A good heart, in a silver suit

Well, given that the silver bodysuit thread still seems to attract plenty of hits, even now, lets go back to the subject matter. Sadly, despite all those hits, no designer has yet come up with a concept for a really delicious silver (robot) bodysuit as yet, but I’m still hoping that one day…though not with any great expectation.

I could jokingly say that a company called Proteus has actually made an absolutely delicious one, called a Neural Replacement Sheath, but sadly both the company, and the suit, are pure fiction. I wish they werent, but such is life I guess? Well, its not perfect, it only goes up as far as your shoulders, but its not a bad start, just needs a matching helmet, or something for the complete look lol! Mind, the suit does a wonderful job of controlling your body, so just imagine what the matching helmet/headpiece could do to your mind…swoon!

As I say, sadly its pure fiction, as are the Neural Reconfiguration devices, cunningly designed to look like bracelets. But, you provide me the look, I’m sure I can provide the controlled look. And thats assuming you arent the technological genius that makes the process reality in the first place!

Yes, seriously, a relatively new writer to the EMCSA certainly knows how to push my buttons, if only story wise, not literally as yet! If only he could do…I could be a happily controlled robot, or as close as you’re going to get while still human at least.

Whats that, a link to his story? Well, seeing you asked, or didnt as the case may be, its


Oh, and the author kindly tells me, that if you use the code ZZ23T when purchasing, you get an extra dollar off the price! So now its an absolute bargain for my readers, so go for it!

And no, he didnt ask me to do this, well not unless he knows how to do mind control, and if thats the case, where’s my NRS suit, I want to know! From here you can also link to his other stuff on sale, but as thats a much longer story, I’ll break you in gently.

Seriously, the ending might not be quite what you expect either. 😉

Ah, the video, well its sort of apt to the ending, but you have to buy the story to find that out. So lets settle for the reason being that he’s a very talented singer from Ulster, where I will be in just over 2 weeks. Apart from that, its a great song, and a few ladies in the video, so all in all, you should find plenty to enjoy…as well as the story. Oh, her name, pure coincidence, I promise you. Well…maybe…?

Trips away

Yes, just to confirm for any reader that maybe interested, September will be in Richmond. So if anyone wants to dress me up in Scarlett O’Hara mode for a photoshoot, I’m open to offers, and I suspect Kate would quite enjoy that too. No, I dont expect to find my Rhett Butler there though, I’m just not interested, sorry and all that.

But before then, squeezed in between the trip to Rochester, and the trip to Richmond, is a brief visit to somewhere that doesnt begin with the letter R, Belfast. Yes, about 2 and a half weeks from now, I will be over there for a few days, four in all, including both travel days, heading to the cricket. I’m going to the first 2 days of the match against Australia A, and hoping for some decent weather then. I know, knowing my luck and all that, but its probably the only chance I’ll get for live cricket this year. Sadly a number of the top Irish players wont be there, they will be busy playing for their counties over here in the UK, and unlikely to be released. But hopefully I will get to see a good game, and see Ireland perform well.

Its funny though, its not that long ago that if you said you were visiting Belfast, that people would look at you, and think you must be crazy, or something. Yes, at the time of the Troubles, it was not a tourist haven, thats for sure. And though they have the occasional ‘lively moment’ still, things are far better now, and yes, I should be fine. I actually went over to Northern Ireland a number of times during those years, though never to central Belfast. I did get to Londonderry one though, but all seemed peaceful then to an innocent visitor. Whether it truly was, no idea, but I like to think so.

This will actually be the first time I’ve stayed in Central Belfast, I normally stop at a hotel on the outskirts, in the direction of the ground at Stormont, but their prices have gone up, and this hotel in the centre caught my eye, so trying something new. Hopefully getting to and from the ground wont prove too complex, I know there is a bus service from the city, I just dont know any details at present! I’m also open to suggestions for reasonably priced places in the city to eat on the 3 nights I’m there, so if anyone reads this, and knows…? But yes, I do mean reasonably priced lol! Unless you’re offering to pay? Thought not lol!

Right, the video. The title is suitable, though I find little in it that really relates to the city itself. Suspect the word just worked for another in the chain of Boney M hits in the 70’s, and that was that? To be honest, its not a great song, you’re warned if you still click on the link.

Virginia Belle?

Yes, the fun thing about holiday plans is flexibility. And yes, in that sense I am flexible, only wish my body was, but you cant have everything! Well, I now know the dates I will be in the US, its just a matter of where. And no, its not a wide open contest, its either Kansas, or Virginia. Yes, I know, you thought I was going to Kansas, and I may well still be doing so, but… Oh, the dates, 21st-28th September, if you want to know.

Alright, this holiday was planned with the idea of teaming up with Kate again in mind. And yes, thats why we might have the change in plans! You see, Kate is not only great fun to be around, she’s very clever too. No, I dont know exactly what, I’m not that computer minded that even if she told me, that I’d probably understand it. Lets face it, as I’ve said before, I’m more into the computer controlling me, than me controlling the computer lol!

So, just at the moment, she’s busy on a project somewhere in the Richmond area, and getting away in September might prove tricky. So when she wrote to me the other night, and asked if I fancied going to Richmond instead, she was expecting the answer to be no. Funny thing is, and something she wouldnt have known, is that 13 years ago I visited Richmond, and had a nice time there, one of my first solo trips to the US in fact. I did meet up with someone that I’d talked to through the internet, got invited over, and went. No, it didnt come to much beyond the week, and a few months later, we drifted apart from chatting to each other. But it meant I got to see a bit of Richmond, and liked what I saw. No, I dont really remember much details, but…

So yes, I shot Kate down, I said yes, I wouldnt mind going back there, so just at the moment I’m waiting to hear where I’m going now. Lets face it, if I dont get to Kansas this year, I get there next year, and at my age, whats another year? I’m sure Louise Brooks will forgive me the delay, especially given the ‘nice things’ she said about Wichita in her time.

No, I cant see me in one of those Scarlett O’Hara type outfits, but I can dream. Personally I dont think it would make a pretty sight, but besides that…but it might be fun? 😉 Or will I just be a cute Kansas farmgirl, lets wait and see.

The video, a Roxy Music classic, and live at that. Yes, the obvious one

Tornado Alley

If anyone should read both blogs, and you must be a very exclusive club if you do, then sorry, for the second time running, one blog covers both sites. I only wish this one didnt have to though

Sorry, if you only come here for the video selection, you might as well leave now, there wont be one. Why, because what I’m writing about doesnt really fit in with a music video for me somehow.

Yes, I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard the news about Oklahoma? And though in a sense I’m delighted to hear that the death toll has gone down from 91, to 24, its still not great news all the same. I’ve seen a tornado on TV, thankfully never seen, or experienced one in real life, and I hope it stays that way. The frightening thing, this was only an EF-4 tornado, which means there is one level of tornado more dangerous than that! Makes you think, doesnt it?

Yes, the Mid West is known as tornado alley for a good reason, they happen there on a regular basis, though mostly not as strong as this. And many just blast a 500 yard whole in a corn field, and vanish again, unfortunately this one didnt. Unlike lightning, they do seem to strike twice in the same place, Moore, OK suffering another very bad one just 13 years ago.

As I say, I wouldnt want to get caught up in one. Apart from a few crazy people in a TV show, I’m not sure who would?

Anyway, just to say that at present, my heart goes out to all those in Oklahoma, and the surrounding states at present. So, if you can spare some local currency, of whatever variety, feel free to do so. It doesnt have to be as large as Kevin Durant’s million dollar pledge, because lets face it, our salaries arent in his league in the first place. But just something, join with me.

Link is http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations

Alright, pledging over, I promise the next blog will be more lighthearted…hopefully.

Forever and ever

Its funny how these things happen, if you are patient enough, something comes along that really makes your day. No, I didnt win the Powerball lottery, or even the UK lottery lol. As I dont do either, it would be pretty tricky to do so anyway.

But in a sense, something that arrived in my email box this morning is far more precious to me than that. What you may be asking yourselves? 2 photos of someone I never met, and never will now, in this world at least. Yes, I finally know what the late ‘Sara Castle’ looked like, as I was sent 2 pictures today by a mutual friend, thanks go to Kim for that. At the same time, its a bit of a funny feeling seeing her now, only after she’s gone from this world. And no, I’m not posting a picture of her here either, for the most obvious reason.

I may never have actually met her, but we chatted by email for years, about good things, bad things, and plenty else beside, some of which you’re better off not knowing about lol! And to save you asking, it was the big C that got her, even though she managed to hide the worst details of it from her friends until quite literally, she was gone from us. If I’d known, I could have gone and visited, she was in the UK, if at the opposite end of England to me, but for her it would have been a trip I would happily have made. But no, given we only found out just how serious it had been after she was gone, it wasnt to be.

Funny thing is, I still have the very last email I sent her, though she never saw it., Thats right, it was sent after I knew she was dead, to her email box, just so I could say the right words before tying up those ends, and starting again. Sadly I dont have the last email I sent her that she had read, I accidentally deleted that a long time ago, nor do I have the last one she sent me either unfortunately.

But at least now, I have 2 pictures of her, to keep for as long as I’m around, and thats something special for me.

The video, a very young Midge Ure, in his first group, with lyrics and a title that seem quite apt

A Week On My Own

Well, as from tomorrow morning, this place is going to be quieter for a week, with just me kicking around, at least when I’m not at work. Not strictly true, there will be 2 noisy, always hungry cats to keep me company, but no other people here. Why, the other 3 are off to Cyprus for a week.

No, it wont make a lot of difference to my personal lifestyle, beyond the fact of having to cook, and wash up for myself, as there is no point using the dishwasher for one person, believe me. Oh, and having to remember to set, and unset the alarm every time I go in and out of here!

Much though I live a pretty solitary existence, with my own separate living room and things, I still get to hear other people moving around the house in the background, and if I feel the need for talk, then someone’s there. For the next week, it will just be the cats, and even if they could talk, the chance of intelligent conversation with our two, would be pretty much zero anyway!

But no, nothing exciting or wild is likely to happen, just not my scene. Mind, for the first 4 days there would be no chance of it anyway, working varying silly shifts at work!

Other exciting news? I dont know if it was related to Thursday night, and all that standing for 4 hours, but my right knee decided to give way for a few moments last night, proving just what a frail, middle aged human I am. Yes, both knees have seen a ‘few’ surgeries in their time, a very good reason why I never wear anything that doesnt cover my knees. Yes, I have skirts, shorts and a swimsuit that doesnt fit that bill, but beyond the logic that swimsuits dont cover knees, I have no idea why! At least when I’m in the water, no one can see my knees, I guess?

Dont worry, it seems fine now, seems only to have been a momentary thing, though I will need to keep an eye on it for now. It might have been the pavement (I was jogging for the bus at the time), but it didnt feel that way. Ah well, I’m getting old, but I’m hanging on for cybernetic knee joint replacements lol, so…

The video, no relevance at all, just something you should see, and listen to if you havent already

The Concert review

Well, seriously, were you expecting anything else tonight?

Lets cut to the chase, you arent interested in where I went for dinner, or the journey home afterwards, so no more about that.

No, I hadnt been to the Academy at Leeds before, for any reason, so had no idea what to expect. Given that I was there for 7.00 door opening, I managed to get pretty close to the stage, about 4th or 5th row back, as it was all standing. Yes, by the end of the evening, my legs, knees and feet were complaining loudly about standing in pretty much the same spot for 4 hours, allowing for dancing on the same spot, there wasnt room to do more. Lets just say the walk to the station was slightly painful lol.

Right, the concert. First up was the support act, John Foxx and The Maths. Thing is, I’m old enough to remember that John sang with Ultravox before Midge Ure, but not many others do. No, I only saw Ultravox when Ure was the frontman, so hadnt seen him before. He did a good show, but for all but 1 person, it was just the warm up for the big event. Yes, there was one guy, just in front of me who was only there for the support act, went after he finished. Ah well…He missed a treat.

After that we saw the crew rapidly, and efficiently clear the stage, and do the little bit of preparation needed for OMD. Then, just about 9.00, the first notes of ‘Please Remain Seated’ were heard, the crowd erupted, and the show began.

No, I cant do a songlist for you, lets just say it included stuff both from the last 2 albums (especially the new, very excellent one, English Electric) and a lot of the older stuff too. Sadly for me, the list didnt include Pandoras Box, but thats the only fault I could find in all honesty. Given that I was only introduced to Louise Brooks by Andy, it would have been nice, but there are time limits and things, so…

The interesting thing is, the changes in style in 31 years, since I last saw them. Yes, we are all older, but Andy is still so fit, its frightening! Oh, his dancing style is still as, err, interesting as it ever was. The best comment I can make is, back then it was a concert, they played the songs (well alright, the music was pretty much all taped back then), and that was it, just a few words. The 2013 version is much more of a show though, Andy and Paul definitely talk far more with the crowd, all helps in making you feel part of the show. Hey, Malcolm even waves at us from the back while sat at his drums. Martin still wins the coolness stakes though, pretty much just sitting at his keyboards, apart from his sax solo moments. He was seen to be tapping along to the music though lol!

Ah, the music comment. Thats the difference, far more is live now. To be honest, the only thing that seemed pre taped were necessary things (the female vocals on Tesla Girls, Kissing The Machine, and the trumpets on Forever Live And Die as examples), and what I would call the ‘bottom line’ of the synth stuff on songs. But thats because 2 guys cant do that many layers live! Its fair to say that all they could do live, they did!

So yes, I might do another concert sometime, though not a standing only one, the old body isnt up to that!

Finally, thanks to Andy, Paul, Martin and Malcolm for a marvellous night, that brought back a lot of memories. One thing is for sure, if I see you all again live, its unlikely to take 31 years!

And the video, yes, I’ve found one from last nights show! Therefore as its from a mobile device, its not the greatest quality, but I was there!

Will it feel like the first time again?

No, dont worry, nothing unexciting like sex, this is about going to a pop concert.

Yes, this Thursday, for the first time in about 12 years, I’m going to one, OMD, in Leeds. I have no idea what its going to be like, its been a long time, as I mentioned, and as the last one was The Seekers, I think the atmosphere might be a bit different. Beyond finally getting the chance to see a group I had grown up with as a child, live, I dont remember much, beyond knowing I enjoyed every minute of it. It was in Bournemouth, bit of a distance from where I am now, or as Andy would say, Its a long, long way!

Technically, the first concert I went to was at the age of about 6, at Chessington Zoo, the Hollies were playing there back then. No, I certainly dont remember if it was a trip to the zoo, and we discovered they were playing, or we went there because they were playing, not a clue now.

The first concert I went to in my own right, was the New Seekers, in 1974 in Chatham. During the 70’s and early 80’s I saw a good few bands play, including OMD, in London, in 1982. Funny how things come full circle now, and we are all a lot older than then. I did go to some when I moved to Somerset in 1983, but Yeovil wasnt quite the same hot bed for touring bands, but I saw the Wurzels, and the Barron Knights that I remember at least. After I left there in 1999, it pretty much stopped, this one concert in Bournemouth, then nothing until now.

I’ll be honest, the only thing concerning me about Thursday night is that this concert is one of these ‘standing only’ things, and with my age (I know, an awful lot of fans will be my age, but…), and the state of my knees, I hope I can survive standing all that time, its not something I’m really used to nowadays.

I have been tempted before, Smokie came to Huddersfield a while back, The Proclaimers came to Holmfirth, but in the end, I didnt get to either. But now, ever since December, I’ve been looking forward to this with eagerness. if you’re good, or even if you’re not, you’ll probably get a review of the show on Friday anyway.

Oh, and Andy, if you read this, dont forget to play Pandoras Box lol!

But no, thats not the video, its a live track from the latest LP, showing off Andy’s, err, talents, as a dancer, as well as a singer

Get it right next time

Right, a posting on the matter that really should dominate this blog, but has a bad habit of not doing so, mind control. Lets face it, its the reason I started this blog, just that it seems to have drifted into other matters nowadays.

Most MC stories follow a common theme, someone either has, or gains mind control powers, and instantly has control over everyone around them that they desire to have said powers over. All perfect, never fails, and all that. But the stories that are the most fun for me fall into the 2 opposite groups, either someone accidentally gaining powers, and not going down Route 1, but being clever with them, and just using them as needed. ‘The Jilliad’ being a fine example of this genre.

The other fun one, of which there have been a couple of examples in this update (1 new, 1 continuation) is when things dont go according to plan, for one reason or another. In one of those stories, a hypnosis based one, the author is cleverly working things more along the official lines of hypnosis, in that you cant force anyone to do anything they really dont want to under hypnosis. The story, quite suitably is called ‘Limits’. But the author cleverly tries to get round things by taking things slowly, changing the other persons perception of what they are happy with, until, ha, he’s got them where he wants them! But it all takes time, and I’m loving the chess match style of the battle, for want of a better word that this brings about. You know that eventually he’s going to win, but in the meanwhile…

The other one, which is the new story this week, ‘Saimin Gentleman’ is where the protagonist thinks he’s used mind control to get his wicked way, but in all honesty, the victim was just plain willing to be taken anyway! In that sense, the punchline at the end of this is just wonderful, as the wannabee controller discovers he didnt need to mind control someone to get what he wanted, and indeed didnt do so, in this case because he forgot to press the magic button! The thing is, by the sound of it, the victim would have quite enjoyed being controlled anyway! Sadly we dont get to discover if he did press the button eventually or not, though by the sound of it, his desired victim would have used it on herself if he hadnt!

Anyway, just a note to all budding authors in the mind control field, less than perfect events can sometimes be a lot more fun than total mind control domination! Well, unless I’m your planned target, in which case please make sure your machine works perfectly, be it a mind controller, brainwasher, or robotising device lol!

The video, a blast from the past, which lets face it, most of my music is!