Grease – Love, or Mind Control?

Yes, feel free to treat this as a tongue in cheek piece if you desire, but just hear me through.

So we get this movie, with the female lead, the ultimate good girl. So sweet and pure that you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from her glowing halo. Then one man turns her into a leather wearing sex kitten, all supposedly for love. Or given the favourite genre of these pieces, was it mind control?

No, I dont seriously think it was, but you have to admit it, the changes in Sandy are pretty dramatic to say the least! And you cant really say its compromise, Danny doesnt really change at all, lets face it! So why, maybe it was love, or was it that Danny changed her, hmm?

Yes, as you might have guessed, its a movie I loved, so many good songs that have stood the test of time, and all that. And OK, I quite enjoy Sandy’s new look, well, other than the cigarettes at least! Vile product, not saying any more! But those trousers, drool…The other interesting point, if it was just love, is the general change in Sandy. Originally, as in this video, she’s Miss goodytwo shoes, and at that stage, pretty submissive in nature. By the time of Summer Loving, that look, and attitude is about as Domme as it gets!

So, was it really just love, or something more? 😉

The video, Olivia Newton John, in cute mode, though I’m sure the leather look wouldnt be hard to find on You Tube, should you wish to do so? 😉