Divine interference?

Alright, warning, this may not mean a lot to anyone other than US readers, but anyway… Seeing they are the vast bulk of my readers going by the stats…

Most championships are decided by merit. Either the team that wins the most games against the others teams in their league, or in their continent, wins the title, or they end up with a series of knock out deciders to settle the matter. Then you get College Football (Gridiron type, for any non US readers still going) where there are about 12 top rank divisions (including a supposed Big 5), plus some independents who dont play in any other divisions, of which 4 teams go to the playoffs.

Yes, thats right, the maths dont add up well, do they?

Earlier this weekend, all of the championship games got played. One of the supposed top 4 isnt in a division, so they just rested up. Even more complex, the ‘number 1’ team were playing the ‘number 4’ team, as both play in same conference!

Lurking outside of all this, sitting at number 5 going into the weekend, were Oklahoma. Yes, I know, I support Kansas State, and Kate supports Oklahoma State, both in the same conference, so I should hate them, right? Thing is, Oklahoma would be Clara Johnson’s team I suspect, as its the nearest University to where she was born, though she certainly never went there! Given she was moving to LA, from Texas at the age of 20, thats a safe bet! But anyway…

Last night, I watched Oklahoma beat Texas 39-27, getting revenge for their only defeat this season. Thing is, unless one of the top 4 drops out, they cant make the play off. So thank you, I thought, for Alabama (No 1) playing Georgia (no 4), as given logic, the latter should lose, drop down the rankings, only… when I went to bed last night, Georgia were winning 28-14. And yes, that would drop Alabama down the rankings, but probably not to No 5, and let Oklahoma in.

Apparently, with 6 minutes to go, that was still the score. The final score, you ask? 35-28 to Alabama! Now whether this was Alabama inspiration, yet another Georgia meltdown, or someone up in heaven intervening to let her local university get to the playoffs, who knows? My money is on that it wasnt the latter, but it would be funny to think so, wouldnt it?

No, I know, sport is just crazy!

Right, video time. Well given it feels like heaven may have played a part in events, how about this?

What I know about Basketball

Not a lot, if you really want to know, suspect it could be written on a small sheet of paper, thats for sure. Did once go to a Seattle Sonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) game in the NBA, but thats really it, and I only did that because the opportunity was there, and it seemed to be a fun way to spend an evening. It wasnt bad, but not a sport I’d rush to watch again in all honesty.

NCAA Basketball, oh please, I didnt even go to university over here, let alone in the US, so…But yes, I’m following the basketball playoffs with a slight hint of bias. If I say that I started with 3 teams to follow, and I still have 1 left in the final four, and given the whole Louise Brooks thing, you may have gathered that’s Kansas. And yes, you’re right, I couldnt name a single player on the team without cheating by using a relevant website lol.

I even watched a bit of their game last night while finishing off on here, but only after the cricket finished, have to get my priorities right lol! But did it mean anything really to me, no, in all honesty. Doesnt mean I wont be looking out for their result next weekend though, I think I heard next Saturday mentioned as the date? But yes, I seem to be getting more into this whole college sports thing, funnily enough. I have wild, and unlogical affiliations, Washington, because I love Seattle, Yale, because they are the first team I saw (college football far too long ago), and now seemingly Kansas, though I have no actual idea if they are the nearest university to Cherryvale anyway! Oh, and Oklahoma State, because I have to stay in Kate’s good books, and besides, they arent that far over the state line from Cherryvale either!

I’m actually hoping to get up to Washington Uni next month, just to walk around the site, just because I love that sort of thing, and yes, despite the knees, I do love just walking, though it does pretty much have to be fairly flat, or well paved nowadays unfortunately. Can you get an unofficial college Alma Mater btw? I think most college sports are at the weekend unfortunately, so I doubt I will get to see any Husky team play though. Might try and find a website, I’m pretty sure there are several lol!

All the same, in spirit at least, I will be rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks next weekend, and yes, I did have to look the nickname up!

The music, an indirect link to Kansas if you think about it carefully,