We want to be elected!

Yes, after what has felt like 18 months of campaigning, which makes the UK’s look brief, it has finally happened, Election day in the US. Actually, it probably is about 18 months, as I remember when in New England, 14 months ago, the Republican debates going on. Or was it when I was in Hollywood last October? Regardless, its all been going on for over a year, but its nearly over, thank goodness!

As to my comments about the candidates, I’m not going to say too much, as I’m not really a fan of either. But fine, its not hard to work out who is the more LGBT friendly candidate, so yes, they might get my backing, if I could vote! All I will say, to all my US readers is that whoever you want to vote for, go out and vote, please! I might, or might not agree with your choice, but go do it, all the same!

I must admit, my friends list varies in taste from those who are so dedicated to Bernie Sanders, that they cant face voting for Hillary, right through to those who think Trump is wonderful, and all stages in between. And yes, I’m still friends with them all…just!

Oh fine, for those who must know, I’d hold my breath (as I dont admire her greatly), and vote for Hillary as the lesser of 2 evils, but I wish there was a better candidate for my tastes! Now you know, but please dont let that influence you. Probably Jill Stein would be the logical candidate for me, but seriously, she’s not going to win, so…

The most interesting difference, the fact that the people (of sorts at least) get to choose the candidates, whereas over here, we have to take our chance with whoever the political parties decide should be their leader, regardless of what we think. Doesnt mean either system is better than the other, but I suspect their might be a few (especially in the Republican party) who wish someone else was their candidate!

But anyway, at some point tomorrow (UK time, at least), we will know who will be President of the US, in all likelihood, for the next 4 years. At least then, it might be over, though knowing politics, not for very long!

Alright, the video song is the obvious one for today. The beauty for me, its live, its recent, and its filmed in Los Angeles. Warning, those of a politically sensitive nature, you might want to stop it before the end!

Anyone got a schoolgirl uniform?

And before anyone starts looking for an adult sized version of one for me, I am joking! Mind, if anyone wants to offer me said modelling session, then just maybe? But me, studying again, yes, its going to happen, regardless of whether I go to university or not, and thats still a possibility. But before then…

So fine, this stage of diligent schoolgirl life is actually potentially job related, not university wise!

This all started this morning with a phone call (not the last of the day, by a long stretch, poor thing) from an employment agency that I’d applied for a call centre role with. Yes, they like my CV, and yes, they want me to go to the next step. No, not an interview, as you might have guessed by now. I have got a 2 hour awareness event in Leeds tomorrow lunchtime, to learn about next week, when I will be doing a pre work training course! It does culminate with a proper interview on Friday week, but in the meantime, a bit of studying to do.

Oh, and equally before anyone gets any ideas, I’m assuming the training methods are of the traditional kind, sadly.

So what looked like a calm patch, with just signing on at the Job Centre on Friday morning, and then Loughborough University open day on Saturday, has become a manic week and a half! And then at the end of the day, I had contact re another job I’d applied for, easily passed the tests, and a phone interview will need to be sorted out for that, at some point!

So no, I have no plans to do my hair up in pigtails, put on a schoolgirl uniform, or anything else, but I will be studying. Well, unless a photographer wants me to, at another point in time…? 😉 But yes, it looks like I’m in for a crazily busy period, ah well. Like London buses, nothing for a while, then everything comes along at once!

The video, well, I thought this had happened for me, but its beginning to look just the opposite. A live version from 1990, an impressive one.


Well one of Obama or Romney will be tonight, thats for sure! Yes, its US Presidential elections time again. Technically, there are 2 other candidates, but even if they attract a few votes, they certainly arent going to get any Electoral College seats, thats for sure, unless we have a truly major turn up, given the last time that happened was 1968, and that was George Wallace in the Deep South, based on racial issues, my, have things changed since then! Well, probably not entirely, but… no, just two colours on the electoral map, I think its fair to say.

I’ll stick my neck out, and say Kansas will vote Republican, even if I probably wouldnt. Why, the only time in the last 52 years that they didnt was 1964, and I’ve never seen a map as blue as that one lol! Presumably that was related to JFK, and the assassination, but I am only guessing? Also, from what I read, Goldwater wouldnt rank as the most popular Republican candidate of all time lol! Cant have been, if good old Kansas voted Democrat!

Despite being “The other side of the pond”, its been the main news item over here today, and I gather our news channels will be covering the results through the night. No, I wont be, I need my sleep, I’ll find out the result in the morning, and settle for that. Thats assuming its not so close (and it could be) that we have to wait a bit longer for the final result. As long as its not like 2000…

There are also other important elections over there today, for the Senate, and Congress and the like, but 2 people take all the TV time over here, Obama and Romney. Who wins, who knows?

The video, well, its a light hearted look back 40 years, to when a certain Mr Cooper wasnt elected, because he didnt actually stand. But he did make this video


And to prove that 40 years on, the old man can still do it