Job application forms, or how to save trees!

I’ll be honest, I have no many trees have been sacrificed to create all the application forms that I’ve filled in over the last year. But yes, I should imagine its been more than a few! Even if they were what I called a sensible size, it would be a few, but in truth, they seem to have grown in size, to a ridiculous extent over the years. What used to be a maximum of 2 or 3 sheets of paper, now seem to be a minimum of 6, and for example, the application form for the job I went for on Monday, was 10 pages long! And given how many applicants a building society must get through in a year, especially as this includes all the rejects (yes, me again), its a frightening thought.

Even more depressing, in an ecological sense, is the fact that I have another interview with the same firm tomorrow, for a shop job, as opposed to a head office job, but no, they cant use the same form again, I need to waste another 10 pages of paper, even though they got all my details 4 days earlier.

But just when you’re thinking that 10 pages, for a prospective job applicant is a crazy amount of paper, I can beat that! I have got an interview on Monday, for a job on the outskirts of Leeds, and their application form is 15 pages long! Seriously? I want to give this job a go, but given the location (need to rely on a company shuttle bus to get there), I’m not sure how viable it will be, and I dont want to get someone to print off 15 sheets of paper, for a role I probably wont take up, in an ideal world. But its Catch 22, I need a job, so, aargh! Not sure what to do!

I guess what frustrates me more, is the whole modern thing. Yes, back in the 70’s, and 80’s, when you did a paper application form, that was the record that was kept of you, they had no choice. Nowadays, those applicants that actually get selected, will have all that data entered on to a computer database, and that will be it. I know, some of it might get recycled, but I suspect that given all the private information on there, that it ends up being destroyed?

Oh, and secondary rant. Why does it all have to cost us? In the old days, if a company wanted to waste reams of paper on job application forms, they had to provide you with the paper. Nowadays, they attach the form to an email, and expect you to print off, and fill in the forms, and return them! Which might be fine, if you own a printer, and can afford reams of paper, but those of us who cant, and have to rely on someone to print them off for you…

Last amusing moment re modern job interviews. This morning, I had a phone interview for a shop job at a building society, which I actually got through. I know, amazing. My reward, a psychometric test to do, which I battled with, and an hour or so later, getting told my answers didnt meet their desired parameters, so that was that! I dont get these things, there were times when choosing between 4 things, all of which were fairly relevant, and others where none really fitted me, I dont know! I get this feeling I’m not cut out for this modern world, and I’ll be glad when its all over, seriously!

Right, a treat, 2 videos tonight, though neither are the original group. Blue Monday was a massive hit in the 80’s, using all the modern music technology at the time. But what if it had been recorded in 1933, with the instruments of that era? This, I guess?

While tracking it down on You Tube, I found this, from 1999! Yes, I know, but its something out of a mind control story fantasy, this video! And given where I’m posting it…