Reality TV

Normally I avoid “Reality TV” like the plague. All its cast offs too, relating mainly to pop music as well, just cant stand the fakeness of most of them to be honest. In fact I take the best route possible, and try not to think about them at all, though its not easy at times, due to the fact that people will actually bet on these series, the live ones at least, and whether by accident, or connivance, the pre recorded ones as well, like The Apprentice. As I say, I try to avoid them.

But then, in one of my contests this month, someone wrote a story loosely based around a reality TV series called Survivor. No, but for Wikipedia, I wouldnt have a clue what the real version was like. Dont quote me on it, but I’m not sure it  even exists this side of the Atlantic. (UK, for those not coming here through the forums) But lets face it, for the story written, it was the entertainment factor I was looking for, not details about said programme.

The only one I’ve seen anything of, is Big Brother, the UK version, and in all honesty, only snippets of the first couple  of series. As mentioned, I cant stand these programmes, it was just there were a couple of entertaining characters in then, and it was before the ‘fame for 15 minutes brigade’ took it over as well. I know to some degree, allegedly, these people do suffer a bit, but not enough imo. And lets face it, with things like X-Factor, we get to suffer afterwards when they think they might really be pop stars!

But yes, I’d like to see them really suffer. Can you imagine our modern, pampered twenty somethings coping with life as it was a hundred years ago? Hope you’re laughing at the thought as much as I am! To be honest, I suspect taking them back 40 or 50 years in living standards would be more than enough to see most fall at their knees. You want a phone, use the phone box. TV, 3 channels, and make the most of it. Anyone remember how large computers were, even back in the eighties? Not sure how far back you go for the first commercial microwave ovens, but its not that far, I suspect?

And all that is just going back 40 years, lets face it. You imagine the modern generation living only with what was around in the 20’s or 30’s, say? I know, I know, attitudes have changed a lot, but…It might at least make reality TV entertaining trying to see them cope in that situation, instead of the modern settings. Even I might watch some of the mirth that might cause!

Alright, the video. Given the Brooksie side of my nature, I’m only amazed I didnt think of this before, as its probably the film that most relates to that whole era, or was until “The Artist” came along at least. So beat the drum, because here comes ‘Thoroughly Modern Stevie” now!

Apologies for the film titles, but it was the most decent version I could find, and I do love the Julie Andrews facials, and general expressions in this