What a feeling to fly

So now we know the 2 teams left for that great sporting institution in the US, the Superbowl. Fine, the baseball World Series might mean even more to me, but this is pretty big all the same.

Its fair to say that the first team in the big match will surprise few people, its the New England Patriots. Yes, I know, the ‘marmite team’, or for those who dont get that comment, a team you either seem to love, or hate, nothing in between! Me, I’m one of those in between brigade, but only because my dear friend Kate is a supporter of them, I suspect. Otherwise, as a longstanding Buffalo fan, fine, I’d probably hate them too.

The other team are more of a surprise, or are at least if you are a pundit, expert, or just blindly followed prices at the start of the season, as its the Atlanta Falcons. Now me, I knew what their offense could do, thought they had a chance, but if you’d told me that Seattle would be ordinary, and that Carolina would be awful before the season started, then yes, I would have laughed.

But this team has run up points against just about everybody, and certainly impressed me even more than I expected. So fine, I might expect the ‘dark force’ to win out, as usual, but I know who I’ll be rooting for, the underdogs! Besides which, they’ve never won this, only once before been to a Superbowl, so yes, it would be nice for someone new to win, and…sorry Kate! xxx

The video, its the wrong bird, would be more apt for Philadelphia, but it was as close as I could get!


The game of brotherly love

Yes, I know, hardly surprising tonight, the subject matter is the Superbowl, a little over 2 hours away at the time of posting at least. One thing is for certain, the winning coaches surname will be Harbaugh lol! Which brother, whole different matter though.

Given my love of San Francisco, combined with the fact that as of yet, I’ve never been to Baltimore, its not hard to work out where my support lies. Mind, given my tipping record in the play offs so far, they might as well give the trophy to Baltimore now, I’ve been awful!

The most ‘entertaining’ thing I’ve noticed so far this week, has been that wonderful ‘foot in mouth’ moment from one SF player, saying some not very nice things about gay and transgender people. And seriously, he lives and plays in San Francisco, given the nature of that city in the LGBT field, oh dear lol! Ah well, such is life I guess?

In the old days, I used to stay up and watch the first half of the Superbowl, but then working hours changed, I tended to be working early on Monday, so I stopped doing so. Tomorrow, I’m not working, so yes, I’m thinking about staying up for the first half at least. Stamina might come into it, I’d done 9 days out of 10 prior to today at work, and its definitely all caught up with me. So by 11, or indeed 11.30 when the game starts, I might only be ready for bed! But we will see…

Right, the video, 2 for the price of 1 tonight, though really you only need to select one, its the same song. If you want to see the group lip synching to it back in 1967, select this version

Yes, its that man of many groups, Tony Burrows again singing lead.

If you want the song, with visual shots of a wonderful city, select this one

And that silver robot that briefly appears. No it isnt me lol!


Well if you’d told me before the season started that the Superbowl would involve the Patriots, I wouldnt have been surprised in the slightest. Mind, after 3 weeks, especially week 3, well I was dreaming of something else. Yes, unfortunately my moment of celebration when the Bills beat the Patriots was where things started to go off the rails for this Bills fan. And yes Kate, I’m putting week 17 down to one of those things you just forget about, though alright, I wasnt when we were 21-0 up, but the rest is best forgotten lol. Next season, with luck, and favourable scheduling, hopefully I’ll be at Foxboro for that game, though I might have to tone down my rooting for the Bills while there lol! Though I suspect that fan segregation isnt quite as critical at the NFL, as at the soccer over here! But even so, I suspect Kate might bop me, if I cheer too loudly for them lol!

Dont think I’d have picked the Giants though, was expecting it to be the Packers, or Saints in all honesty, but anyway…

Funnily enough, 3 weeks later, we played the Giants in New York, and lost by 3 points. No, I cant remember the details of how it ended, but seemingly we ran them close. So on that logical basis, the final should be close. Of course things never work out that way, a bit like the last time these 2 met in the Superbowl, the unbeaten Patriots were red hot favourites…and lost! Mind, as with all things NFL, despite only being 4 years ago, there arent many left from that occasion. Retirements, free agency and other matters have whittled down those who were there on that day, being in Indianapolis on Sunday.

But the fans remain, and yes Kate, I am including you! Funny thing is, there’s an equally big Boston & New York rivalry in  baseball as well.  😉

Me, I’ll be rooting for the Patriots, despite them being divisional rivals. I guess the AFC thing is the payback for that, also I want to stay on the right side of Kate! I know, James will now tell me he’s a Giants fan lol! Well, he might if he still commented here, so… 😛

And much though it hurts me as a Bills fan to  post this, its the best I could find,


Mind, Kate could be planning to transform me into a Patriots fan in September anyway, by one means or another lol!