A beautiful day

Mainly related to the fact that its been my one day off, in an eleven day period stretching from last Wednesday, until this Saturday, this is it! But yes, it has been a beautiful day weather wise, even if I havent had any real time to enjoy it. Trying to catch up on things, including my blogs, as you may well have noticed!

Right, lets start with the depressing stuff, what I still havent managed to achieve, despite these few hours of freedom. I havent got my nails done, which is only annoying in the sense that 3 nails have snapped off, taking the gel with them. Only blessing, given they are shimmering silver nowadays, its not as obvious as they would be if pink, or red, or a colour like that. But given I cant get them done on a Sunday, it will now be next Tuesday, but appointment is now booked at least. Nor have I got my hair coloured or cut, which is needed, but just at the moment, unless I can achieve miracles (or forego most of next Tuesday), I have no idea when I can get it done. The other thing I know isnt done, is to get the 2 ebooks ready for publishing, though they are now ready to go, even got the covers to go up too. 🙂 Hopefully I can dig into that on Sunday (though no idea when I can find the time) and get them through the checker thing at Smashwords, and get them posted up. But please, dont quote me on a date for that, all the same.

What I have got done, among many things, is plenty of reading, which hopefully opens up some time for next week, even more so if I can get through a few more tonight, fingers crossed. I’ve also sent the 2 shorts off to Simon tonight, so hopefully they should get posted up to the Archive at the weekend, the first stuff I will have posted there in quite a while, due to those blessed time issues! Probably the last for quite a while too!

Oh, and I’ve written a blog, just for you. But yes, the weather forecast tonight, as provided by U2, is

Next one, Sunday…hopefully!