The Red Sox anthem…hopefully?

Yes, honestly, almost the last baseball posting for the year, I promise you. There ‘might’ be one when the World Series is over mind, especially if the right team win just one of the 2 games back at Fenway, the next 2 evenings. Yes, Boston are 3-2 up, as they head back home, hopefully to celebrate the winning of the World Series. Do you know the last time that Boston won the World Series, at Fenway, it was 1918! Yes, they’ve won it twice already this century, but both times in the opposition stadium. So lets hope Fenway (not juat the dog) gets the celebration it deserves over the next 2 nights! Well, hopefully tomorrow is all it will take, but… Boston will celebrate Thursday I suspect, regardless!

Yes, incredible, the last time they celebrated at Fenway, Louise Brooks was just leaving Cherryvale, to move to Wichita for the first time. Not even known, beyond close family and friends, I suspect. WW1 wasnt even quite finished at that time! Fenway Park was 5 years old, and looked very differently to how it does now. Certainly the surrounding area must have changed even more dramatically? Now, they have 2 chances to put that piece of history right.

It ownt be easy mind, the St Louis pitcher in Game 6 has a lot in common with the closer for Boston, they dont give up many runs! And seriously, you dont want a tight ending to Game 7, I shouldnt think! The other hero for Boston, it could only be David Ortiz, who in this series has nearly hit the ball 3 out of every 4 times that he’s been to the plate, truly incredible, even more so given he is no youngster any more.

So fingers crossed that tomorrow night, or the night after, the team and their fans will be celebrating a win, in their own wonderful stadium.

That anthem, well, its a great song, from a not so great film, but hopefully it sums up the Red Sox attitude, I’m sure it does.

Colonic Hydrotherapy – The Experience

Anyone of a sensitive nature should look away now. Given I’m going to be talking about the workings (Or non workings) of the bowel here, its not hard to work out the big issue, is it?

Yes, today marked the day when I thought I would teach my errant bowels a lesson, and have a session of colonic hydrotherapy (or irrigation, much the same thing). I’ve suffered from bloating, and a grumpy bowel for a few years now, but finally got up the courage to do something about it.

So fine, I’ll quickly get through the mundane stuff, and let you get to the interesting bits, OK? Fill out a quick medical form, have my blood pressure checked (just slightly high, but as she said, that place will do that to you!), and then on to the more serious stuff.

Firstly, a rectal check, so tender I didnt even know it had happened. All I felt was my 2 buttocks pulled apart, and then…We get to the serious stuff, the insertion of the speculum into the rectum (to hold the water pipes). Yes, I knew it was in there, but really no pain, just a sensation of being a bit filled, thats all. It only goes in about 2 and a half inches, so that may explain it.

Then the fun begins, the water starts to flow. Its gravity controlled, so its a slow speed, and quite warm to be honest. Beyond feeling it moving around inside you, nothing to it! Had been told that when it started to feel like I wanted to go, then say, and she’d reverse the water out of me, hopefully taking the rubbish in my colon with it. This was done a number of times, along with some abdominal massage, and yes, I felt lighter, and better at the end of it.

Then a visit to the toilet, principally to let the water that didnt want to be pumped out, out. I did have a bowel movement too, but not a large one, didnt think I had much left in me, to be honest. Got told I have a sluggish bowel, probably down to diet and lifestyle, hardly an easy challenge for a shift worker to always eat healthily, lets face it! Got a herbal remedy to help with that matter, too.

Anyway, an hour or so later, at home, the bowel decided it disliked being filled with water, and being sluggish, and rumbled at me in a nasty way. I went to the toilet, and lets just say the bowel wasnt sluggish at releasing material then!

So the review, was it a worthwhile exercise?
At this point, its hard to say. At the moment I feel lighter, and more comfortable in my tummy than I have in a long time. But given I’ve emptied everything out, whether the bowels will stay active, I have no idea! But in the short term, its definitely done some good.

I’m tired after, but that might be as much to do with my crazy work shifts, as having my bowels washed out.

But yes, for now at least, I’m glad I did it.

The other side of the fence

Yes, I’ve mentioned a ‘couple of times’ already that the Boston Red Sox are in the World Series, which starts in a few hours from now, so lets have a quick look at their opponents there.

The St Louis Cardinals actually do something remarkable, they make Boston the junior team. They may have been around since 1901, but the Cardinals have been in St Louis since 1882! I think its fair to say that travel arrangements to away matches were greatly different back then! Hard to contemplate now, when even getting to California can be done in a few hours. Back then, there were no teams west of the ‘mid-west’ simply because of the time it would take to get anywhere. Even then, for the Cardinals, getting to New York, Philadelphia and the like wasnt a short hop, thats for sure.

When you think of Cardinals players of the past, one name stands out like a beacon, Stan Musial, who only died quite recently, at a ripe age. Of course we Red Sox fans would counter with Ted Williams, but anyway…

Two things are for sure. One, that it has all the makings of being a great series, everything in the match up points to that. Two, that I wont see any of it live, as it will all take place in the very early hours of the morning, our time. Thankfully ESPN will provide ‘as live’ programmes the next day, and hopefully I can catch a few of them at least.

Clearly I wish everyone well, but yes, in the end, I want the same team to win, as won in 2004, the Red Sox, though I dont think it will be as one sided this time around.

Apologies, I was trying hard to think of a suitable musical piece, and having used Stan Musial, and his harmonica playing ‘Take Me Out To The Ballpark’ at the time of his passing, this was the best I could come up with

A certain canine friend, known as Fenway, wont mind which team wins, as long as it goes 7 matches. Treats from Kate if Boston win, treats from next door (where he gets looked after when Kate is away) when Cardinals do!

Brave or crazy, not sure which?

As a lot of people know, when it comes to trying new things, especially anything that might improve my health, I’ll give almost anything a try. I know, crazy or what, and believe me, one or two are never likely to be repeated.

But one thing I’ve avoided up to now, despite ibs, and countless other issues, is Colonic Irrigation, or Hydrotherapy, though I’m not sure why, given that the speculum wont be the first thing that has ever been up my rear end, but enough of that issue! I’ve heard mixed reviews, and comments about it, but now I’m going to find out for myself, next Friday.

I look at it this way, if it works, then great, if it doesnt, then I wont repeat it, but at least I will have lived, and learned, shall we say? Given it will only be water flowing in, and out, not some nanite loaded solution, I expect to feel human at the end, even if my backside might wonder whats happened to it, and my bowels even more so!

For a guide as to what I’m letting myself in for, you can watch this

Wish me luck…I think?

Oh, and on a totally unrelated, but very biased note, the Boston Red Sox are now in the World Series, starts on Wednesday evening, US time. Good luck guys, Boston Brave!

Summer (not quite the first time)

Yes, I know, gives away the song title to those of you old enough to remember it, and given thats it a classic, a lot more beside, I hope.

No, before you ask, I didnt take away the boyhood of any young man this summer, or indeed give a girl her first lesbian thrill. Hey, I’ve been asexual for 13 years, so that was hardly likely to be the case! And even if I was a sex driven creature, I’d prefer the company of someone closer to my age anyway. The irony of the song, my only long term love in my life was a fair bit older than me, just not saying how much. But no, I have no ‘cougar’ inspirations, it has to be said.

But yes, next weekend, British Summer Time officially comes to an end, though I know my North American friends wait another week before the clocks go back. Mind, weather wise, summer is already over anyway lol! Crazy, isnt it, we spend more time of the year in ‘summer time’ than we do in our natural time zone! I’m sure there is reasoning there, I just cant see it!

The funny thing is, both of my US venues this year were return ones. The first to a place I visited on my very first trip across the pond in 1987, the latter to the first place I went to on a solo visit, in 2000. Been doing it ever since lol, mainly twice a year. Also includes one much longer stay in 2003, but thats beside the point.

Rochester was the place visited back in ’87, on a brief stop, on the way to Niagara. We stopped in a motel near there on the way back, but I dont remember any details. No, didnt see a lot of the city back then, mainly remembered the lake, but it was nice to go back, and see more. Especially to see where Louise Brooks is buried, something I definitely didnt do back then, as I didnt really learn about her until ’91, and that record by OMD.

As I say, the return to Richmond was a repeat of 2000, though this time I was a lot further out from the city than last time. This time I teamed up with Kate, the weather was wonderful, and a nice break from work. Mind, I nearly ended up doing some work, but anyway…

But now, summer is virtually over, and it will soon be darker earlier in the afternoon, and much colder. Ah well…

The video, yes, the clue is in the title

The bad beard club

Though officially they are known as the Boston Red Sox, they could certainly merit the other name at present, some of those beards (alright, probably all of them) are a pretty shocking sight! I guess its a team spirit thing, but please, get rid of them at the end of the season, hopefully the end of the World Series!

Yes, its baseball time again.

Having cruised past Tampa Bay, in what I will call the quarter finals (they have some trendy name, but in reality, thats what they are) pretty easily, but then the might of Detroit rolled into town. The first match summed up the strength of the pitching staff, 1-0 to Detroit. Just for information, on the same night, St Louis won 1-0 in their semi final too!

Second match of 7, going into the bottom of the 8th, and Detroit are winning 5-1, bit of a black hole for Boston. They managed to get runners on all 3 bases by various means, but also used up 2 of their 3 outs in doing so. Up steps David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, and just as the commentators are saying that he’s never got a home run off this pitcher, you’ve guessed it, first pitch gets smashed out of Fenway, and the scores are tied. Boston win in the 9th, but thats a side issue.

The entertainment here is in the little matters. Hunter makes a valiant effort to stop the ball leaving the park, and goes tumbling into the Boston bullpen as a result. The policeman there on duty, doesnt even notice, he’s too busy celebrating! All captured in this wonderful video.

I know, I know, I’m a Mariners fan! Yes, but Boston, and Kansas sit pretty high in my heart too. Oh, and I suspect that at some point Kate mind controlled me into becoming a Red Sox fan anyway, I just wish I’d known she was doing it lol! No, however hard she tries, supporting the Patriots is just one step too far though!

Enjoy the moment, enjoy the policeman’s celebrations even more!

You’re a star

One of the benefits of being a prolific reviewer of stories seems to be I get to make ‘cameo’ appearances in other peoples stories from time to time, under various versions of my name and guises. They are generally great fun, and play to my kinks, or my talents, or indeed both.

Sometimes I know in advance they are coming, the previous time this happened with him, my friend J Darksong tipped me off in advance, and lo and behold, a character called Meredith Gardner appeared in his story, Sleepers. yes, think MC Garden for the surname, I assume? And shock horror, her mind got interfaced with a computer, and for a while at least, she was pretty much turned into a robot. And fine, I was jealous of her, no great shock I guess.

As I say, a few others have played the same nice tribute over the years, they are much appreciated, and much enjoyed.

But this time…I was reading one of the 2 stories he put up this week, and enjoying it a lot, when suddenly to my surprise, a new character enters the tale. To quote,

I took the liberty of calling in a colleague of mine, a certain expert in all things dealing with digital imagery and data extrapolation, Dr. Stephanie Brooks.

Yes, me! Well, not literally, my surname isnt actually Brooks, its …….. but of course the surname I use nowadays as an author, and on the forum, is Brooks!

As to what the author has in plan for her, I have absolutely no idea, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Of course, my real life job actually involves data, though more the inputting of it, but anyway, more than close enough to be very flattering.

Just wanted to say thank you publicly for this, and to say to my readers out there that dont know his stories, to go read some, he’s a very talented writer, and dear online friend.

The video, well just for me,…

Any Brits at least might recognise a few (very much younger) faces here.

More questions than answers

One thing that seems to happen intermittently at Fembot Central is that you will get a journalist, or article writer becoming a member, and wanting to talk to people about what is currently called Technosexuality. Now, when it comes to the sex side of things, I’m not a lot of use, its been so long that I’ve forgotten what sex is lol. Nearly 13 years in fact, next month will be the anniversary.

But the other side of the fembot kink, yes, I can talk quite well about that. And providing said person is polite, and respectful, I’m more than happy to do so. So yes, I volunteered again to say my piece. He was polite, he was respectful, and indeed it was a very pleasant hour and a half (or so) talking to him via Messenger. Quite handy, given he was in Chicago, I was in Yorkshire!

The thing is, technosexuality, for want of a better word, seems to be getting more accepted, though most of that seems to revolve around built fembots, rather than transformed ones! Certainly adverts nowadays seem to include any number of robot girls, of various styles, so acceptance seems to be growing, because lets face it, advertisers wouldnt use them if they didnt think they were!

No, its never going to be universally accepted, any more than LGBT ever will be. But if we can reach the levels of acceptance they do nowadays, we wont be doing a bad job! But yes, love for fembots seems to be growing, I’m pleased to say.

The video, see the title. Sadly no live pics, its too old a song for that.

Lets make some money!

So alright, the video suggests making lots of money, but I doubt my little ebooks are ever going to do that! So I’ll settle for a few pennies, or more strictly, a few cents, and be more than happy with that.

Seriously, if a few years ago, you’d told me that I would even be earning any money from my writing, I would probably have laughed at you, but all that was before the explosion in the ebook market, giving authors the chance to publish, who would never get that chance otherwise…like me!

Even when it all took off, I never seriously considered getting involved myself, but eventually I fell to the temptation with a pair of stories that hadnt been posted elsewhere, and they sold a few copies. So I decided in time, to post a couple more that fit in with the genre of the 20’s, and time travel, and hey, they’ve sold a few, despite actually being available somewhere for free! I know that maybe I could have got a few more sales if I’d taken them down elsewhere, but as I’m not in it to earn a living, I didnt worry about it.

So why all the musing now, well, I’m just about to get my first royalty payment, thats why! And yes, US Inland Revenue section please note, I’m paying you a little bit of tax. In return, if you want to give me a little bit of citizenship, and a little bit of rights to work, then I’ll happily accept. No, I doubt very much they will take me up on my generous offer lol!

So thats it, seems I’m now a professional writer, about to get her first royalty cheque, wow! Alright, it isnt a cheque, it will be a Paypal payment, but…its money!

Oh, and I dont know exactly how many of those places want a profile picture of the author, I know that one or two do though. And some time very shortly, I’ll have one of them too, an extra incentive to go seek out my stories, or maybe not?

I have no idea how well this Amazon link works, but if it doesnt, look in the Kindle Store under Merry Brooks

Barnes and Noble (looks a better link)

Or if Smashwords is your scene

No harm slipping in a little advertising lol!

Yes, the photo, finally collected the book of the photo shoot pictures, and they are really good. When I get an email version of a few of them next week, I’ll post something here, I promise.

The video, what hopefully I’m about to do, but very much doubt

So you want to be a robot?

One of the interesting questions I was asked last week in that ‘interesting conversation’ I had, was to be asked why I wanted to be a robot? A very reasonable question under the circumstances, sonsidering the story that had brought us together in the first place, and the desires I had mentioned.

Before we get started, lets give a quick shout out to the first robot who probably hooked me on the idea, that feisty one in the original TV series of Lost in Space. For those who dont remember it, or the film, here’s an idea of what it looked like

Seriously, I am so jealous of him, I would love to have the chance of wearing that myself, though I suspect it weighs quite a lot, if you try to move in it, or anything.

But clearly, the chances of me being transformed into a robot like this one, slim, to put it mildly! Lets face it, its never going to be a sexy robot look, is it?

Anyway, getting back on track. I might have mentioned this before, but one of the things that appeals to me about robot life, is the lack of emotions. Oh, there is the totally being controlled side of it too, and I guess both relate to having the power of decision making, and feelings taken away from me. Brainwashed and reprogrammed, simply brainwashed, or just functioning with a totally controlled mind, the feelings are moot as to what is the biggest kick for me. Almost certainly one of the first two, but from there, its the toss of a coin. Just being a mindless drone might be fun, but would it be even more fun to know you’ve been reprogrammed to become the ‘machine’ you are now.

How would you like it done?

Well, in all honesty, any way possible! Hey, if you can find a way to make hypnosis stick permanently, then I’d even take that. But yes, alright, if I’m being honest, I want my brain electrically ‘fried’ to some degree. Be it with electrodes, a la ECT below

which is the far more delicious clip, but sadly cut short at the end. Or this one, which has the far better build up, but cuts out the ‘good bit’ unfortunately.

Yes, from my personal kink, a helmet placed over my head, with or without electrodes would be even better, especially with electrodes, I must admit. But seriously, having my brain zapped in this way, especially as in the first clip, would be wonderful, all the same.

Now, if I believe all that he told me, this could all actually happen fairly soon. And hey, if it was just play, then let me say he was really, really good in playing his part. So much so that my heart actually believes him, and is sure this will happen, even as my head is trying to tell me that is a crazy idea. But, but…lets wait and see.

Of course, nothing could possibly make me happier than it being true, and that sometime soon I will be turned into a mindless, compliant robot, unable to do anything but obey commands given to me. As I say, I so want it to happen, and he made me believe him that it will, but…could I really be so lucky?

Lets wait and see, but fingers are crossed. 😉