Its not that far…

As promised, the second Kirsty McColl video at the end of this piece, this time one of her own songs. And yes, the title to this blog is a line from the song, not the title for once.

I think that the lyrics for this song have some meaning again today, or certainly did a couple of years ago when the whole economic situation started to go wrong. As a good number found out, its really not that far from an uptown apartment to a night on the A train lol! Well, maybe not quite that far, but you get my drift. The trouble was, it wasnt just the people that created the mess that found themselves in this situation, I only wish it had been!

I was lucky, even more so at my age! Made redundant 2 1/2 years ago, I managed to pretty quickly walk into another job. Then a year or so later, that department was getting closed as well! Luckily I was one of the ‘desired few’ that they wanted for a new role, even if now, just a year later, it doesnt seem like the same position! Yes, I’m getting stressy about things, and I only wish I thought ‘something new’ would be easy to find, but at my age, and the current economic mess, well I wont be holding my breath.

In the time I’ve been on the MC Forums, some have lost jobs, while others have found them, some of them indeed the same people. Hopefully nobody has yet had to sleep frozen on the church steps, though I’ve roughed it in my time, mainly when the money ran out near the end of my lengthy US trip in 2003, and I will always owe great gratitude to a Mission Hall in Seattle for helping to keep me going till it was time to fly home! Lets just say that was an eye opener though, and leave it at that!

So I send this message hoping that everything could be perfect for everyone, but know its not going to happen, so I’ll just do the best I can.

I dont know if there is a ‘Madison’ in Seattle, but if there is, I probably walked down it! I suspect Kirsty’s was in New York though!

Hope you enjoy