Feedback and follow up

I suppose one of the disappointments I’ve had with the ebooks, is a total lack of reviews anywhere. Dont get me wrong, I wasnt expecting dozens, but one or two would have been nice, especially on the 2 not posted anywhere else, just to see what I’m doing right, or wrong with them. But despite a reasonable number of sales, not a clue what any buyer has thought of them. No returns, as far as I can see, so must be doing something right at least, but all the same…

I know, its tricky to review erotic stuff online, though lets face it, you dont have to use your actual name when doing the review, but anyway…If anyone out there is prepared to read, and more critically, review one of my stories, a voucher could be arranged, you know? 😉

Mind, to be fair, the number of reviews/comments that most of my stories generated through the archive, could pretty much be counted on the fingers of your hands! At least one or two that never got finished, if I had got a single clue as to what people liked about them, or whatever, they may have got more done, but thats all history now.

But yes, some of what I have got could make your toes curl. Hazard of writing Mind Control porn, I guess? Also, got lots of nice ones, but its the others that stick in your head. And then you get the ones where you wonder if the line between fiction, and reality is getting a bit blurred, or even more than that.

I’m not going to say much now, as I want to see how this develops. I feel its just fiction, but the whole thing has the feel of something more than that, and its intriguing me. When I first started corresponding with someone about a story, it started off as just an email, asking me about a certain event in the story, and whether I’d really like something similar to happen to me in real life. Given its one of those things that would appeal to me in real life, I said yes, shock horror.

Now at first, when I got further replies, I thought it was either a very intricate wind up, or a very good role play by email. But then the correspondence went on, and I began to wonder if it was even as straightforward as the latter. Lets just say that having chatted online, I’m beginning to think he’s either an excellent role player, or its real! Verging on the latter to be honest, if not very much so. Thing is, I really hope it is, sounds fascinating if thats the case!

As I say, I’ve been told that events may develop from here, in a very good way as far as I’m concerned, so I’m not going to upset ‘anyone’ by posting them at this point, this potentially appeals to me far too much for me to upset anyone that way. If however nothing happens in the next couple of months, I might yet get back to this story, and say more.

But if it does happen, mmm…but no, nothing this good in life ever happens to me lol!

Its unofficially Al Yankovic day for me, so lets pluck a song that fits in loosely with the whole surreptitious scene, and mind control