stephanie, but…

I know, I know, I probably really will only make the decision at the last moment, one way or another…rolls eyes… There is a poll on Twitter (new thing there, seemingly) on my account @harleanlook, offering you the chance to vote. About 22 hours to go when I post this, so if you read this 3 months after I wrote it, I wouldnt bother lol! You might want to go over there and see what name I chose, mind, though I suspect there will be clues here anyway, on that matter.

Passport might take a bit longer to get changed, as I’m using that as my ID while job hunting, and it would take a few weeks for the new one to reach me. So realistically, I cant order it, until I’ve got a job, as I cant afford to not try and find something in that line, while waiting for it to arrive. So if you can offer me work, so I can get my name changed, pretty please…

Right, the video. I’ve used this song before, but it does seem rather apt tonight. After all, fairly shortly, I might be living as Harlean, in a house! So I’ve used a different version! Oh, and like Harlean/Jean, they were from Kansas City!


A change of lifestyle, a change of name?

Well, yes, I’ve gone ahead and done it, made the first formal enquiries about becoming a student, officially! Fine, at this point, I’m still waiting to see if there is a suitable Foundation course I can do this year (the one initially suggested is international students only, and Yorkshire is yet to declare independence from the UK, so…), but I’ve gone ahead, and taken the first steps, formally.

We will see, I still think its a slightly crazy idea to start studying again at 57, but it holds appeal, and my opportunities as a worker seem limited (or less) at present, so maybe I should? To be honest, its more how the mature brain is going to react to studies again, rather than the crazy notion of actually doing it that bothers me more!

If only someone could do a neural download, or stick me in a rejuvenation chamber, or something, but anyway…

The other daft idea I’ve got at present, is to do a name change. Yes, after all this time, being Stevie Lou officially, and not Stephanie Louise, is beginning to get to me. Yes, I dont think I’ve got bimbo-itis, but I want a really girly name! Why I took the abbreviated version (other than that was what everyone called me) when I did the name change, I have no idea! But now, at my age, its a bit “young”, I feel?

Mind, if I am doing a name change, the name that really appeals (even if it isnt quite so girly) is Harlean Carpenter. No, I have no idea where I got that idea for a name comes from lol! Middle name, I could roll with Jean, though I might stick with Stephanie, one last tie to my old self.

The other cheeky idea I’ve got, for getting it done (given I’m out of work at present, remember), is one of these fundraising schemes that seem to have taken off of late. Its not like I’d need a fortune (about £100 for deed poll, passport, and passport photos) to do it, but it just sounds silly to me. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess? Lets face it, if no one donates, I’m no worse off, so…I couldnt formalise it before September anyway, as I have an air flight booked in my current name, but after that…

Fine, to finish, the video. Where I might be living shortly? 😉 Let me say I know nothing about the group, found this through a You Tube search