A new way of learning languages

Yes, a blog inspired by a Facebook passing of words, with a company I’ve followed for a while, where whoever does their social media, seems a good person. Hager Group, stand up, and be proud.

They are a group who design and create equipment for electrical installations, a subject matter of no interest to me whatsoever. Yes, that comment is very tongue in cheek, though maybe the type of electrical installation I’d like to be connected up to, isnt one that they design lol!

In the last few days, they’ve actually been advertising for staff on Facebook, the snag for me being that none at present are available in the UK. Plenty in France, and Germany, but I’ve never learnt German in my life, and its about 40 years since I used French on any sort of basis. Frustrating, I know, but such is life at present, I guess? But yes, wouldnt it so appeal to me, in so many ways, if I could just get a neural download, in either, or both languages, and get a job that way? I know, give it another 20 years or so, and you probably will, but for now…

Oh, and fine, I might be one of very few people in the world who would really enjoy that being downloaded into their mind, but besides all that…As they told me, I dont have to go ‘into the Matrix’ to get a job with them, though I wouldnt mind doing so, all the same. Fine, I’ve sent my CV to them, on a chance basis, in case any UK jobs come up, but for now…

Also, given the current imbalance in what jobs people can do, and what jobs people are needed to do, wouldnt it be great if I could be trained in that way for a new career? 😉

Oh, I’ve got an interview on Thursday, another call centre job, hopefully, assuming I get it, it works out better than the last one, which I’m trying to forget! No, I’m sure its not my dream job, but I’m not sure what is at the moment. Well, mad scientist’s guinea pig, but beyond that…

Oh fine, you know me, any excuse to play some OMD. I guess this fits in more with forgetting the last awful job, but its fair to say that the same machine that makes you forget everything, would be the one to reeducate you as well. Interesting combo, the extended Part 1, the normal length Part 2, and the much less heard parts 3 and 4, far shorter than the others. Just listen to as little, or as much as you wish.

And yes, if anyone does know of a way to brainwash, upgrade my thoughts, or both, let me know, I’d love the whole journey! 😉

(Part 1 is the best, but part 3 especially sounds like a brainwashing machine being used, so…)