Mind control morals

Oh fine, I know, mind control stories, and moral considerations for the victims dont generally go together, but I like to be awkward! But then again, nowadays, I’m not your average mind control story writer, which is why this issue has arisen with me.

Dont get me wrong, I still use mind control in my stories, as my victims still get their minds turned to mush, or become part of a controlled hive mind, or even turned into robots from time to time. But do you know one thing? Nowadays, I pretty much always return them to normal before the end of the story. Yes, they get thoroughly controlled, have plenty of sex based fun, but in the end, its all reset, and they go back to their normal lives. So fine, like everyone else, I take liberties with some issues involved in having an extremely healthy sex drive, none of my girls are EVER going to get pregnant, for starters. Mainly because being pregnant is a turn off for me, but why bring these mundane matters into it, unless thats your kink, as it seems to be with some. Me, I dont get it, but anyway…

And yes, 90% of the time, or more, the morals of controlling people’s minds, and turning them into sex slaves forever, and things like that, who cares? Its the nature of mind control for most, its permanent, and the dominant one controls, and doesnt care what happens to the victims.

Me, I have developed a habit of letting my characters experience it, and enjoy it, but in the end, they go back to being themselves, and…Fine, some enjoy it so much, they volunteer to do it again, on the same basis, but anyway…

And yes, even me, who would love to be a robot. I would love to be able to do a trial session (though quite a lengthy one, at least 24 hours) before I contemplated making it permanent, just to see if it really is as good as I think it is. Fine, if it was one, and done, I’d probably do it regardless, but in an ideal world…I’d love to be able to say yes, or no, after having tried it.

Which brings me to the latest piece I’m writing, for a contest at Fembot Central. Set in a future where transformation chambers exist, though they should only be used for short periods, not forever. And therefore, in a movie, a woman gets turned into a robot, for filming purposes, planning on it being for 2-3 weeks. But during that time, a billionaire hears about whats been done (pretty much a real person Stepford wife, I guess?), and wants her as his obedient, trophy wife. Very large sum of money offered, for a girl with no family, to the studio.

And thats the moral question. Should they take the money, turn her into a permanent robot wife, and make a fortune, or should they say no, make her human again, not say a word about her possible fate, and leave it at that? Of course, there is the chance that if they made her human, told her about the offer, that she would volunteer to be turned into said robot wife, but unless she’s me, I cant see her saying yes to that!

Fine, I’m going to use a get out clause, write 2 endings, and let people choose which one they prefer, or simply just read the one most likely to appeal to them. But me, I want to let her free, but in truth, if I was offered $10 million, to leave someone as a robot, hmm, tough call? Mind, if I left her as a robot wife, it might make me one of these